How to Properly Use The Word “Regardless” In A Sentence

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Some phrases are used extra typically than we discover to care. A kind of phrases is “Regardless”, due to what it means there are particular specs to make use of it appropriately. Right here we’ll go over the that means, origin and proper use of it in a sentence.

Sometimes, the phrase “regardless” is used initially of the ending of a sentence. We use it to suggest or clarify that regardless of a sure context or occasion, what occurred with out being affected by the mentioned context.

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In case you had been speaking to a buddy about what somebody you already know did, regardless of the recommendation you supplied for instance, utilizing the phrase “regardless” would match completely to explain what occurred and it will not influence the that means or order of the occasions expressed on this concept.

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That means And Etymology Of The Phrase “Regardless”

The that means of “regardless” is regardless of every thing, or one thing that it doesn’t matter what is not going to have an effect on one thing else.

The phrase “regardless” originated from the phrase “detached”, which started for use within the 1500’s. Later the phrase began for use in place or as a synonym of “detached”. It was initially used with “of penalties”, so each time you will have a whole phrase, “no matter penalties”. This use of it was circa 1872, these days, we need not add the results half, it’s inferred by the phrase “regardless” by itself every time it’s used.

If we go even additional again, the foundation of “regardless” comes from the French phrase “regard”. Which suggests “to observe”, that combining it with the preposition re- interprets into “to protect”. That’s the reason once we ship an e mail, we add the phrase “regards” on the finish. We’re wishing those that obtain our message to be nicely, protected, protected, guarded.

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So, once we add “-less” on the finish of “regard”, it turns into the alternative, with none regard or care. That’s the place “regardless” obtained the that means and the use now we have for it.

Synonyms Of The Phrase “Regardless”

There are such a lot of equivalents of the phrase “regardless” on the market, however why do maintain utilizing it. Nicely, the primary purpose is that it sounds fancy, and since its counterpart “regard” is typically utilized in formal and casual communications we are inclined to desire it.

Here’s a checklist of phrases and phrases that share an analogous that means with “regardless”:

  • regardless of
  • nonetheless
  • Anyhow
  • However
  • Nevertheless
  • Carelessly
  • Heedless
  • Haphazard
  • Unmethodically
  • Disregarding
  • Detached
  • Neglectful

Listed below are some sentence examples with these phrases:

  1. Regardless of the climate warning, they went forward with the journey.
  2. She knew he was dishonest and proceeded with the marriage detached to the very fact.
  3. The phrases mentioned had been heedless, with out look after penalties in any respect.
  4. Typically folks act carelessly, they undergo life dropping bombs and burning bridges of their path, as if they’re by no means going again that very same approach.
  5. He was informed her was not welcome there and he was to not go, however he went anyhow.
  6. Discovering an answer will enhance their temper, nonetheless the expectations have lowered for the reason that incident.

In case you discover on many of those examples you may substitute the synonym for “regardless” or “no matter” and the sentence is not going to lose any that means. So, if you happen to imply to say one thing was completed it doesn’t matter what, or regardless of its penalties “regardless” and different synonyms are simply what you must use.

Antonyms Of The Phrase “Regardless”

You may’t discuss synonyms with out excited about antonyms. Is like yin and yang, the existence of 1 defines and is determined by the existence of the opposite to have that means. That’s there why are many antonyms to “regardless”, the obvious one is “regards”.

Another antonyms of “regardless” are:

  • Considerate
  • Sympathetic
  • caring
  • Conscious
  • Eager
  • Involved
  • Heedful
  • Concerned
  • Compassionate
  • Attentive
  • Thoughtful
  • Cautious

Listed below are some examples with these antonyms:

  1. Compassionate persons are the perfect form of folks.
  2. She was all the time looking for them and thoughtful of everybody’s emotions.
  3. Buyer assist is the spine of companies, in case your first line persons are not attentive your prospects will go elsewhere with their enterprise.
  4. To be conscious is a titanic process these days, there’s all the time one thing happening and typically it’s simpler to be in autopilot.
  5. He’s so considerate. His presents are all the time precisely what you’d like to be given.
  6. No matter time, mother and father are eternally involved with the wellbeing of their youngsters.

