how to wire a push pull pot for coil splitting

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A Push-Pull Pot can add a ton of versatility to your guitar! They’re an effective way so as to add a change, or different cool mods with out modifying your guitar an excessive amount of. You should utilize them to reverse the section, cut up a Humbucker, or trick your guitar out in a contemporary means. They could be a little difficult to wrap your head round, however when you get the fundamentals, they’re straightforward to grasp.

A Push-Pull Pot, in its most elementary definition, is a Potentiometerconnected on high of a Change.

Studying: how one can wire a push pull pot for coil splitting

We seek advice from the change as a DPDT (Double Pole, Double Throw) Change. ‘DPDT’ means the change has two separate “poles”, or sides to it.

For those who’re not aware of how pots work, we advocate going again to Half 1 and take a look at our article on pots right here.

The Fundamentals of Push-Pull Pots:

There are two parts of a Push-Pull Pot: the Pot and the Change. Regardless that they give the impression of being mixed, they’re really separate. As described in our earlier article, the Pot is a variable resistor. It has a resistance strip and a sweeper to decide on the resistance. Lug 1 is the beginning of the resistance strip, and Lug 3 is the top. Lug 2, or the center lug, is the sweeper.

The opposite a part of the Push-Pull pot is the Change. The DPDT change has two sides. Facet 1 (A – B – C) is totally unbiased of Facet 2 (D – E – F).

We seek advice from the middle lugs, B and E, because the “frequent” or inputs of the change – they keep related on a regular basis. See beneath for an illustration of the Commons:

Lindy Fralin Push Pull Pot Basics


There are two separate sides of the change (therefore the ‘double’ in Double Pole, Double Throw). We are able to name them Facet A & Facet Eliminated. The Selector join the completely different terminals on either side. Test it out:

Pushed or Pulled

When pushed down, the Selector is deciding on the underside 4 lugs (BCEF).

  • B connects to C
  • E connects to F

When pulled up, the Selector slides up and is now deciding on the highest 4 lugs (ABDE).

  • B connects to A
  • E connects to D.
  • As you’ll be able to see, B and E keep related.

Coil Splitting:

Coil Splitting is simply one of many many issues you are able to do with a push-pull pot and is a good place to begin our understanding of them. You should utilize Coil Splitting to show a Humbucker right into a Single Coil by sending one in every of its coils to floor.

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For illustration, we drew this out for you beneath. We used either side of the change to indicate two factors:

  1. It exhibits how one can wire up 3-Conductor and 4-Conductor, and
  2. It exhibits you could faucet two separate humbuckers with the identical change, by utilizing either side.
Splitting a Humbucker


  1. When the Push-Pull Pot is pushed down, The humbucker is working like regular.
  2. When the Push-Pull Pot is pulled up, the “Faucet” (Pink on 3 Conductor, Pink, and Inexperienced Tied Collectively on 4-Conductor) is distributed to floor, “Shorting out” the coil. The complete Casing of the pot must be grounded, so theoretically, you’ll be able to floor any wire off of the change by simply operating a jumper to the casing.

Partial Coil Splitting:

Coil Splitting can sound nice on increased output humbuckers, like our Trendy PAF, and our Excessive Output Humbucker. However what in case you have a low-output humbucker, like our Pure PAF? Worry not. You possibly can “Partially Break up” the coil, with our Partial Faucet Resistor.

Splitting a Humbucker

The way it Works:

Once you pull up on the push-pull pot, B connects to A, and your Slug Coil will likely be despatched to floor, solely this time, it goes by means of a resistor. This prevents the entire sign from being grounded by placing a partial quick throughout the coil, as a substitute of a full quick. In flip, you are getting a stronger single-coil sound out of your humbucker when cut up.


Part Reversing is a neat little trick while you need to reverse the coil path of your pickup.

Some discover this sonically pleasing, primarily when used with a Blender Pot, which is able to roll within the pickup’s section – fairly cool! To do that, you want 2-Conductor Wire. Keep in mind to floor the Protect (Naked). Here is how one can wire this up:

Phase Reverse Push Pull Pot Mod

The way it Works:

When the change is within the down place, White connects to White (Terminals E > F), Black connects to Black on Terminals B > C. When pulled up, The section reverses!


Mod 1: Two-Tone Caps, One Push-Pull Pot:

This mod is fairly cool! With this mod, you should use two completely different tone caps with one push-pull pot. When pushed down, you’ll be able to need to say, a .02mfd Cap, and when pulled up, you’ll be able to have a Fralin Magic Cap, or vice-versa!

