how to raise humidity in bearded dragon tank

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Bearded dragons are fairly straightforward pets to deal with. There are only some issues it’s good to keep watch over as beardies are principally self-sufficient. One of many key issues to observe is the humidity stage of their enclosure.

Similar to people, humidity can play a job in each the consolation and well being of a bearded dragon. Our beardies depend on us to maintain it at a secure and cozy stage.

Studying: the way to increase humidity in bearded dragon tank

The relative humidity stage in a bearded dragon’s enclosure ought to be saved between 30-40%. Ranges outdoors that vary could cause well being issues so shut monitoring with two humidity gauges is vital. To right low or excessive humidity ranges, you possibly can both make changes to your tank arrange or add a humidifier or dehumidifier to your house.

Why humidity ranges are vital for bearded dragons

A bearded dragon’s pure habitat is dry and arid. When saved in captivity, it’s vital to maintain these ranges in line with what they expertise within the wild. Their biology has developed to work correctly inside a sure vary. Something outdoors that may trigger issues.

Penalties of low humidity

Low humidity ranges, or overly dry air, could cause a number of problematic situations. Right here’s a fast record of issues that may occur in case your bearded dragon lives in a local weather that’s too dry:

  • Femoral pore blockage
  • Incapability to shed correctly
  • Dehydration
  • Kidney points
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Fertile females could not have the ability to lay their eggs

All of these items may be critical and will end in veterinary care. Femoral pore points can result in painful infections. The lack to shed can result in circulation points and the lack of appendages. Dehydration and kidney points can result in demise.

In different phrases, it’s vital that the air of their residence isn’t too dry.

Penalties of excessive humidity

Similar to dry air, moist air could cause its share of issues too. Right here’s a rundown:

  • Bacterial overgrowth and an infection
  • Fungal infections
  • Respiratory infections
  • Mould development
  • Pores and skin situations

As with the well being points that crop up in low humidity, these excessive humidity points are simply as vital to forestall. Virtually all of those require treatment, injections, or much more critical veterinary care to resolve.

So similar to low humidity, excessive humidity ought to be prevented as nicely!

How one can measure the humidity in your bearded dragon’s vivarium

We needed to cowl this as a result of quite a lot of the data out there may be both important overkill or not almost full. You’ll see folks recommending loopy costly “hygrometers” (a elaborate strategy to say “humidity gauge”). You’ll additionally see folks advocate going by really feel or taking solely intermittent readings, which is ridiculous.

You positively do wish to precisely measure the humidity ranges in your beardie’s tank on an ongoing foundation. Which means you’ll want some kind of gauge completely put in of their residence.

Measurement of humidity ranges inside your bearded dragon’s enclosure ought to be completed utilizing two analog or digital humidity gauges. The gauges ought to be positioned about midway up the wall of the tank. One ought to be positioned on the recent facet and the opposite on the cool facet of the enclosure.

Analog or digital?

  • Digital Hygrometer
    Digital Gauge
  • Analog Hygrometer
    Analog Gauge
Digital or Analog?

There are two sorts of gauges, digital and analog. Digital is a bit more correct because it makes use of a probe you possibly can place precisely the place you need the measurement taken. The drawbacks are the wire and probe itself (that are a ache to put) and the fee (which is greater than analog gauges).

Analog gauges are simpler to put and price much less. This ease of use comes with the value of being barely much less correct. However there may be solely a really minor distinction.

With that in thoughts, we advocate and use analog gauges. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t use digital. If you wish to spend a number of additional bucks and have a simple strategy to place the sensor, go for it! For those who go digital, we like this one by ZooMed that you could purchase over on Amazon. It’s dependable and never tremendous costly.

For those who go for the analog model, we use these mixture thermo-hygrometers by ZooMed (tells us temp and humidity). We obtained them fairly cheaply on Amazon they usually’ve labored nice for us! It’s vital to do not forget that there is no such thing as a have to be actual. 30-40% is a decent-sized vary and an analog gauge will serve simply high quality for that!

You want two!

Our subsequent tip is that you just’ll want two of those gauges. Too many individuals advocate solely utilizing one and that simply gained’t work. In case your beardie’s house is of an applicable measurement, you’ll have a sizzling facet and a cool facet.

Every of these sides may have various temps and humidity ranges. Simply because one facet is inside vary doesn’t imply that the opposite facet is. We strongly advocate getting a humidity studying on either side.

We additionally need redundancy. Let’s be sincere, these should not scientific, Ph.D. stage, research-grade hygrometers. They’re a couple of dollars on Amazon. They’ll break! In case you have two, will probably be apparent when that occurs. For those who solely have one, it won’t be.

As we mentioned, these are cheap. Get two, it’s one of the best ways to go.

Humidity gauge placement

So now you could have two gauges. And you realize you need one on both sides of the enclosure. However the place, precisely, ought to they go?

Let’s begin with the place they shouldn’t go. Not subsequent to the water dish and never proper subsequent to the basking lamp. We’re in search of a studying on the enclosure as an entire and each of those spots will provide you with false readings.

