Jewelcrafting Guide 1-450

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Jewelcrafting is one in all World of Warcraft’s most beneficial professions. Since being added in TBC, it has allowed gamers to place stat boosting gems into their armor, and it has allowed Jewelcrafters to promote these cuts on the Public sale Home for enormous income. In WotLK, Blizzard made Jewelcrafting much more important to endgame content material. Reduce gems like Luminous Ametrine, Regal Dreadstone, or Sundered Eye of Zul are requirements in any raider or endgame PvPers gear. And with the addition of every day tokens, Jewelers can buy designs like Design: Nightmare Tear, to create the +10 to all stats, any socket gem. The flexibility of Nightmare Tear is simply one of many quite a few benefits the occupation provides to all lessons.

To seek out gems, Jewelers should use their most important ability: Prospecting. This enables gamers to look uncooked ore for gems to chop, destroying the minerals within the course of. Due to this, Jewelcrafting is often paired with Mining as a gathering occupation. If not, buying ore to prospect and gems to chop can change into fairly expensive, and it might take awhile so that you can break even.

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Coaching Jewelcrafting

Outdated World

In contrast to different professions in WotLK, Jewelcrafting should nonetheless be realized from particular trainers. Whereas these NPCs will be capable to take you from Apprentice by way of Artisan, they’re solely obtainable within the capitals added in TBC. Which means that the Horde should enterprise to Silvermoon Metropolis and discover both Kalinda or Aleinia, and the Alliance have to go to Exodar and communicate with Farii.


When you attain Outland, the coaching course of standardizes with different professions, and the Grasp trainers will probably be in your faction’s respective beginning space. For the Horde, this will probably be Kalaen in Thrallmar, and the Alliance can study from Tatiana in Honor Maintain.

In Shattrath, there are additionally impartial trainers. Hamanar and Nemiah of the Aldor and Kirembri Silvermane of the Scryers will be capable to proceed educating you.


Like Outland, the Grand Grasp trainers in Northrend will probably be in your first questing space. The Alliance in Valiance Hold will study from Alestos, and Geba’li at Warsong Maintain will educate the Horde.

Timothy Jones in Dalaran is the impartial coach closest to an Public sale Home and might educate all previous coach’s recipes. If you’re energy leveling with entry to Dalaran, he’s the best choice. Oluros on the Argent Match Grounds in one other impartial choice.

Required Supplies

Outdated World

  • 100x Copper Bar
  • 20x Tigerseye or Malachite
  • 120x Bronze Bar (60x Copper Bar + 60x Tin Bar)
  • 60x Shadowgem
  • 20x Small Lustrous Pearl (Optionally available, solely requires 20x Shadowgem)
  • 80x Heavy Stone
  • 30x Moss Agate
  • 140x Mithril Bar
  • 80x Stable Stone
  • 15x Truesilver Bar
  • 25x Citrine
  • 5x Aquamarine
  • 50x Thorium Bar
  • 10x Star Ruby
  • 20x Massive Opal
  • 10x Blue Sapphire
  • 10x Essence of Undeath
  • 20x Big Emerald


  • 15x Prismatic Black Diamond
  • 55x (Blood Garnet/Shadow Draenite/Golden Draenite/Deep Peridot/Flame Spessarite/Azure Moonstone)
  • 40x Adamantite Powder
  • 10x Primal Earth
  • 10x Adamantite Bar
  • 10x Essence of Earth


  • 70x (Bloodstone/Chalcedony/Darkish Jade/Big Citrine/Shadow Crystal/Solar Crystal)
  • 5x Crystallized Earth
  • 46x Everlasting Earth
  • 23x Everlasting Shadow (Optionally available, solely requires 23x Everlasting Earth)
  • 5 – 7x Forest Emerald
  • 28x Earthsiege Diamond/Skyflare Diamond
  • 1x Frozen Orb

Leveling Jewelcrafting

Outdated World

1 – 30: Delicate Copper Wire

  • Convert Copper Bar into Delicate Copper Wire.

30 – 50: Tigerseye Band or Malachite Pendant

  • Mix both Tigerseye or Malachite with Delicate Copper Wire to make your first jewellery.

After you make your rings or your neckalces, go practice as much as Journeyman Jewelcrafting.

50 – 80: Bronze Setting

  • Convert Bronze Bar into Bronze Setting.

80 – 100: Easy Pearl Ring or Gloom Band

  • Mix Bronze Setting with Small Lustrous Pearl and Copper Bar or with Shadowgem and Delicate Copper Wire to make these rings.

100 – 110: Ring of Twilight Shadows

  • Mix Shadowgem and Bronze Bar to make the Ring of Twilight Shadows.

110 – 120: Heavy Stone Statue

  • Convert Heavy Stone into Heavy Stone Statues.

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After making these statues, Alliance gamers might want to discover Neal Allen at Menethil Harbor in Wetlands, and the Horde might want to speak to Janida at Freewind Put up in Thousand Needles. Every will promote Design: Pendant of the Agate Protect.

120 – 150: Pendant of the Agate Protect

  • Mix Moss Agate and Bronze Setting to make Pendant of the Agate Protect.

