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Earlier than you progress on to studying tips, it’s good to work out some skateboard fundamentals – discover your pure stance and work on studying to push correctly. Should you rush at this stage it’ll gradual your studying curve down, so spend a while studying this stuff earlier than shifting onwards.

From Sidewalk Fundamentals – Autumn 2013


Stance Skateboard How To StitchThere are two stances in skateboarding: goofy and common.

Studying: easy methods to stand on a skateboard

Goofy footed stance signifies that you stand in your board along with your proper foot main. Common stance skaters stand with their left foot main. Every individual has a pure stance that may really feel probably the most pure stance to them, one of the best ways to find what stance you might be comfy to push round slowly if you get your first arrange, . It is like being proper or left-handed, you may know which is the appropriate one for you instinctively. Neither stance is healthier or worse than the opposite so don’t be concerned.


Steps Skateboard How ToThat is probably the most basic ability so far as skateboarding is anxious. Earlier than you even start to consider studying tips it’s good to learn to push competently and at pace. The fundamentals are fairly apparent however it’s good to apply this a part of skateboarding in simply the identical approach as you’ll with particular tips. Be sure to push along with your again foot – keep away from pushing ‘mongo’ (ie pushing along with your entrance foot) because it makes the whole lot else more durable in a while.

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Have your entrance foot angled round your entrance truck bolts, push along with your toes and as you begin to acquire pace, put your again foot again onto the tail and switch your stance in order that your ft are parallel. It is a quite simple motion however it’ll kind the spine of the whole lot else you’ll ever do in your skateboard.

An excellent tip is to go to an empty piece of flat floor and apply pushing: push as quick as you may till it feels pure and managed.


Stop Turn Skateboard How To 2Once more, it is a basic ability that you will need to study earlier than making an attempt to study any of the tips featured later on this information.

Turning on a skateboard is very easy as all it’s good to do is lean and switch your weight both onto your toe-side or heel-side edge and your vehicles will comply with the course of your lean. Tighter vehicles take extra stress to show than looser ones so experiment with what feels most pure to you.


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Stop Turn Skateboard How ToIt is a fairly vital clearly and will be completed in numerous alternative ways.

The best and most elementary approach is to make use of your again foot as a brake to gradual you to a cease.

Alternatively you may press your tail down and use the friction to gradual you down or, as soon as you’ve got developed sufficient board management, convey your self to a cease by powersliding (ie sliding horizontally in your wheels).


Kickturn Skateboard How ToThat is probably the most fundamental turning approach on a skateboard normally carried out on a financial institution or transition.

Principally you flip by lifting your entrance wheels up and pivoting in your again wheels in both a frontside or bottom course. Your shoulders will lead the motion so allow them to flip with you. Bear in mind to place your entrance wheels again down as quickly as you’ve got accomplished your kickturn and to maintain your weight central.

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