How to Switch Your Spellbooks on OSRS

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Lunar Spellbook Magicks

The Lunar spellbook is a spell e-book, like historic magicks, that’s accessible to OSRS gamers which have accomplished the Lunar Diplomacy quest. All runes are used on this spellbook aside from Wrath runes. This e-book makes heavy use of the Astral rune, loads of teleportation spells and naturally the notorious and intensely useful pking spell ‘Vengeance!’

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Find out how to change to Lunar Magicks?

Quickest Route

To alter spellbooks, you have to pray on the Astral altar on the south-east aspect of Lunar Isle. To get right here, the quickest means can be by talking to Lokar Searunner on the westernmost dock in Relekka who will carry you to the Pirates’ Cove, then head as much as the pirate ship and communicate with the pirate captain to achieve Lunar Isle.

Various 1

Casting the Moonclan teleport within the Lunar Spellbook.

Various 2

Utilizing a Lunar Isle teleport which is a reward given from all ranges of Treasure Trails. It’s possible you’ll get quite a few scrolls as a reward, not only one.

Various 3

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After completion of the Lunar Diplomacy quest, gamers can even place a Lunar Isle teleport within their teleport chamber with 50 development and 69 magic.

In case your membership runs out, your spellbook will likely be modified again to regular and you will have to make use of one of many routes above to alter it again.

Historic Spellbook Magicks

The traditional spellbook is an OSRS spellbook unlocked for gamers after the completion of the Desert Treasure quest. This spellbook is extraordinarily combat-oriented in contrast to the Lunar Spellbook. This e-book consists of 16 fight teleports and 9 teleports. Dying and blood runes and different varied costly runes are used on this e-book, and requires no less than 50 magic to entry.


Find out how to change to Historic Magicks?

Quickest Route

After desert treasure is accomplished, the quickest option to change your spellbook is to discover a stranger player-owned-house and pray at their historic or occult altar. The fast means to do that is to entry the ‘minigame group finder’, choose the drop-down menu and select ‘player-owned-houses’. Use any clan chat to seek out your altar. This methodology is not going to work for ironmans.

Various Route 1

Gamers can alternatively change their spellbook by accessing the altar contained in the Jaldraocht Pyramid. This pyramid is positioned within the Kharidian desert, southwest of Pollnivneach and north of Menaphos. There’s a rear entrance on the south-side of the pyramid for direct entry to the Altar.

Various Route 2

In case you’re making an attempt to change your spellbook from Ancients again to regular, it’s possible you’ll discover it simpler to only head to Lunar Isle and pray on the Astral Altar, offered you will have accomplished the Lunar Diplomacy quest.

Various Route 3

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You should use the Fairy Ring code C * I * S, and communicate with Tyss to alter your spellbook twice, offered you will have 60% Arceuus Favor.

Various Route 4

With 80 Building, you may construct an Historic Altar in your player-owned-house in your Achievement Gallery. You might also change your spellbook to any of the three for as much as 5 instances per 24 hours with the 99 Magic Cape.

Arceuus Spellbook Magicks

This spellbook, also called the Necromancy spellbook can be utilized by gaining 60% Arceuus favor in Nice Kourend. This books has many teleportation spells, in addition to a spell for reviving ensouled heads for prayer expertise throughout the Arceuus home. You may communicate with Tyss to alter your spellbook. Tyss might be discovered close to the darkish altar on the north finish of Nice Kourend. You might also communicate with him to alter your spellbook again to regular.


Find out how to change to Arceuus Magicks?

Quickest Route

Use a Video games Necklace to teleport to the Wintertodt Camp, then run south-east, following east after exiting the snowy space.

Various Route 1

By talking with the close by NPC Trossa on the fairy ring, you should utilize the code C*I*S after paying a one time payment of 80,000 gold.

Various Route 2

With degree 80 Building, you may construct a Darkish Altar in your player-owned-house to freely change between the spellbooks.

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