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We advocate inserting them about midway up the again wall of your beardie’s vivarium. For those who place them there, you’ll get a very good thought of the degrees within the tank as an entire.

Issues fluctuate

One final word is that humidity varies. It varies by time of day. It varies with the temperatures in your house. It varies by time of yr. Don’t get too obsessed should you see the degrees fluctuate.

The vital factor is to maintain a every day eye in your gauges. Simply look at them and ensure issues are inside vary. In the event that they aren’t, we’ve obtained you coated with the remainder of this text. But when they’ve moved from 33%-38%, don’t fret. That’s inside vary and a 5% fluctuation may be very regular!

Fundamentals of humidity management

Earlier than we get into the way to increase or decrease the humidity in your beardie’s residence, we must always rapidly assessment some fundamentals. Having these fundamentals in place will set you up for fulfillment in reaching applicable humidity ranges with out having to attempt too onerous.

First, your house’s humidity stage might be fairly near the humidity stage in your bearded dragon’s enclosure. So elevating or decreasing the humidity in your house ought to have a direct influence in your beardie.

Enclosure tips

Talking of your beardie’s enclosure, it ought to be correctly ventilated. Meaning at minimal a display high. Nothing strong! This ought to be the case it doesn’t matter what.

You additionally need a vent in the direction of the underside of the vivarium. This permits air to freely circulate by way of the enclosure. This ensures correct temps, good airflow to your beardie, and likewise helps regulate humidity.

It is a massive motive we solely advocate shopping for enclosures with this design. Certain, you possibly can reuse an previous aquarium (however not likely), however that can make it a lot tougher to get your temps and humidity proper. For a whole information on choosing the proper residence to your beardie, take a look at our article right here.

Even with a correctly vented enclosure, we wish to be sure it’s positioned in an applicable location. Rule primary is NEVER in direct daylight. You’ll flip your beardie’s residence into an oven. That is very, very harmful for them!

We’d additionally advocate not inserting it in a humid basement or a room that’s identified to get overly sizzling or humid. Once more, the atmosphere the enclosure is in will just about be the atmosphere contained in the enclosure too.

Tank setup

We gained’t cowl all the things right here, however there are a number of key issues in the case of humidity that you just’ll wish to take note of.

First is your lighting setup. You need a sizzling facet and a cool facet. You wish to be sure to have the correct basking temps. And also you need an enclosure giant sufficient to assist all of that.

We advocate having a water dish. However we additionally advocate that it isn’t too giant and that or not it’s positioned on the cool facet of the tank to attenuate evaporation.

You’ll be able to learn our full information to substrate selection right here, however in relation to humidity, it’s vital to avoid all substrate selections which have or retain moisture. Issues like shredded bark or coconut fiber are nice examples of substrate selections that encourage excessive humidity ranges. Keep away from them!

Lastly, watch out of misting. For those who mist your dragon recurrently, attempt to not get water all around the enclosure. It will absolutely add extra humidity to their residence.

Altering in-tank humidity ranges for bearded dragons

You’ve now obtained the fundamentals coated and you’ve got two gauges put in in your beardie’s home. You have a look at the readings and you’re outdoors of the really useful 30-40% vary. What do you do?

First, good job catching this! It’s vital to know if there is a matter and to seek out that difficulty early. As GI Joe used to say, “Understanding is half the battle!”

Elevating low humidity in a bearded dragon tank

Elevating low humidity ranges in a bearded dragon’s tank is an easy matter of creating small changes to the tank setup or your house’s air con. In excessive instances, including moisture to the tank manually with a water bowl or mister may also help.

Right here’s a fast record of the factors we’ll focus on:

  • Add a humidifier to your house or room
  • Increase your house’s temperature
  • Use your AC much less
  • Add a water dish
  • Add a bigger water dish
  • Transfer the water dish in the direction of the recent facet of the tank
  • Frequently mist your beardie (however not their entire tank)
  • Add dwell vegetation

Increase humidity ranges in your house

If it’s too dry in your beardie’s tank, odds are it’s too dry in your home too. We dwell in Chicago and that is the case each winter. In these situations, inserting a humidifier within the room the tank is in may also help you and your dragon.

A complete-home humidifier may also be added to your HVAC system comparatively inexpensively. Both resolution will work to deliver up the humidity ranges in your house. We use this transportable mannequin and it really works nice fo us!

One other entire residence resolution is to lift the temperature in your house. Hotter air tends to carry extra water and thus creates extra humidity. This won’t be excellent for you should you don’t like the warmth, however it’ll assist with humidity ranges.

You can too merely flip off the AC and open your home windows. AC removes moisture from the air. If the temps outdoors are good, you could possibly increase your humidity ranges a bit of and nonetheless take pleasure in a snug temperature!

Increase humidity ranges within the tank

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Begin with a water dish. Add one should you don’t have one already. For those who do, think about a bigger dish. And if all else fails, transfer the dish to the recent facet of the tank the place the water will evaporate and humidify the air.

One other in-tank resolution is the every day misting of your beardie. It’s not an alternative choice to common bathing (which can also be important when humidity ranges are too low), however it’ll assist some. We like utilizing this reptile mister we obtained on Amazon. We use it to mist our beardie and her salads too!

