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Terraria: Eater of Worlds Boss Information

Battle Suggestions & Gear Suggestions

The Eater of Worlds Corruption Boss is Summoned in Terraria The Eater of Worlds – Corruption-specific Boss in Terraria

Defeating the Eater of Worlds permits your character to make Shadow Armor and the Nightmare Pickaxe, that are each vital steps in progressing via regular mode. This information to making ready for, summoning, and defeating the boss ought to make it easier to get previous him, farm him if wanted, and progress to more durable challenges like Skeletron and Queen Bee.

That is situated within the Corruption (purple space) of your world, and isn’t out there in Crimson worlds with out creating a man-made biome. Whereas the Shadow Armor set and Pickaxe are usually not as highly effective as their Crimson counterparts, you should not have to struggle enemies which are as tough as these discovered within the Crimson. All gamers will discover themselves on equal footing by the point they sort out Wall of Flesh, regardless, and the Shadow Gear is completely positive for taking up Queen Bee and Skeletron.

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Preparation for the Eater of Worlds Boss Ensuring there may be an open space to struggle the boss in is vital right here. It is vitally lengthy, and also you want room to maneuver. On this case, I didn’t need to should struggle it from water the place my motion could be accountable, so I used picket platforms on prime of the water.

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Getting ready for the BattleFirst, notice the places of Shadow Orbs within the space. You will have to smash 3 with a hammer to summon it, so plan the third break to be close to an open space. If there may be water – as there was in my unlucky state of affairs, a picket platform to face on with out slowing your motion will be very useful. So far as armor, it’s best to have a set that provides you – at minimal – 12 armor. You possibly can even combine and match Iron/Gold/Silver items to get this quantity, probably way more out of your Equipment – that makes it a cakewalk. In case you have a minimum of 260+ life, it shouldn’t be an issue to have solely 10-12. In any other case, you want extra armor. A weapon that may deal a minimum of 17 harm to a number of components (melee) is beneficial. You may get the Mild’s Bane from defeating Eye of Cthulhu and its Demonite drops, and that is enough. Swords can hit a number of components and space/piercing harm is what you need, and single goal will depart you compelled to whittle away its huge 7485 HP one hit at a time. That is no good.

Smash the Shadow Orb with a hammer to summon the boss.  Every third will summon him. Smashing Shadow Orbs not solely summons the boss (each 3), it additionally attracts Meteorites to your world. One will ultimately hit, if not instantly!

Summoning Eater of WorldsEater of Worlds is summoned as soon as each three Shadow Orbs you break with a hammer. You will get some loot from doing so, whereas additionally permit your world to spawn Meteorites. Extra orbs is extra probability of Meteorites, and there may be helpful gear to be constituted of that. Keep in mind what I stated above and plan the third to be close to an space appropriate for combating the boss, so as to run there and interact it. When you’re out of Shadow Orbs, you want Rotten Chunks (15) and Vile Powder (30) to make Worm meals at a Demon Altar. Get the Vile Powder from Vile Mushrooms discovered rising within the Corruption, then use them at an Alchemy Station to get 5 powder every.

Eater of Worlds is an easier fight than Brain of Cthulhu Eater is usually a neater struggle than Mind of Cthulhu. Piercing is vital for each of them. Hit a number of segments without delay and the 7k+ life he has not almost as a lot because it appears.

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The BattleEater of Worlds will come at you with its head. You possibly can trick it into tunneling in such a approach that there’s room so that you can stand subsequent to it whereas it is coiling and swing away or forged your spells. Something that may hit greater than as soon as is beneficial. As you deal harm to the pinnacle or internal segments, a brand new head will develop. You possibly can minimize this man in half sufficient that 4 or extra Eaters are coming at you. The smaller ones appear a contact sooner, however that may simply be notion.

Defeating the Eater of Worlds Boss As you get nearer to victory, extra worms might spawn as new heads develop. The heads have much less HP, so it may be a bit simpler after that. Any mini-Eater that’s down to only 3 components will die once you destroy the following one.

At all times stand shut, and have a approach out ought to it coil round you, leading to contact harm. The top does probably the most, adopted by the physique. Fortunately, its armor is low. Every phase you destroy will give you Shadow Scales and Demonite Ore, so even a demise isn’t a complete loss. Once you’ve defeated the final phase, the battle is over and you may return dwelling to craft your Shadow Set.

Demonite and Shadow Scales can make some great early game armor, which can see on you to better things. You will get greater than sufficient Shadow Scale to make a Pickaxe, however might need to struggle him twice to make sure you may get all the things that Demonite has to supply.

What’s Subsequent?After defeating Eater of Worlds, nothing particular will occur. It is only a main stepping stone and the orbs’ destruction permits Meteors to fall. Once they do, you will be in an excellent place to mine it together with your new Pickaxe and Armor Set. You require the Shadow Scales to make a Nightmare Pickaxe which might mine Hellstone and Obsidian. The gear may even allow you to take out Queen Bee and Skeletron, which ends up in higher issues, just like the Bee Gun and the good loot discovered within the Dungeon.

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