how to stop birds from pooping on my deck

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Birds are pretty creatures, they usually’re an vital a part of nature’s ecosystem. Nevertheless, the droppings they depart behind are actually not nice. Not many people have time to totally stress wash our deck and patio earlier than spending time outdoors on a pleasant day. And if you happen to’re a pool proprietor, you do not want me to let you know that seeing chicken droppings float on by as you are swimming is unsavory.

Should you’re questioning tips on how to maintain your outside areas clear, try these 12 ideas for protecting birds from pooping in your deck, porch, patio, and pool!

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How to Keep Birds from Pooping on My Deck

Tips on how to Maintain Birds from Pooping on My Deck, Porch, Patio and Pool

1. Plastic Predator Birds

Natural Enemy Scarecrow Rotating Head Owl Robins, sparrows, crows, blackbirds, starlings, and mourning doves are the kinds of birds you will mostly see round your outside areas.

These chicken species know to maintain their distance from predator birds – primarily hawks and owls – which is one thing you should use to your benefit.

You should purchase a plastic owl or hawk from most {hardware} and residential shops. Place the predator chicken in your fence or on a visual department of a close-by tree.

Birds will see these pretend predators and know to steer clear of the world. Simply make sure you are shifting the placement of the predator chicken on a semi-regular foundation so different birds do not get comfy with seeing it in the identical place on a regular basis.

2. Ultrasonic Sound System

No merchandise topqa.infoe are a number of kinds of sound programs designed to discourage birds from hanging round your yard. One such kind emits a particularly high-pitched noise that’s undetectable to people however will scare off birds. Most programs of this sort are motion-activated, in order that they’ll begin working after they sense a chicken flying by.

There are additionally sound programs that emit sounds from predator birds or sounds of birds in misery. Each of those will sign to birds that the world just isn’t secure – one other tactic for protecting them at bay.

The entire programs talked about above can vary wherever from $30 to $200, relying on what you are on the lookout for. A few of these sound programs are so subtle.

You may program the particular kind of chicken you are attempting to maintain away.

3. Hanging Mirrors

De-Bird Repellent DisksAn inexpensive, DIY choice for deterring birds is to hold just a few small mirrors from tree branches or your fence. This technique works in two capacities.

First, birds typically don’t love shiny, shifting issues, they usually’ll proceed on their approach.

Second, mirrors can trick the chicken into pondering there may be already one other chicken there after they see their reflection. This tells the chicken that the meals supply has already been depleted, in order that they depart.

You should purchase small, low-cost mirrors at any greenback or craft retailer. Dangle them utilizing rope, ribbon, or fishing line.

This can be a tremendous cheap choice that is fairly efficient. So if you happen to’re not seeking to spend a ton of cash on chicken deterrent efforts, I would begin with this one.

4. Spinning Pinwheels

Bird Blinder Repellent PinWheelsYou understand these shiny, colourful pinwheels which can be a well-liked youngsters’s toy? Effectively, these pinwheels are a terrific device for scaring off birds.

When the wind hits them, they spin frantically, which causes movement and noise that birds are terrified of. The sunshine reflecting off the metallic materials the pinwheels are produced from additionally scares away birds.

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Safe the pinwheels to the highest of your fence or deck railing, relying on the place you’ve got seen the birds are the worst. You should purchase these low-cost little pinwheels on the greenback retailer or a youngsters’s toy retailer.

Whereas the plain colourful ones will do, go for those fabricated from a shiny or metallic materials if potential. That is one other tremendous cheap choice that may even delight your children if in case you have them!

5. Wind Chimes

Outdoors Large Wind ChimeWind chimes are most likely probably the most aesthetically pleasing chicken deterrent on this checklist (and in addition pleasing to your ears!). The ability behind wind chimes can be two-fold.

Birds do not just like the shiny, reflective mild that shines from the steel items. In addition they do not just like the sound, as it isn’t a sound they’re conversant in or perceive.

Dangle wind chimes from bushes, your fence, the overhang of your porch, or a type of steel hooks that they usually include. The good factor about wind chimes is that it will not be apparent you are utilizing them to scare off birds – they will merely appear as if they’re a part of your backyard or patio decor. Plus, the sound they provide off is fairly darn enjoyable.

6. Reflective Hen Diverters

Reflective Bird RepellentNow, reflective chicken diverters aren’t the nicest issues on this planet to take a look at, however they’re fairly cheap and get the job completed. Reflective chicken diverters are small, round tags that you just hold from tree branches, your fence, and different surrounding areas. There’s a picture on every tag that is meant to mimic a predator chicken’s eye.