Two Tone Cap Push Pull Pot Mod
Two-Tone Cap Push-Pull Mod

The way it works:

  1. The Sign enters the Pot at Lug 2.
  2. The Sweeper, Lug 2, is related to 1 facet of the change, at level E. (This entire factor may be reversed).
  3. When Pushed Down, the Sign is being despatched by means of Terminal F. When Pulled Upthe Sign is being despatched by means of Terminal.
  4. The opposite facet of the change is Grounded. Once you roll the Tone Pot, extra of your highs are being despatched to Floor, by way of cap worth you select.

Push-Pull Pot Mod #2: Have interaction Treble Bleed

Our Fralin Quantity Package is a good Treble Bleed circuit. For those who’re not acquainted, the Quantity Package retains your excessive frequencies intact as you roll the amount down.

Nation, Blues, and Rock guitarists love this because it retains their crisp highs once they roll down the amount. However what if you happen to want extra versatility? Here is how one can interact it by pulling up on the Push-Pull Pot: When pushed down, your quantity knob will act like regular – it can bleed treble to floor. Pulling up in your Push Pull Pot sends your sign by means of the Quantity Package – your guitar retains its shimmer!

The way it works:

  1. When pushed down, your sign is getting into by means of lug A, but it surely ends there, because it would not have anyplace to go.
  2. Pulling up, A > B join, and E > D are actually related, connecting the Quantity Package to your circuit.

If you wish to reverse this, merely transfer the Connector Wires (two cream wires within the photograph above) to Lugs C & F. This can take away the Quantity Package while you pull up.

Push-Pull Pot Mod #3: Vivid Change

The “Vivid Change” is a straightforward mod that provides slightly additional Treble to your sign.

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The Vivid Change works by eradicating your Quantity Pot and Tone Pot out of your sign path, which at all times “hundreds” your sign. Largely, it is connecting your guitar’s pickups on to the output jack. It is a fairly loopy distinction – your guitar sounds greater, brighter, and louder.

Bright Switch Push Pull Pot Mod
Vivid Change Push Pull Pot Mod

The way it works:

The Vivid Change has extra components concerned, thus it is a little more sophisticated. When your Push-Pull pot is down, all of the wiring is identical as a Strat or a Tele. The Sign enters Lug 1 of the Quantity Pot, and Lug 1 can be related to the enter of the Tone Pot.

When the Push-Pull Pot is down, Lug 3 and the Cap are each related to Floor. They connect with floor by way of connecting to terminals C & E of the Push-Pull pot.

When the change is up, the bottom lifts off of the tone pot and the amount pot. This enables your sign to attach on to the output jack, with no Load.

Notice: Pickups and different electronics get grounded to the again of the amount pot, similar to regular. The third Lug simply is not related.

Mod #4: Collection / Parallel Switching For Humbuckers:

Altering your humbuckers from Collection to Parallel works properly for some humbuckers, particularly some increased output humbuckers. You will get a few of that “Strat Quack,” and it opens up a complete new dimension to your humbucker. To perform this mod, you may want a humbucker with a 4-conductor lead. Please observe that the colour codes are for Fralin Humbuckers solely.

Bright Switch Push Pull
Collection Parallel Push-Pull Mod

The way it works:

Pink connects to inexperienced Inexperienced when the change is down. This can be a common “sequence” humbucker operation. By pulling up on the change, Pink is now related to White, and Inexperienced is now related to Black. The “hots” join, and the “begins” join collectively – providing you with your parallel.

Push-Pull Pot Odds n’ Ends:

Earlier than we wrap up, right here are some things we need to clear up.

Notes On Grounding:

You should utilize anyplace on the Pot’s chassis to floor a sign. So, when grounding wire, you’ll be able to run it to the metallic housing that homes the DPDT change, or the facet of the Pot itself. A neat little trick is to floor wire on the underside tab on the very backside of the Change. (See the picture on the high of the web page to see what we’re speaking about right here).

CTS Pots:

CTS® has a brand new sort of Push-Pull pot, which might make wiring slightly simpler. CTS made these contact factors simpler to succeed in so as to match this pot in additional guitars. Nevertheless, if you happen to’re not aware of the way it’s all related, it may be slightly complicated. Here is what it seems to be like:

CTS ® Push Pull Pots - Lindy Fralin Pickups
CTS Push-Pull Pot Instance

As a substitute of operating your jumper wires to small lugs, you’ll be able to run them to full-size holes. The order is slightly completely different, however all of the ideas are the identical.

Nicely, that is all for now. I hope that this text has been useful and informative. We have now Push-Pull pots accessible on our web site right here. Now, seize some and get to modding!

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