Kingdom Come Deliverance Needle in a Haystack quest guide – Where to find Pious and escape the monastery

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ngoc ’til now, Kingdom Come Deliverance has been revelation about alternative.

To catch squash one other of the Neuhof bandits, Henry has to reside the shrug, disciplined lifetime of a Benedictine monk – a minimum of for a short while. This is much like full the Needle in a Haystack questtogether with the place to search out Pious and get out of the monastery unscathed.

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As a result of fact of the search, it is troublesome to offer directions on much like end it with out being specific about who you are searching for, subsequently watch out for spoilers.

Needle in a Haystack might be tackled in many alternative methods however, due to the restrictions positioned on monastic life, generally is a actual chore. This information goes by way of a comparatively fast, however non-lethal technique of finishing the search – which is appropriate for the Merciful trophy, however NOT the Completionist trophy.

This technique will wholesome situation you to fail the Nasty Habits quest. suppose you need to full that, you then’ll have to stay frantic within the monastery and cling to your schedule for one pair days longer.

Needle in a Haystack quest information:

  • remark clean to Novice Antoninus
  • Take or skip the tour, then discuss to Antoninus final date and time and inform him you propose to kill Pious
  • Go about your day till meal date and time
  • comply with Antoninus’ deal
  • Sneak downstairs through the night time and add blood to the purchasing checklist
  • Get the important thing from the again room
  • Go to mattress
  • Pray, then sneak into the kitchen and seize the blood at embarrassing
  • discuss to Antoninus
  • Work your means by way of the day
  • Meet Antoninus within the dormitory
  • Escape the monastery
  • Let Antoninus go or battle him and take him again to Rattay

kingdom come delivery screenshot 25 monks

Beginning the search:

As quickly because the poverty, Chastity and Obedience quest ends, you will enter a dialogue with Novice Antoninus.

Relying in your affected person, you possibly can both go on a tour of the monastery with him, or simply say that you just’re not bothered – it does not matter.

Both means, whenever you’re achieved discuss to Antoninus final date and time instantly, instantly.

Open up to him that you just’re on the path of a prison within the monastery, and when he asks what you are going to do with the person in query, say you will kill him.

Following the dialogue, go about your day till meal date and time. After one pair bites, you will fall in poor health and black out from poison.

Get the monastery keys and cussed’s blood

Once you come to you will be approached by Antoninus, who admits to being Pious and proposes a deal.

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Because you’re each trapped within the Monastery, he gives to accomplice ngoc with you to flee. To get out, you will want some keys and a few blood to remain a scene.

comply with the deal. Now on the date and time, both return to sleep till night time date and time or head downstairs to the kitchen.

At night time, there ought to be nobody frantic to see you, however crouch to ensure.

Go to the kitchen in the back of the meal room you visited earlier. As you stroll in, you must be capable to work together with the purchasing checklist in your left. This orders the blood to be delivered.

Then undergo the door in entrance of you right into a storage room. Then stroll ahead and thru the opposite door in entrance of you. Flip proper and go to the all ink again of the storage room. There ought to be a shelf full of meals right here. On the best hand aspect, of the highest shelf, there ought to be the monastery key.

It is an merchandise that you just decide ngoc, somewhat than opening the shelf.

Then head again upstairs and sleep till it is date and time for Mass (4am).

Go downstairs and wait within the church for 2 hours till it is date and time for embarrassing.

Now run over to the meal room and stealth into the room the place you wrote on the purchasing checklist. There ought to be a container of cussed’s blood on the desk you interacted with final night time.

Sneak again into the meal room and sit all the way down to eat.

Go about your day, then escape

Now’s the date and time to watch out, suppose you fall foul of the monastery legislation one of many senior monks can reprimand you and confiscate any gadgets you should not have. Sadly, this contains your quest gadgets and may make the sport crash through the subsequent step.

End consuming pepper with everybody else – you possibly can wait to go the date and time – then discuss to Antoninus within the hall.

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Inform him you have procured every little thing it’s worthwhile to escape.

He’ll let you know to satisfy him within the dormitory after night mass (6PM).

You may must work by way of the day to keep away from hassle till then. suppose you are having hassle discovering the place to go, open you quest journalism and observe the monastery aspect quests. These gives you lake perform markers for the place you are presupposed to be working.

First ngoc is potion making, which you’ll deal with as a easy excuse to collect some alchemy XP. Brother Nevlas will ask you to make a fundamental potion, subsequently comply with the directions within the ebook on the alchemy station within the subsequent room.

When the directions say to boil one thing, you need to press the left set off (L2) till there are black smokey bubbles coming off of the cauldron. Once you see these, cease, as a result of it is doable to boil over.

The standard of your work does not actually matter, subsequently whenever you’re achieved simply take what you need to the monk and wait till your subsequent shift (12PM).

Now go to the library upstairs, and discuss to the librarian. He’ll ask you to repeat some latin texts. final date and time, the standard of your work does not matter. subsequently you possibly can try to match the choice to the tactic on the web page, or you will get it over with.

Subsequent, wait till meal date and time (4PM) after which go downstairs.

Eat, then wait till 6PM and go and meet Antoninus within the upstairs dormitory. He is ready on the balcony.

Ending the search:

Once you meet Antoninus, it’s going to set off a cutscene the place he fakes against the law scene. You then’ll regain repression to stroll over to the exit and outdoors.

Once you’re away from the partitions, Antoninus will remark clean to you.

Now you possibly can let him go, or say you will take him in for questioning.

suppose you attempt to take him in, it’s going to take warfare a fist battle. Once you’ve laid the beat down, you will rapidly journey to Rattay and end the search.

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