how to take apart a minn kota trolling motor

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There isn’t any telling might go improper on a fishing journey, from getting plastic caught within the motor to hitting rocks or attempting to reel in a fish persistent than your trolling motor’s capability. In case you are attempting to get a Minn Kota trolling motor restore, you are in luck.

Minn Kota creates small motors which are a DIY-er’s dream come true within the sense that it’s pretty simple to disassemble and reassemble. You will discover elements for the motor very simply and get them delivered to you very quickly.

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How To Take Apart A Minn Kota Trolling Motor

Nonetheless, similar to some other piece of advanced equipment, it is not to embark on a trolling motor disassembly and reassembly journey with out a handbook or steering. This text will take a look at a number of the extra fashionable Minn Kota trolling motors and methods to take them aside.

1. Minn Kota Endura C2

Minn Kota Endura C2 55 Trolling Motor
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This 55-pound thrust Minn Kota trolling motor restore is pretty easy, which is why we’re going to evaluation it first.

Earlier than you begin, mark each a part of the motor with a marker or masking tape to determine the totally different elements and their orientation afterward.

  1. Begin by eradicating the nut behind the motor (away from the propeller) and scuff it down barely. That is in order that you have no issues afterward.
  2. Subsequent, take away the 2 bolts on either side of the nut. These are lengthy bolts, do not forget that it might take some doing in case you are doing it manually.
  3. As soon as each bolts and the nut have been eliminated, the armature may be pulled out simply.
  4. You may see the bearings and the comb right here, each held down by screws. Watch out of the white seal across the physique. If broken or not positioned proper, it might affect its potential to withstand water.

Now, you’ll be able to diagnose and restore the Endura C2 Minn Kota trolling motor. Here’s a detailed information on how you are able to do it by yourself.

2. Minn Kota Endura Max

That is yet one more quite common 55-pound troll motor. A standard downside with this motor is that it slows down, indicating a damaged magnet (particularly should you hear a rough sound when working it).

Minn Kota Endura Max 55 Trolling Motor
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To diagnose and restore this Minn Kota Trolling Motor;

  1. Take away the highest cowl first. You will discover six lengthy screws holding the circuit cowl. Take away them with the assistance of a Phillips head screwdriver and gently pull the highest cowl off. In case you are unable to, notice that some older fashions used to have eight screws as nicely.
  2. As soon as the top is eliminated, you can see all of the circuitry therein.
  3. If, after diagnosing, you conclude that the issue is with the motor, take a more in-depth look and as talked about above, mark the orientation.
  4. You will want to drag out a pin that holds the propeller blades with the shaft. It may be present in a slot throughout the propeller.
  5. Take away the highest nut and file down the shaft with a 220-grit sandpaper. About half a minute of scuffing ought to be sufficient.
  6. Pull out the highest cowl along with your hand or with the pry bar.
  7. As soon as the highest is eliminated, you need to be capable to take away the whole motor as nicely to reveal the magnet.
  8. The magnet could have a couple of screws on it which you could unscrew to take away the brushes, spring, and the magnet itself.

And there you’ve it! Here’s a video by Jeff that will help you visualize the above steps and diagnose your trolling motor.

3. Minn Kota Riptide Trolling Motor

This can be a 70-pound thrust trolling motor. Some of the frequent issues with this trolling motor is {that a} half inside might break should you hit particles or rocks, which can require you to open it up and restore it.