Which One To Use, “Regardless of” or “Regardless” in a sentence

Provided that these two phrases are interchangeable in that means and use, grammar are enthusiastic about divided between which one to make use of when writing or talking.

Those that desire utilizing “regardless of” they use it as a result of it’s a shorter approach to say the identical factor, it is just one phrase that covers the identical that means. In the event that they used “regardless” it often must be accompanied by “of” turning it right into a phrase.

The rationale for the divided desire between one phrase and the opposite is the literal that means, “regardless of” means “despite”, whereas the that means of “regardless” is “with out regard” due to the suffix “-less”. Nevertheless, none of this adjustments the truth that each phrases will be interchangeable in that means and use.

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One other attention-grabbing truth is the connection of the occasions being referred to. Once we use “regardless” implies one thing unknown, that whether or not it occurs or not, you or the particular person being spoken of is selecting to do one thing with out data of the longer term. When utilizing “regardless of”, however, we’re referring to one thing we already know, and that “despite” we or whomever we’re speaking about will do or not do one thing.

How Do We Use “Regardless” In A Sentence?

After going over the definition, synonyms and antonyms of the phrase “regardless”, is time to discover ways to use the phrase in a sentence. You might want to know that it’s an adjective, so we’ll use it to explain one thing or somebody, to assign a top quality, to switch a noun.

Be mindful as nicely that adjectives will be countable or uncountable. You may’t depend how “regardless” somebody is, so it makes it an uncountable noun.

Examples Of Sentences With The Phrase “Regardless”

  1. I used to be in a position to assist, whatever the uncomfortable state of affairs we had been in.
  2. No matter suspicion, we are able to by no means assume, not to mention level at somebody till an accusation is confirmed.
  3. Maternal instincts don’t come on the identical time for each girl, no matter that when a girl’s child is in want these instincts will come up instantly.
  4. It makes me really feel protected to know that whatever the time I can get emergency providers in lower than 5 minutes in my new metropolis.
  5. Whatever the phrases he mentioned, all I wished is to listen to his completely deep voice.
  6. Nobody deserves to die, no matter their actions.
  7. I take guarantees very significantly, no matter what I’ve to do so as to keep it, I’ll discover a approach.
  8. She was sure to search out out regardless.
  9. Honesty is the foundation of each intimate relationship. Typically fact will be troublesome however no matter that we must always try to remain trustworthy.
  10. Whatever the threats and risks confronted of their jobs, officers exit each day and do their job.
  11. The silence was absolute, no matter what number of years previous, folks got here and left, solely silence prevailed.
  12. What she needed to say was so essential that no matter what occurred it needed to be mentioned.
  13. The legislation ought to apply to all those that break it, no matter their social standing.
  14. No matter your psychological or emotional burdens, you shouldn’t enable that to dictate the success of your relationships.
  15. Each October she flies wherever her youngsters could be, and pays them a go to, no matter having handed away a very long time in the past.
  16. Most gurus lead quite simple, all the way down to earth lives, no matter bodily possessions.
  17. We hope he would observe our steps and turn out to be a vegetarian however no matter our efforts he eats meat each likelihood he will get.
  18. It is not uncommon to see PHD college students that no matter all of the struggles determine to increase their research additional.


When talking of a state of affairs or occasion that occurred or will occur and never have an effect on the end result, the selection of phrase will assist ship the message appropriately. We now have seen a number of examples on the best way to use “regardless” in a sentence that may just do that.

We now have additionally seen many synonyms that can be utilized within the place of “regardless”, as a result of in essence and that means they are often interchangeable. Now, the subsequent time you might be writing a paper or revisiting an occasion from the previous you already know precisely which phrase to make use of that may be positioned both initially, center or finish of the sentence.

Additionally, when searching for an applicable uncountable adjective, you will have the data of 1, that can be utilized in some ways relying on the context. Since “regardless” is often used with the preposition “of” it will also be used with linking verbs. We use linking verbs to attach a phrase that offers details about the topic. However that could be a subject for one more day.

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