how to tie a boogie board leash

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Whether or not you are new to bodyboarding or simply want a refresher, this straightforward information ought to enable you to set up your new bodyboard leash setup on any board.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: NoviceESTIMATE TIME: 5-10 minutes (with plug), 1-2 minutes (leash solely)ITEMS REQUIRED: Ruler, marker or pencil, screwdriver, lighter (optionally available), leash, leash plug

Studying: the way to tie a boogie board leash

install bodyboard leak
A totally-installed leak.

These days, a whole lot of boards do not include a leak.

That is sometimes extra widespread on extra mid- and pro-level boards, however some low-cost boards do not embrace a leash, both.

This implies you may have to put in the leak your self.

Fortunately, it’s going to solely take about 5 to 10 minutes.You will want the next instruments:– Ruler– Marker or Pencil– Screwdriver (or Drill)It’s your decision these instruments additionally:– Cash (1 / 4 will work wonderful)– LighterTo get began, you may wish to set up the leak plug. A whole lot of boards these days embrace a leash plug, however some you may nonetheless want to put in begin, you may wish to decide precisely the place to suit your leash plug.

This finally is dependent upon what aspect you like to connect your leash to, in addition to for those who favor to make use of a wrist leash or ankle leash.

Studying: the way to tie a boogie board leash



Studying: the way to tie a boogie board leash

good leak plug install spots
Just a few good spots to put in a leash plug on a Morey Massive Kahuna 44″ Bodyboard.

Studying: the way to tie a boogie board leash

In case you’re a common stance rider (left aspect leak): Place your plug round 8 inches from the top-left nook, and a few inches inwards from the left finish.

In case you’re a goofy footed rider (proper aspect leak): Place your plug round 8 inches from the top-right nook, and a few inches inwards from the fitting finish.

Be aware: In case you favor utilizing an ankle leash, merely use bottom-left or bottom-right nook, that you have discovered a great spot, just remember to’re not inserting it over the stringer.

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In case you’re unfamiliar, that is the stable half that travels down the board’s core.

Studying: the way to tie a boogie board leash

stringers are often in the center of the board, but this varies depending on the type of bodyboard
Stringers are sometimes within the middle of the board, however this varies relying on the kind of bodyboard. Some bodyboards have a number of stringers.

Studying: the way to tie a boogie board leash

You wish to keep away from inserting the plug on high of the stringer, however a couple of inches away on both the left or proper of it ought to work wonderful.

Then, go forward and mark the center of that spot along with your markers.


Now, use your lighter if desired to warmth up the screwdriver, and twist it into the board repeatedly till you have nearly reached the slick (the laborious finish of the board that touches the water).

alternatively, for those who favor utilizing some powertools, now’s the time to get the drill out and use it to drill the outlet as an alternative.

Watch out to solely get to the slick and never drill via it.

Use the screwdriver to manually drill via the slick to stop harm.

Slowly maintain twisting via the deck (the again of the board), and gently make the outlet a bit greater, not more than 1/2″ or so.


Now that you have drilled your gap, you may screw in each items of your leak plug.

Push the string finish of the plug into the non-deck aspect of your board, then screw it on to the non-string finish of the plug on the again.

You will wish to make certain that is screwed in fairly tightly collectively. Keep in mind, these are gonna be dealing with some tough waves!

You should use 1 / 4 if you would like to make sure that it is tremendous that your plug is absolutely put in, skip to the leash part!


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Extra of a visible learner? Click on right here to view the full-size tying information.

leash tying guide


Your unfastened twine will embrace a skinny finish of string. Place this string via the leak plug’s middleon the rider aspect.


You are going to wish to tie a good knot with this string.

You should use your knot of alternative, nevertheless, we suggest utilizing a easy overhand knot.

That is accomplished by placing the loop of the string inside the 2 ends on the opposite aspect, then pulling to make sure the knot is comfortable.


Now that it is all good and put in, it is time to match the leash.

Wrap the unfastened round your ankle or wrist (primarily based in your chosen set up level earlier) and decide the very best tightening.

You will need it comfortable sufficient to carry even when the board strikes rapidly, however not too tight.

Experiment and discover the very best tightening earlier than going out in your first session along with your new leak!

Studying: the way to tie a boogie board leash

finished leak install
Lastly accomplished! Now let’s go do this out on some waves.

Studying: the way to tie a boogie board leash

Now you are all accomplished! Your leak ought to appear to be the picture above.

Double-check as soon as once more to guarantee your knot is tight and you are able to go. Get pleasure from your session!

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