Different birds will see these “eyes” and be tricked into pondering predator birds are within the space. The wind may even blow the tags backwards and forwards, which supplies birds the impression that the predators are shifting.

You should purchase a pack of chicken diverters for round $20, they usually can typically be discovered at most {hardware} and outside shops. That is one other fast and low-cost resolution.

7. Fishing Line Trick

Let’s get into discussing methods to maintain chicken poop out of your pool. This hack is explicitly designed for folks with above-ground swimming pools. Safe evenly spaced plastic clips across the prime fringe of your pool’s perimeter.

Then, string fishing line round every clip, leaving just a few inches of area between the highest fringe of your pool and the place the fishing line sits.

As a result of the place of the fishing line hinders the place the chicken would usually land, they are going to not have the ability to land on the sting of your pool. Therefore, no extra chicken poop within the pool!

Shopping for the plastic clips and fishing line will price you lower than $20, so that is one other tremendous cheap but efficient hack.

8. Floating Pool Predators

Inflatable Snake for Garden Farm PoolOne other nice method to deter birds from coming close to your above-ground or underground pool is to purchase a few floating pool predators. Most {hardware}, outside, or pool shops can have an inflatable and plastic alligator, snake, or shark which you could purchase for this function.

If in case you have younger children, they will assume you are the very best father or mother ever for buying all of those thrilling new toys.

A chicken flying overhead will see certainly one of these scary predators and rethink touchdown wherever close to your pool. It’s also possible to place some rubber snakes across the fringe of your pool as one other scare tactic.

Birds hate snakes, and will not need to come wherever close to them. Simply be sure you warn your company that they’re, actually, pretend!

9. Inflatable Seashore Balls

Beach Ball Pool ToysShould you don’t love the concept of ​​having your aesthetically pleasing pool full of inflatable animals, floating seashore balls are a terrific different. The seashore balls are colourful and can transfer across the floor of your pool with the wind, which scares birds and deters them from touchdown wherever shut.

One other nice facet of this hack is that inflatable seashore balls have a tendency to suit most individuals’s pool decor a bit higher than a plastic shark would. They’re additionally one of many most cost-effective choices on this checklist, which is an additional advantage.

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Plus, your children and company can play with them! Though this tip may not be as efficient because the floating predator animals, there is no hurt in attempting it out first.

10. Take away Hen Baths & Fountains

The next few ideas are much less to do with scaring birds away, and extra to do with making your yard, deck, and pool much less interesting to birds within the first place. If in case you have a birdbath or fountain in your yard, that is basically an open invitation for birds to go to the world.

Birds adore water sources that they cannot solely drink from however bathe in as effectively.

If in case you have a birdbath or fountain, you would possibly need to take into consideration eradicating it – or at the least relocating it to a far finish of your property the place birds will not hassle you as a lot. Should you take away their bathing station, they will be looking out for someplace higher to hold round.

11. Trim Again Shrubs

Many birds favor to nest and lay eggs in dense shrubbery with plenty of cowl from predators and threats. If in case you have hedges lining your deck or patio, take into account trimming them again a bit of to discourage birds from nesting or hiding in them.

Simply be sure you rigorously examine the bushes earlier than you start pruning – be looking out for preexisting chicken or squirrel nests.

Should you discover a nest with eggs or child squirrels in it, you do not need to hurt them. Depart the nests (and your bushes) alone till the infants have (actually) left the nest.

When you’re certain the nests are not in use, you may relocate them and stick with it together with your pruning and trimming.

12. Get rid of Meals Sources

Unsurprisingly, birds are going to be interested in the seed in chicken feeders. If in case you have a chicken feeder however are additionally coping with a chicken poop drawback, both relocate the feeder to a far finish of your property or take it down altogether.

When the birds notice your yard is not a 24/7 buffet, they will search for different feeders within the space.

Birds are additionally interested in bushes and bushes that produce fruit and nuts. Earlier than chopping down these bushes, you may attempt hanging wind chimes, mirrors, or chicken diverters from their branches.

Nevertheless, if the chicken poop drawback persists and it is beginning to hassle you, you’ll have to contemplate relocating and transplanting the bushes elsewhere.


Keep in mind, chicken poop protecting your outside areas is an issue that may be handled. Whether or not it is your deck, porch, patio, fence, or pool, hopefully these choices have given you some concepts of tips on how to successfully sort out the problem.

Should you’ve had success with any of those strategies, tell us within the feedback beneath! Remember to share the following tips together with your family and friends who may additionally be coping with a chicken poop drawback of their yard or outside areas.

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