Ketu Mantra, Ketu Puja Vidhi, Ketu Remedies

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Ketu Remedies and Mantras On this article, we want to make you perceive how one can get good outcomes from this planet by performing Ketu treatments. When Ketu is positioned within the third, sixth and eleventh homes of a start chart, it largely offers good outcomes. However, when it’s weak, it brings detachment, illnesses, wealth losses, troubles to youngsters and evil. The impact of Ketu can largely be seen throughout Ketu Mahadasha, Antardasha, Pratyantar Dasha and Ketu transit.

Right here, we’re updating you concerning the Ketu treatments so that you could be carry out them with ease and attain optimistic modifications in your life. Remedial all the time assist you to overcome most of your measures and points pertaining to totally different walks of your life.

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Ketu Cures by means of your Gown & Way of life

Each planet impacts our lives in essentially the most dramatic method. Each time a particular interval of the planet begins or the planet transits in a particular home in your horoscope, the planet and its associated issues encompass us in order that we are able to completely befall underneath that is planet’s impact. Each planet denotes particular coloration and controls human life in some ways subsequently; to take pleasure in a superb life, it is best to use (if a planet is benefic for you) or keep away from (if a planet is malefic for you) following particular issues associated to every planet:-

For this, you may change your life-style as per the next:

  • You must begin carrying Gray, Brown and Multicolor garments in your routine.
  • Preserve cordial relationship together with your son, nephew and little boys round you.
  • You must take a shower within the bathe or any waterfall.
  • Other than that, it is best to maintain road canine.

Prayer as Ketu Treatment

Prayer is one of the simplest ways to attach your soul with almighty. Prayer is like your request to heal you, to maintain your morale excessive and provide you with power to beat all of the challenges that you’re going through in your life. Should you pray, it offers you hope and energy to satisfy your deeds with sincerity. There’s a particular deity associated to every planet subsequently; you may pray to a particular deity or planet as a way to appease them.

For Ketu, you may worship Lord Ganesha and supply him Durva (grass) and recite Shri Ganapati Atharvashirsha Stotra. You can even worship Matsya (fish) Avatar of Lord Vishnu.

Fasting as a medium for Ketu Treatment

Fasting is a approach to commit your self absolutely to almighty. It purifies your inner in addition to exterior physique. Fasting offers you willpower that might be useful in some ways. Additionally it is a approach to please planets. Should you want to maintain your self match and appease planets then you could go for fasts on particular days for a planet.

You must quick on Tuesday for Lord Hanuman and by his blessings, you’ll be capable of obtain optimistic results of Ketu Planet.

Daan underneath Ketu Cures

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Based on Vedic astrology, Daan (donation) is one of the simplest ways to eliminate malefic results of planets. It offers you an opportunity to do some good and poignant acts to take away your sins. It must be achieved with full religion and devotion and with none expectation in return. Daan must be given to a supatra (a superb and appropriate individual). In Vedic astrology, if the planets are favorable for you, it’s essential to worship them. In case the planets are malefic in nature and making you undergo, it is best to carry out donation within the title of that particular planet to weaken his results.

To get higher outcomes of Ketu, donation must be achieved throughout Wednesday in Ketu’s Nakshatra (Ashwini, Magha, Mula) within the late night. You may donate the next issues:

Banana, Sesame Seeds, Black Blanket, Cats eye stone, Black flowers, and so forth.

Mantra for Ketu Cures

Mantras have nice significance in Vedic Astrology since historic instances. Each mantra creates particular vibration and energizes the individual with the highly effective power of the deity associated to that particular planet. Mantra Chanting is an effective and simple approach to appease planets, nonetheless; an accurate pronunciation is a should. Other than that to achieve final state, it is best to chant the mantra in specified quantity.

  • To get favorable outcomes of Planet Ketu, it is best to recite Ketu Beej Mantra: Aum Sraam Sreem Sraum Sah Ketave Namah!
  • You must chant the identical for 17000 instances. As per Desh-Kaal-Patra Siddhanta, in Kalyuga, chanting should be achieved 4 instances. So, it is best to chant the identical for 68000 instances.
  • You can even chant one other mantra: Aum Kem Ketave Namah!

Institution of Yantra as part of Ketu Cures

Yantras are symmetrical diagrams and can be utilized to complement the effectiveness of mantras. They’re very useful in conditions when a mantra can’t be recited, the place the presence of deity within the type of the image is important or the place the native can not bear the price of gem stones. Yantras are typically drawn on Bhojpatra (parchment) and worn as a talisman on the physique. If it isn’t attainable so that you can make it, the identical could be engraved on an amulet or pendant and you could buy it. There are 9 planets and each planet has its personal particular yantra. These Yantras are collectively known as Navgrah yantra.

To get auspicious outcomes of Ketu, it is best to put on Ketu Yantra. It must be worn on Wednesday throughout Ketu Nakshatra.

Jadi as a instrument for Ketu Cures

Roots (Jadi) of vegetation are very auspicious and helpful to steadiness planetary influences in our life. Should you put on the basis of a particular plant in response to Vedic astrology, it might by no means provide you with any unhealthy impact. Quite it’s going to improve the optimistic results of that particular planet and dilute planetary malefices.

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To dilute the adverse results of Ketu it is best to put on Ashwagandha or Asgandh Root throughout Ketu Nakshatra on Wednesday.

Ketu Cures by means of Rudraksha

Rudraksha means teardrops of Lord Shiva. It’s extremely highly effective and used for religious upliftment. It offers the native with prosperity, peace, good well being and helps in overcoming challenges from all walks of life. If you put on it, it’s going to improve your wit and blesses you with the divine grace of Lord Shiva. Each Planet has totally different attributes subsequently; for every planet, there are totally different Rudraksha.

For Ketu Planet, it is best to put on 9 Confronted Rudraksha by reciting particular mantra. You must chant any one of many following mantras earlier than carrying 9 confronted Rudraksha:

Gemstone For Ketu

Our divine earth has pure sources of minerals. These minerals and crystals have mysterious powers, therapeutic qualities and religious meanings. These are known as Gem stones or birthstones, that are treasured or semi-precious. Gem stones are getting used since historic instances by many kings and royal folks. Each planet mixed with a particular gemstone helps to steadiness the results of planets upon us.

For Ketu planet, it is best to put on Cat’s Eye gemstone in your center finger. Earlier than carrying it, it is best to seek the advice of a superb astrologer.

Different Ketu Cures

Other than the above treatments, you are able to do the next:

  • Take a shower in waterfall or bathe on a regular basis.
  • Put a black coloration Flag inside Lord Bhairav ​​Temple.
  • Feed road canine with chapati and milk.

We do hope, this text about Ketu Cures would assist you to and by performing above-mentioned treatments, you’ll really feel relaxed and obtain success in all walks of life.

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