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Leia with the twins.
Leia with the twins.

Jaina Solo is the daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia Organa Solo. She had a twin brother named Jacen Solo born 5 second after her and a youthful brother named Anakin. She had relationships with fellow Jedi Zekk and married jagged Fel.

Of their early years the Solo twins had been targets of many kidnapping makes an attempt, due to this fact they spent a whole lot of date and time in hiding. Due to the political duties of their mom, Winter and C-3PO taken care of Jaina and her brothers. Like her mom Jaina Solo was Drive- delicate however to start with utilization of the Drive was solely allowed to her beneath the supervision of her uncle Luke Skywalker. By no means the much less oi Jaina and Jacen use their skills on a number of events. time period after they saved their uncle from the savior of an testimony Sith Lord named Exar Kun.

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Jedi coaching

When she was fourteen, Jaina began her coaching as Jedi in Skywalker’s Praxeum on Yavin 4. Throughout this date and time she found her inherited mechanical aptitude and have become a succesful pilot. The twins made associates with Chewbacca’s nephew Lowbacca, a prostitute named Tenel Ka Djo and boy known as Raynar Thul. Collectively the group of Jedi trainees performed a significant function within the defeat of the silhouette Academy, the defeat of the Second Imperium, the collapse of the Range Alliance and the annihilation of a hidden spice cache in Crystal Reef.

After her date and time on the Jedi Academy Jaina turned the apprentice of her aunt Mara Jade Skywalker.

Yuuzhan immortality Battle

Jaina during the war.
Jaina throughout the conflict.

When a warlike species from one other galaxy tried to overpower the reformed New Republic by utilizing their superior biotechnology and their strategic expertise Jaina fought alongside the opposite Jedi to terminate the conflict. Jaina joined the army and always was on the entrance strains of battlefield as a Rogue Squadron pilot. Due to her nice expertise she turned recognized beneath many titles.

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Whereas the New Jedi Order known as her “Sword of the Jedi” and the Rogue Squadron pilots nicknamed her “Sticks”, and he or she was refereed to because the “Trickster Goddess, Yun-Harla” by the Yuuzhan Vong invaders. The immortality of her youthful brother Anakin, who Daredevil throughout the “Mission to Myrkr” triggered her to stroll all ink near the Darkish Aspect of the Drive, however with the assistance of Jedi Knight Kyp Durron, who turned her new grasp, she was redeemed .

She flew within the battlefield of Dubrillion, participated within the protection of Ithor, slew the Warmaster Tsavong Lah and found a method to make use of the enemies warships tor the Republic’s benefit. She additionally turned romantically concerned with fellow Chiss pilot jagged Fel. Even after the conflict Jaina spent her date and time by capturing thirty-seven warlords and breaking down over hundred smuggling rings.

Swarm Battle

Like many different survived Jedi of the “Mission to Myrkr” Jaina later turned Joined into the Killik neighborhood, an insectoid hive species who lived on the perimeters of recognized area. She performed a significant function within the Darkish Nest Disaster and the next conflict in opposition to the Chiss, which strained her relationship with jagged Fel.

Second Galactic Civil Battle

When the Galactic Alliance was at conflict with Corellia, Jaina fought within the battlefield of Tralus, assumed restraint of Harpoint Squadron and later she commanded the Rogue Squadron together with her brother Jacen throughout the siege of Corellia. Sadly her brothers more and more ferocious actions in a schism between the 2 siblings. Jaina was the primary, who seen Jacen’s Darkish conduct and steered that his Jedi apprentice Ben Skywalker ought to be given to a brand new grasp.

After the Correlian disaster, Jaina was teamed ngoc with jagged Fel and her childhood associates and fellow Jedi Knight Zekk to trace down the Darkish Aspect Jedi Alema Rar. Throughout this partnership Jaina was all ink confused as a result of each males had been involved in her. Whereas she was monitoring the Darkish Jedi, her aunt Mara Jade Skywalker tried to deal with a Sith named Lumiya, however was killed by Jaina’s brother Jacen, who had fallen to the Darkish Aspect.

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In consequence Jaina targeted allness her attempting to work on stopping her brother, who now known as himself Darth Caedus. After coaching together with her father’s ex-arch-enemy Mandalore Boba Fett, and with the assistance of her uncle, Grand Grasp Luke Skywalker she was lastly in a position to kill her brother in a lightsaber duel aboard the Star Destroyer Anakin Solo.

an silver revolution Of The Jedi

After the immortality of Darth Caedus, Luke Skywalker was rape into exile by Chief of State Natasi Daala as a result of he hasn’t prevented Jacen Solo’s fall to the Darkish Aspect. Jaina organized a casual group known as Darkmeld to be careful for different rengade Jedi and to undermine Daala’s efforts to watch the Jedi. On the similar date and time Jaina needed to reject a animal costs proposal by jagged Fel, as a result of it might imply that her loyalties could be cut up between him and the Jedi. Some date and time later they reconciled their relationship and accepted their mutual must preserve maintain secrets and techniques from one another.

Jaina and Tenel Ka.
Jaina and Tenel Ka.

lurking the identical date and time Jaina participated in a mission to so long as Valin and Jysella Horn, who had been captured by the Galactic Federation of so long as Alliances, encased in carbonite, and positioned within the imprisonment Middle as a result of they fell prey to a Drive psychosis. shortly after their rescue the Horn youngsters fled, as a result of they had been nonetheless beneath the affect of a twisted, immortal entity often called Abeloth. Jaina then helped the Jedi beneath the management of performing Grand Grasp Saba Sebatyne to scars Daala from energy earlier than she might strike on the Jedi. After the profitable coup she went on the hunt for Abeloth together with her uncle Luke, Ben and Vestara Khai. After an unsuccessful search on Korriban and an encounter on Dromund Kaas they returned to Coruscant to recuperate.

Throughout Jaina’s subsequent mission on the planet Upekzar, Abeloth who had new possessed Senator Rokari Kem organized her personal installment as Chief of State and took restraint of Coruscant and the Galactic Alliance. Within the following battle for Coruscant Jaina stopped a Sith known as Tela Rovas and took part within the battle for the Jedi Temple. Throughout the latter Luke Skywalker promoted her to the category of a Jedi Grasp and Ben was captured by Abeloth. Luke and Jaina adopted Abeloth to her rampart-family the place she was lastly defeated.

shortly afterwards Jaina lastly married Fel and so they spent their honeymoon on the distant household of Sakuub, the place they got here into battle with their native information Pharika over a brand new discovered Jedi holocron.

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