A last in-tank resolution is so as to add dwell vegetation. We haven’t used this resolution and haven’t researched what vegetation are secure and which aren’t, so we don’t have a selected suggestion for you right here.

For those who do determine so as to add vegetation, please do your analysis. Beardies are identified to eat something residing that’s of their residence. Ensure that they aren’t consuming one thing that may hurt them!

Reducing excessive humidity

Reducing excessive humidity ranges in a bearded dragon’s tank is an easy matter of slowly eradicating sources of moisture. These may be their water dish, common humidity ranges in your house, and even eradicating dwell vegetation from the room or the tank itself.

Right here’s a fast record of the factors we’ll cowl on this part:

  • Add a dehumidifier to your house or room
  • Flip up your AC (decrease the temps)
  • Enhance tank air flow
  • Cease utilizing a fish tank and as a substitute use a correctly vented enclosure
  • Use a smaller water dish
  • Transfer the water dish to the cool facet of the tank
  • Take away the water dish altogether
  • Cease in-tank misting
  • Take away any in-tank dwell foliage
  • Take away any moisture conducive substrate
  • Add an in tank humidifier

Reducing humidity ranges in your house

As with resolving low humidity, step one is to handle the humidity ranges in your house. The quickest means to do this is so as to add a dehumidifier. As with a humidifier, you are able to do this centrally in your HVAC system or you are able to do it with a stand-alone unit you place in the identical room as your bearded dragon.

We use a Frigidaire 50 pint dehumidifier in the summertime and it runs nearly consistently. We set it at 35% and it does a very nice job of sustaining that humidity stage. As a word, they do create a bit of warmth and they’re very loud. These aren’t deal-breakers for us, however you must know this earlier than shopping for.

I’ve labored in a retailer that sells dehumidifiers for nearly 20 years and I can’t advocate the Frigidaire line extremely sufficient. Strong, dependable, and reliable yr after yr. Not quite a lot of bells and whistles, however they merely work. I can’t say that for some other model and I believe we’ve carried all of them. You’ll be able to see the mannequin we advocate and the place we purchased ours right here. You’ll normally pay much less right here than you’ll over on Amazon.

Keep away from the cheapies! You completely get what you pay for! These tremendous low priced items don’t pull close to sufficient water from the air to make a distinction. They’re a complete waste of cash.

One other tip is to show up your house’s AC and decrease the temps. Chilly air, by nature, can maintain much less water. Additionally, your AC “situations” the air by eradicating moisture. Working your AC and shutting your home windows, particularly in these sizzling summer season months, can considerably decrease the humidity ranges in your house.

Reducing humidity ranges within the tank

If the humidity is as underneath management as you may get it in your house, however the ranges are nonetheless too excessive in your beardie’s tank, chances are you’ll wish to take some additional steps.

Begin by rising air flow. Ensure that the complete high of the enclosure is roofed in mesh/display and open to the air. Block as little of it as you possibly can. Additionally, be sure there may be an airflow vent someplace in the direction of the underside of the tank.

As we talked about earlier than, that will imply you possibly can’t use that previous fish tank you have been planning on. These aren’t fitted to good air flow.

Subsequent, be sure your water dish is small (the scale of a jar lid is all you want) and all the best way on the cool facet of the tank. If this doesn’t assist, take away it altogether. For those who do that, be sure to stick to a frequent bathtub schedule. Baths might be your beardie’s solely probability to drink, so they’re crucial on this scenario.

In step with eradicating water and moisture from the tank, cease all misting. Common baths (see our full information right here) might be wanted anyway. Ensure that your beardie is good and dry earlier than you place them again of their residence.

Take away any dwell foliage from the tank. Additionally, be sure to don’t have any moisture-retaining substrate like bark or coconut. Any kind of vegetation with moisture might be dangerous on this scenario.

Lastly, if all else fails, you possibly can dehumidify the tank in considered one of two methods. The primary is to fill a small sock with rice and place it within the tank. Rice will take up humidity and moisture. Don’t, nevertheless, go away this the place your beardie can get to it. Consuming dried rice can simply trigger an impaction.

For that motive, we like the choice of a desiccant dehumidifier as a substitute. You understand these small silica pouches you discover in nutritional vitamins and in some belongings you purchase? Properly, these take up moisture rather well.

A desiccant dehumidifier is a small container that means that you can place these within the tank along with your beardie. However a powerful phrase of warning! Don’t go away this the place your beardie can get to it!!! The contents of this merchandise are hazardous if eaten.

We advise sticking them up excessive on a glass wall the place your beardie can’t climb to it. Ensure that it’s safe and gained’t fall off. As for which one to get, we actually like this little gem you may get right here on Amazon!

Don’t be overly wired!

So that will have appeared like loads, however actually it’s not. For those who observe the overall tips, you’ll most likely by no means have a humidity difficulty within the first place. Even should you do, they’re nearly all the time simply managed.

So don’t stress out! Getting the temps and humidity proper in your beardie’s residence might be second nature very quickly!

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