Minn Kota Riptide 70 Trolling Motor
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You may disassemble the Minn Kota Riptide Trolling Motor simply by following these steps;

  1. You will want a ½” hex socket wrench to take off the end-cap of your propeller. This step would require some effort, so simply maintain on to the propeller head and twist till the small disc comes off. Watch out; the headpiece is made out of zinc and will break as a result of corrosion.
  2. It ought to expose the shaft a bit. Pull out the end-cap, and the shaft will then be uncovered. Watch out when eradicating the cap; there is a washer in there that will fall off.
  3. You will discover two bolts at each ends of the following cap. You will want a 5/16” hex socket wrench for this. Keep in mind, these bolts go all over the meeting, so be affected person when pulling these out. There is a rubber washer on these bolts to maintain the water out.
  4. The subsequent piece will come off mechanically. A rubber seal will probably be holding it collectively so you’ll have to tug on it a bit. You’ll then see the magnet and coils.
  5. You may pull the magnet out of the decrease end-cap fairly simply. It’s kind of heavy so watch out.
  6. Merely raise it, and you’ll expose all of the circuits. There may be one other, greater seal right here.
  7. Use a T20 screwdriver to drag out the elements additional. . There will probably be two screws right here that you’ll want to take away.
  8. You’ll then be capable to pull out the entire circuit. Simply do not forget that it will likely be connected on the backside with no less than two wires.

Here’s a video that will help you visualize the identical.

4. Minn Kota Edge 55

Minn Kota Edge 55 Trolling Motor
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The Minn Kota Edge 55 is a 45-55 pound thrust trolling motor that usually comes with a foot pedal.

This troll motor disassembly and meeting is pretty simple, however there may be one complication to remember; if something inside breaks, it can most certainly break different issues too, and you’ll subsequently should be cautious of that.

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You may simply discover the elements for this motor on eBay, Amazon, Minn Kota web site, or any native elements store because of the intensive use this motor finds. To take this motor aside, observe these directions.

  1. There are three screws on the shaft to drag out the top.
  2. Take away the 4 bolts that maintain the headcap in place (subsequent to the deal with). You may pull off the headcap after that to reveal the wiring inside. That is your management mechanism.
  3. The Minn Kota Edge 55 has a forty five” (3.75 toes) shaft that will not match many boats. Identical to the three screws on the highest, there are three screws on the backside which you could unscrew to drag out the shaft and substitute it with a shorter (or longer) one.
  4. In case you are seeking to restore the top (due to a damaged head or a stiff throttle), you can see three screws holding all the things in place with the assistance of a metallic plate. Unscrew these, and you will get higher entry to the wires.
  5. There are two extra plates which you could take away to take away and clear out the gears as nicely.
  6. To restore the Minn Kota trolling motor’s backside, confer with the identical tips introduced for Minn Kota Rip Tide’s decrease unit.

Here’s a video that will help you visualize the method.

5. Minn Kota SP70

Minn Kota SP70 Trolling Motor
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This 70-pound thrust trolling motor is, in each sense of the phrase, a monster. It is huge and really helpful when seeking to catch some huge fish, or just when going out on rougher waters. Nonetheless, one downside that you just may face – particularly in colder areas – is that saltwater might make its method into the turning head.

Usually, this would not current an issue however should you reside in a chilly space, you’ll find yourself with freezing saltwater throughout the turning head, and wish alternative.

  1. Begin by ordering a alternative half – in any other case, your trolling motor will probably be ineffective till the summer time – when all the things melts. Nonetheless, even then, you can see that the turning head will probably be stiff till some extent the place you will not be capable to flip it even in the summertime.
  2. Now open the top of your Minn Kota SP70. There ought to be 4 Phillips screws together with a water seal holding them in place.
  3. If there may be corrosion on the wires, put some grease on them when reassembling.
  4. There will probably be one other longer screw on the base of its head. Unscrew it and easily wiggle the top off.
  5. After this, you need to be capable to take away the shaft by merely pulling it out from the underside.

The decrease unit may be opened up similar to different Minn Kota trolling motors. Here’s a video that will help you visualize the method.


Taking aside a Minn Kota trolling motor is simpler than it appears – and should you mark the orientation and keep in mind the way you pull it aside, repairing and reassembling them turns into even simpler. All it requires is a degree head and presence of thoughts. The instruments required may be discovered at any ironmongery store whereas the alternative elements may be discovered on the Minn Kota retailer or Amazon.

Pleased DIY-ing!

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