After ending these pendants, it’s best to study Professional Jewelcrafting.

150 – 180: Mithril Filigree

  • Convert Mithril Bar into Mithril Filigree.

180 – 185: Stable Stone Statue

  • Convert Stable Stone into Stable Stone Statue.

185 – 200: Engraved Truesilver Ring

  • Mix Mithril Filigree with Truesilver Bar to make the Engraved Truesilver Ring.

When you end these rings, you’ll be able to go practice Artisan Jewelcrafting.

200 – 220: Citrine Ring of Fast Therapeutic

  • Set Citrine in 2x Mithril Bar to make the Citrine Ring of Fast Therapeutic.

220 – 225: Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior

  • Wire Aquamarine with Mithril Filigree to create the Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior.

225 – 250: Thorium Setting

  • Convert Thorium Bar into Thorium Setting.

250 – 260: Ruby Pendant of Hearth

  • Set Star Ruby in Thorium Setting to make the Ruby Pendant of Hearth.

260 – 280: Easy Opal Ring

  • Mix Massive Opal and Thorium Setting to get Easy Opal Ring.

280 – 290: Sapphire Pendant of Winter Evening

  • Mix Blue Sapphire, Essence of Undeath, and Thorium Setting to make the Sapphire Pendant of the Evening.

For this step, most energy leveling guides suggest creating the Onslaught Ring utilizing Highly effective Mojo, however for the needs of energy leveling, Essence of Undeath is far simpler to farm and makes for a faster leveling course of.

290 – 300: Emerald Lion Ring

  • Set Big Emerald in Thorium Setting to make the Emerald Lion Ring.

When you’ve completed the Emerald Rings, you’ll be able to cross by way of the Darkish Portal and change into a Grasp Jewelcrafter.

Burning Campaign

TBC is the place Jewelcrafting opens as much as a variety of choices. At a lot of the ability stage units beneath, there are quite a few selections of which patterns to chop. For every stage vary beneath, you might be free to make any mixture of the listed cuts, and the selection of what to craft is yours.

300 – 320: Good Golden Draenite, Glowing Shadow Draenite, Inscribed Flame Spessarite, Radiant Deep Peridot, Stable Azure Moonstone, Teardrop Blood Garnet, or Prismatic Black Diamond

TBC additionally provides a variety of Jewelcrafting designs for buy primarily based on repute. In your subsequent set of choices, it’s potential to stage totally utilizing recipes realized from a coach, however the next designs are additionally obtainable as rep rewards:

  • Design: Gleaming Golden Draenite (Pleasant: The Aldor)
  • Design: Royal Shadow Draenite (Honored: The Aldor)
  • Design: Luminous Flame Spessarite (Pleasant: The Consortium)

320 – 325: Daring Blood Garnet, Shiny Blood Garnet, Gleaming Golden Draenite, Jagged Deep Peridot, Luminous Flame Spessarite, Royal Shadow Draenite, Glowing Azure Moonstone

325 – 335: Mercurial Adamantite

  • Convert Adamantite Powder and Primal Earth into Mercurial Adamantite.

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The following set of cuts even have choices which could be bought as rep rewards. Like earlier than, you’ll be able to nonetheless progress utilizing cuts from a coach, however the further rep choices are:

  • Design: Potent Flame Spessarite (Pleasant: Decrease Metropolis)
  • Design: Dazzling Deep Peridot (Honored: The Scryers)
  • Design: Delicate Blood Garnet (Honored: The Consortium)

335 – 340: Dazzling Deep Peridot, Delicate Blood Garnet, Potent Flame Spessarite, Inflexible Golden Draenite, Sovereign Shadow Draenite, Easy Golden Draenite

340 – 350: Heavy Adamantite Ring

  • Mix Mercurial Adamantite and Adamantite Bar to make Heavy Adamantite Rings.

When you full this set of rings, you’ll be able to take the zeppelin to Northrend and attain the ultimate stage: Grand Grasp Jewelcrafting.


Like in Outland, WotLK provides lengthy durations of leveling the place the selection of reduce and gem are individually inconsequential, so long as your ability stage goes up. Start by buying between 50 and 60 of the WotLK inexperienced gems (listed beneath), and proceed crafting till you attain 395.

350 – 395: Any yellow reduce of Bloodstone, Chalcedony, Darkish Jade, Big Citrine, Shadow Crystal, or Solar Crystal

395 – 400: Bloodstone Band, Crystal Chalcedony Amulet, Crystal Citrine Necklace, or Solar Rock Ring

  • Mix Crystallized Earth and both Bloodstone, Chalcedony, Big Citrine, or Solar Crystal to make your first rings in Northrend.

400 – 420: Stoneguard Band or Shadowmight Ring

  • Use Everlasting Earth or mix it with Everlasting Shadow to make the Stoneguard Band or the Shadowmight Ring.

420 – 425: Dazzling Forest Emerald

  • Reduce Forest Emerald into Dazzling Forest Emerald.

