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On this article, we focus on what native French audio system say when leaving to want somebody a superb day – or another second in time : afternoon, night, week, month, 12 months, vacation, occasion and so forth.

As all the time, there are numerous phrases you need to use relying on the time of day, time of 12 months, or occasion. Every phrase can also tackle quite a few variations that you could select from. Which one you choose relies upon in activate how formal or casual you need to be, and the way a lot emphasis you need to convey.

Studying: methods to say have a superb day in french

Let’s begin with the fundamentals : wishing somebody a pleasant day as we go away.

Have a pleasant day in French

There are a number of methods to say “have a pleasant day” in French.

The closest to English is : “Passe une bonne journée” (notice : you can not say “passe un bon jour”, a mistake many freshmen are inclined to make).

Instance :

“Bon, j’y vais, merci pour le café ! A plus tard, passe une bonne journée !” (OK I am leaving, thanks for espresso ! Goodbye, have a pleasant day !)

“Merci, bonne journée à toi aussi !”

Within the final sentence, we use “bonne journee !“, a shorter model of “passe une bonne journée” that is additionally very generally used for “have a pleasant day” in French :

“Au revoir madame, bonne journée !” (good bye ma’am, have a pleasant day)

“Au revoir monsieur, merci, bonne journée à vous aussi.” (good bye sir, thanks, have a pleasant day too) -aussi.mp3

Taking a look at these examples, you’ll be able to inform “have a pleasant day” is used when leaving, ie for goodbye, not for hey.

For instance, chances are you’ll NOT say “Bonjour, bonne journée !” If you happen to do, the particular person you say it to might be puzzled and confused. It is like saying “Howdy, good bye”.

In a extra formal context, you’ll be able to say “j’espère que vous passerez une bonne journée“, for instance when speaking to a buyer. This actually interprets to “I hope you may have a pleasant day”.

One other barely formal model is “je te souhaite une bonne journée” or “je vous souhaite une bonne journée”. Right here you are actually wishing the particular person a superb day (I want you a pleasant day).

If you wish to be very pleasant and nice, you’ll be able to additional emphasize what you say by including “très” :

passe / passez une très bonne journée !: have an incredible day

Très bonne journée !” : similar that means

“J’espère que vous passerez une très bonne journée !” : I hope you may have an incredible day !

Variation of have a pleasant day in French : have a pleasant afternoon

If it is after mid-day, earlier than ending a dialog in French you usually say “have a superb afternoon” as a substitute of “have a pleasant day” :

Passez une bonne après-midi !

Or just : “Bon après-midi !

Be aware that “après-midi” may be thought of both masculine or female : “un après-midi” and “une après-midi” are each acceptable. So we will write both “bon après-midi” or “bonne après-midi”.

Here is an instance dialogue :

“Bon, on half jouer au foot. A plus tard!”

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“D’accord, bon après-midi ! amusez-vous bien.”

Be aware that, in colloquial, spoken French, native audio system typically say “bon aprem !”.

As you have most likely guessed, “aprem” is shortcut for “après-midi” – French audio system have a powerful behavior of shortening each phrase they’ll : la fac, perso, professional, la rando, l’expo, la prépa and so forth.

You may as well use the semi-formal buildings we noticed above when discussing “bon après-midi” :

J’espère que tu passeras une bonne après-midi

“Je vous souhaite une bonne après-midi”

Variation of have a pleasant day in French : have a pleasant night

This phrase is often used beginning late afternoon, and till after time for supper (after that it is “evening” time). The place you’d say “have a pleasant day” within the morning, you’ll be able to say :

Passe / passez une bonne soirée !: have a pleasant night

Or, the brief model : “bonne soirée !

Instance dialogue :

“Il est 6pm, je m’en vais. Je finirai le travail demain.”

“OK, passe une bonne soirée!”

“Merci, bonne soirée ah me. A demain.”

Identical to “have a pleasant day”, in a extra formal setting, you’ll be able to lengthen the phrase with “j’espère” or “je te/vous souhaite”:

J’espère que vous passerez une bonne soirée” : I hope you will have a superb night.

Je te souhaite une bonne soirée !” : I want you a pleasant night.

Variation of have a pleasant day in French : have a superb evening

If you find yourself able to name it a day and to go away the place you are at, you usually say “bonne nuit !”

Some native audio system additionally pronounce it like this :

“bonne nuit” is usually related to the act of sleeping. Suppose you had individuals over for dinner and it is fairly late. They’re about to go away your home to go to a membership downtown. On this case, you do not normally say “bonne nuit” since they are not about to fall asleep. As a substitute chances are you’ll say “bonne soirée” though it is late.

The identical variations as for “have a pleasant day” can be utilized for “bonne nuit” :

Passe / passez une bonne nuit !: have a superb evening

“Je vous souhaite une bonne nuit !” : I want you a superb evening

Instance :

“Merci pour cette soirée très sympa ! Bonne nuit!”

“Merci ah vous! Bonne nuit, ah demain!”

Variation of have a pleasant day in French : have a pleasant week

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Apart from the totally different occasions of the day, the French phrases we have seen thus far can be utilized to different moments and occasions. Keep in mind, you say these phrases once you’re about to go away the particular person you are talking with, to say good bye.

Here is a standard one which you need to use when parting away from an individual you will not be seing for every week :

Passez une bonne semaine !” or “bonne semaine !”: have a pleasant week

You need to use them for particular intervals of time and occasions, reminiscent of holidays. Listed here are some examples utilizing the identical construction as with “have a pleasant day” beforehand :

Passez de bonnes vacancies !” or “bonnes vacancies !” : have a pleasant trip

Passez un bon sejour !“, “bon séjour !”, “nous vous souhaitons un bon séjour” : have a pleasant keep, we want you a pleasant keep. Be aware that each one the variants, together with these with “souhaiter” and “espérer”, apply to the above examples as nicely.

Extra typically, in French you need to use these phrases for all types of moments :

Bon cinema !: have a superb film

Bonne visite !” : have a pleasant go to

Passez une bonne fête !” : have a superb get together

je vous souhaite un bon Noël: I want you a pleasant Christmas

J’espère que vous passerez une bonne fin d’année: hope you may have a pleasant 12 months finish

Passez une bonne cérémonie !: have a pleasant ceremony

Let’s end with just a little quiz

To conclude this dialogue about methods to say “have a pleasant day” and different associated goodbye phrases in French, let’s examine when you actually acquired the hold of it.

Attempt to fill within the blanks within the brief dialogues under, and write your solutions within the feedback on the backside of this text. There are a number of potential solutions for every, simply choose one you suppose is acceptable. Right here you go :

1) Chérie, je sors, salut à ce soir !

Conduis prudemment ! __________

2) Je pars aux Antilles pour une semaine à partir de mardi prochain !

C’est genial ça ! __________

3) Je serai chez les voisins de 17h à 18h, ils font un petit apéro pour leur arrivée.

C’est sympa ça ! ___________

4) Nous allons visiter le musée demain, il ya une belle expo de Modigliani.

Très intéressant, dommage que je ne puisse pas venir. _____________

That is all ! Have a pleasant one ! (not likely translatable into French, the closest might be “bon braveness !”)

How to say have a nice day in french

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