how to tell if your leopard gecko is constipated

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Leopard gecko is taken into account a perfect newbie pet reptile. One of many causes is that leos are hardy and it’s comparatively easy to maintain them prime well being.

Nevertheless, do you know that there’s one preventable, however probably lethal leopard gecko well being situation that continues to be generally seen within the leopard gecko group?

Studying: how one can inform in case your leopard gecko is constipated

Bowel impaction is a situation that happens when a fecal mass, or indigestible materials, blocks the lizard’s tiny bowels. If the impaction is just not handled, all the digestive system collapses, resulting in organ failure and, finally, demise.

One of the best ways to treatment impaction is to ensure it does not occur. If it nonetheless does happen, it’s essential to know how one can acknowledge it and subsequently deal with it, effectively and safely. The excellent news is you may keep away from impaction by offering correct leo husbandry.

What Causes Influence?

Causes of impaction will be many:

  • Too giant and/or arduous feeder bugs
  • Overfeeding with hard-to-digest feeders
  • Free substrate
  • Low temperatures
  • Dehydration
  • Parasites

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Can Sand Substrate Trigger Impaction in Leopard Geckos?

Probably the most frequent causes of impaction is the usage of sand as a substrate in a leo tank. Guided by the misperception that leopard geckos are desert creatures, pet store personnel and uneducated breeders have advisable sand as a pure substrate for years. That in a big variety of pointless vet interventions leo deaths.

The usage of calcium sand is hard particularly. Leopard geckos, and particularly those that are calcium poor, might be tempted to eat the larger-than-usual quantities of the substrate in the event that they sense it incorporates calcium. Though calcium sand is labeled as digestible, it usually clumps collectively when moist – and that is exactly what can occur inside your pet’s bowels.

I acknowledge that some individuals hold leos on sand and that their pets stay wholesome. Nevertheless, the danger continues to be too excessive, particularly since there are lots of appropriate options. Leos originated from predominantly rocky and never sandy areas anyway.

Substrates And Impaction – A Deeper Perspective

Why do some geckos become involved by sand whereas others don’t? The reply could lie in a hidden well being situation. For instance, leopard geckos with nutritional vitamins and mineral deficiencies could attempt to make up for the lacking vitamins by consuming the substrate.

Additionally, low tank temperatures can result in impaired digestion, inflicting the quantity of substrate that will in any other case be handed usually to create a blockage.

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When you might imagine, “My gecko is in good well being, so why not hold him on sand?, the reality is that we will by no means know if our pet’s well being goes to be jeopardized for any motive. That makes sand – or different arduous, unfastened substrate – an accident ready to occur.

In case your leo survived by substrate impaction, look at what may very well be the underlying explanation for his must eat giant quantities of the substrate (however ditch the substrate anyway).

Leopard Gecko impaction

Is My Leopard Gecko Secure If I Use Paper Towels As an alternative of a Substrate?

The reality is your leo might be a lot safer for those who use paper towels, however nonetheless not 100% protected.

Freakish circumstances of impaction – from paper towel items, eco earth, or peat moss are uncommon, however have occurred! Now we have to be conscious and never exclude the potential of impaction just because we have now the fitting substrate.

The substrate that’s the least liable to inflicting bowel impaction is slate or ceramic tile. It appears and feels fairly pure too.

Can Mealworms Trigger Impaction?

The opinions on mealworms and impaction proceed to be divided. Whereas some individuals within the interest nonetheless strongly advise in opposition to mealworms resulting from their arduous exoskeletons, fanatics just like the legendary Ron Mood have been utilizing mealworms as a staple weight-reduction plan for his leos for many years.

I by no means had points with feeding mealworms. In case your leo has no underlying well being points, and you’ve got correct temperatures within the tank, he ought to be capable of eat them safely. Measurement is the important thing – by no means give your leo mealworms which can be too giant from him. A mealworm that takes greater than three bites to swallow might be too giant on your leo.

However, you must by no means give your leo mealworm beetles or every other beetle species. Their arduous shells undoubtedly enhance the danger of impaction.

Signs: How Do I Know If My Leopard Gecko Has Impaction?

There are a number of frequent indicators of leopard gecko impaction. I’ve listed them in response to their severity – from these occurring in mild impaction to these occurring in late or extreme phases.

  1. Constipation
  2. Cloaca licking
  3. Urge for food loss
  4. Lethargy
  5. An uncommon darkish spot on the underside of the stomach
  6. Weight reduction
  7. Bloating

The primary and most obvious signal of impaction is repay. It’s important to scrub your leo’s potty nook each day, so you may observe if he’s passing his stools.

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Lack of urge for food normally goes hand in hand with constipation. Since his bowels should not functioning, leo might be reluctant to soak up any new meals.

As impaction continues, emaciation and bloating happen. The darkish spot on the underside of the stomach is one other signal of persistent impaction. Nevertheless, a darkish patch on the stomach can seem for different causes too – enlarged liver, for instance, so this single symptom does not routinely imply impaction.

Impaction Therapies

There are a few first-line residence remedies for impaction. In the event that they fail, head for the reptile vet’s workplace ASAP.

Heat Bathtub

Giving your leo a heat tub is the primary line of remedy if you suspect impaction. Baths are snug, fairly stress-free, and surprisingly environment friendly in fixing uncomplicated circumstances of impaction.

Right here is how one can do it:

  • Take a plastic tub or dish that has a well-fitting lid.
  • Create air flow holes
  • Fill it with water. The temperature ought to match your terrarium’s heat space, or be within the higher vary of official advice for leos (86 levels F/30 levels C).
  • The water degree needs to be excessive sufficient for it to cowl your leo’s stomach, however the water degree should not go the peak of your leo’s shoulders.
  • I advisable giving your lizard two baths a day, every lasting about half-hour, 3-4 days in a row. Throughout the bathing, therapeutic massage his stomach gently, shifting your finger from throat to the tail base each 5 minutes or so.
  • Monitor your leo always to keep away from water affiliation.
  • If he passes poop, examine it for traces of substrate or different arduous particles to find out the reason for impaction.

Leopard gecko taking warm bath

Olive Oil

One other residence treatment for impaction is giving your leo a drop of olive oil, or mineral oil. Oil will not hurt your leo so long as you administer it fastidiously and take care it does not get into his nostrils. Put an oily drop in entrance of his mouth, flippantly touching them. He’ll most certainly lick off the droplet. You should use this treatment along with baths.

I counsel utilizing oil solely coupled with the baths, and never after the bating methodology has failed. There’s something significantly dangerous in regards to the oil itself. Nonetheless, if the showering has failed, it’s extremely seemingly that impaction is extreme and that your pet wants pressing veterinary care. In a scenario like that, you do not wish to waste valuable time to see if one other mild method will work. Time could make a distinction between life and demise.

Veterinary Intervention And Surgical procedure

If the house cures fail, you need to take your leo to an skilled reptile vet.

On the vet’s, the leo will in all probability get an X-ray so the physician can see what is going on on in his stomach. After that, the vet will prescribe a laxative (normally the one used for cats, or medical paraffine), attempt to flush out the impaction utilizing the process referred to as enemaor proceed to do a surgical procedure.

Take care!

I hope this text has helped you achieve an in-depth perspective on bowel impaction in leopard geckos. I wholeheartedly hope that you simply will not ever want to make use of my recommendation on the subject. Nevertheless, take into account that impaction continues to be frequent and lethal, each leopard gecko proprietor ought to know how one can forestall it and deal with it.

Has your leo had a case of bowel impaction? How did you deal with it? Assist different interested in sharing your expertise within the feedback.

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