After reducing these Emeralds, the subsequent step is to craft meta gems. Whereas a few of these recipes could be realized from trainers, the overwhelming majority are bought from numerous distributors with tokens from Dailies or are dropped from mobs all through Northrend. Learn on after the leveling information to search out out extra about Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token and the Jewelcrafting every day quests. The non-trainer meta gem designs are:

  • Design: Ember Skyflare Diamond, Design: Chaotic Skyflare Diamond, Design: Effulgent Skyflare Diamond, Design: Revitalizing Skyflare Diamond, Design: Insightful Earthsiege Diamond, Design: Invigorating Earthsiege Diamond, Design: Relentless Earthsiege Diamond, Design: Trenchant Earthsiege Diamond
    • Bought by:
      • Tiffany Cartier in The Underbelly, Dalaran
      • Anuur in Argent Match Grounds
  • Design: Enigmatic Skyflare Diamond, Design: Forlorn Skyflare Diamond, Design: Emotionless Skyflare Diamond
    • Bought in Wintergrasp by:
      • Knight Dameron and Morgan Day (A)
      • Stone Guard Mukar (H)
  • Design: Harmful Skyflare Diamond, Design: Thundering Skyflare Diamond, Design: Beaming Earthsiege Diamond,
    • World Drop
  • Design: Austere Earthsiege Diamond
    • Dropped from King Ymiron in Utgarde Hold
  • Design: Bracing Earthsiege Diamond
    • Drop from The Oculus
  • Design: Everlasting Earthsiege Diamond
    • Drop from Loken in Halls of Lightning

425 – 440: Austere Earthsiege Diamond, Beaming Earthsiege Diamond, Bracing Earthsiege Diamond, Chaotic Skyflare Diamond, Harmful Skyflare Diamond, Effulgent Skyflare Diamond, Ember Skyflare Diamond, Enigmatic Skyflare Diamond

440 – 441: Icy Prism

  • Mix Frozen Orb, Chalcedony, Darkish Jade, and Shadow Crystal to make an Icy Prism. Opening this offers you Uncommon and Epic Northrend gems, so that you could reduce excessive stage designs.

441 – 450: Meta gems

  • Till you cap, proceed making any of the meta gem cuts. It may take anyplace between 13 and 15 gems, so be affected person.

When you’ve completed your last meta cuts, you’ve capped! Congratulations! Hold studying to search out out extra about Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token, and the right way to buy excessive stage recipes by finishing every day quests.

Dailies and Jewelcrafter’s Tokens

To buy meta gem and epic gem designs, all gamers will want Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token. Like different professions in WotLK, Blizzard carried out a every day quest and token reward system to buy new recipes. However, it’s particularly essential for Jewelcrafter, as numerous endgame recipes come from Tiffany Cartier in Dalaran’s Underbelly.

To start the every day quests, gamers might want to communicate to Timothy Jones and end the hunt End the Cargo as soon as they’ve reached ability stage 375. This requires you to deliver one Chalcedony to Timothy and can open up all different every day quest choices. Every every day includes farming a particular merchandise from completely different mobs in Northrend after which combining them with two WotLK Unusual gems.

*Take into account that after finishing 1 of the every day quests, all others are closed for the day, so it’s advisable to select your quests primarily based on which gems you may have available or have quick access to by way of the AH, an alt, or your guild.*

The whole checklist of Dailies is:

  • Cargo: Shifting Solar Curio
    • Quest Merchandise: Scourge Curio
      • World drop from Undead mobs
    • Shadow Crystal
    • Solar Crystal
  • Cargo: Blood Jade Amulet
    • Quest Merchandise: Vrykul Amulet
      • World drop from Viking/Vrykul mobs
    • Bloodstone
    • Darkish Jade
  • Cargo: Glowing Ivory Figurine
    • Quest Merchandise: Northern Ivory
      • World drop from Mammoth mobs
    • Chalcedony
    • Shadow Crystal
  • Cargo: Depraved Solar Brooch
    • Quest Merchandise: Iron Dwarf Brooch
      • World drop from Iron dwarves
    • Solar Crystal
    • Big Citrine
  • Cargo: Intricate Bone Figurine
    • Quest Merchandise: Proto Dragon Bone
      • World drop from Wyrm/Dragon mobs
    • Solar Crystal
    • Darkish Jade
  • Cargo: Shiny Armor Relic
    • Quest Merchandise: Elemental Armor Scrap
      • World drop from Elemental mobs
    • Bloodstone
    • Big Citrine

Epic Gems

Lastly, WotLK has 6 completely different epic gems: Ametrine, Dreadstone, Cardinal Ruby, King’s Amber, Eye of Zul, and Majestic Zircon. These could be prospected from Titanium Ore, present in an Icy Prism, or transmuted by an Alchemist from a blue gem and an Everlasting component. Every of those gems is uncommon on their very own, however by buying recipes utilizing every day tokens, they are often reduce into much more treasured types.

Like most designs, Epic cuts will value you 4x Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token, which means you have to ensure that to decide on your recipes properly. A method to determine which recipes are most worthwhile is to evaluate value developments on the Public sale Home or examine which uncooked gems are the most cost effective. One other essential consideration might be what your guild or PvP staff will want or what content material is arising and the way gamers will need to gem for it.

And that’s it! Good luck reducing your gems!

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