how to properly hold a knife in combat

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Hans Chris Andersons’s 1837 fable, The Emperor’s New Garments is a narrative about an emperor who pays a fortune for magic garments that may solely be seen by smart individuals. The garments don’t truly exist however the emperor received’t admit it as a result of he needs to look sensible.

This mindset is all too effectively represented within the martial world, significantly within the knife group the place adepts usually educate questionable ideas they know are unsafe however are reluctant to criticize them as a result of they run counter to the prevailing opinion.

Studying: easy methods to correctly maintain a knife in fight

Then there’s the opposite group, the Flat Earth advocates. These people dwell in their very own world, believing that every one conventional combative ideas are true and sacrosanct. The distinction right here is, they don’t know higher and refuse to open their minds.

Of the innumerable knife ideas and maneuvers that I think about unsound, probably the most egregious of those are the unsafe knife grips that abound. They’ve been so entrenched within the knife tradition that even many consultants are confused.

The aim of this text is to elucidate edged weapons neophytes i.e. civilians, LE and army operatives concerning the perils of utilizing unsafe knife grips. My duty as a defensive ways teacher is to show correct security protocols to people who want to make use of a knife to guard their lives.

Get a Grip – Get a Good Grip! Unquestionably, an important a part of the knife is the deal with, the grip is the interface between the knife and the person. But for many years a profusion of dangerous grips have been taught and even fostered as a matter after all from each Asian and Western lineages. It’s completely astonishing that so many college students and practitioners of the knife would blindly observe an method that may simply harm them and doubtlessly get them killed.


Assortment of Unsafe Grips Anybody can clearly see that the images above signify harmful grips, and that they will definitely result in severe accidents. So what constitutes an unsafe grip? The straightforward reply is any grip the place all of the fingers usually are not totally wrapped across the deal with. (there are a number of minor exceptions and these will likely be addressed in Half II of this text).


Filipino Grip – Cuts your Fingers Forefinger on Backbone – Lose the Knife

Examples of harmful grips embody posting the thumb or forefinger atop the knife backbone, or – one or two fingers floating off the knife deal with, or – the final 2 – 3 fingers are the one ones sustaining contact with the deal with.

2 Grips – Current a Nice Solution to Injure your Hand & lose Your Knife
Whittling Grip – The simplest approach to reduce your hand & lose your knife

So – do any these unsafe grips work in any respect? Effectively, if the assailant would simply have the decency to face nonetheless and permit the defender to stab him, then these grips would work brilliantly. Nonetheless, some attackers have been recognized to not comply and as an alternative transfer round erratically. Sure, there’s at all times the luck issue – which will work, after which there’s that one percentile that may do something. There are a handful of extremely expert instructors I respect, and they’re exceptions to this rule, however for the remainder of us, wouldn’t it’s extra prudent to ascertain a safe grip?

The Knife Grip - How to Properly Hold a Knife for Self-Defense and Military Applications - PART I
Sabre and Epee at Santelli’s NAT/GEO Doc. The Bowie Knife

Having a background in fencing in addition to Asian and Western knife methods, I’ve taught tactical knife abilities worldwide to army, legislation enforcement and authorities businesses for years. I invariably come throughout college students who’re assured with their dangerous grips – however whereas sparring (with coaching knives) they usually lose their knives, or would have been severely injured if the coaching knives had sharp edges.

The Non-Believers There’ll undoubtedly be various people within the knife group that may howl in protest and declare that these grips have a sound function, nevertheless when questioned they often reply with: 1) It’s custom, my instructor advised me to carry it this fashion, 2) I take advantage of these affectations as a result of they make me look cool, 3) I can’t admit I used to be flawed all these years, what would my college students assume, 4) These grips are battle confirmed (says who?) after which there are these classics, “oh effectively, little grasshopper you don’t actually fathom the depth of our artwork.”

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The Knife Grip - How to Properly Hold a Knife for Self-Defense and Military Applications - PART I

The Knife Grip - How to Properly Hold a Knife for Self-Defense and Military Applications - PART I

How Do Knife Assaults Happen? Many knife assaults are sometimes ambushes and shock assaults, you by no means know what sort of edged weapon will likely be used towards you. It may very well be a machete, a folder or perhaps a box-cutter, and more than likely you received’t have the ability to get to your weapon forthwith. However, if you’ll be able to deploy your weapon in time, the rapid goal is to cease the attacker.

Essentially the most expeditious method to try this is with a thrust(s). Slashing with a knife in lots of instances is not going to shut down an attacker – and right here is the place the issue of a dangerous knife grip presents itself. In a heated battle – totally adrenalized, the entire pressure is generated onto the knife deal with; that is the important level. If the assault is intense, as most are, it’s possible you’ll hit an unyielding object such a hip or a belt and that three-finger grip would most assuredly not serve you effectively.

This isn’t mere hypothesis on my half however is proof based mostly. Regulation enforcement officers and medics from many nations have usually confided in me about extreme knife associated accidents to the defender they’ve witnessed within the aftermath of a violent engagement.

The Knife Grip - How to Properly Hold a Knife for Self-Defense and Military Applications - PART I

These have ranged from extreme cuts to the hand and/or shedding fingers. After investigating the incidents and chatting with the victims it was decided that many of those accidents had been the results of three elements: 1) Wounds from the assault, 2) the hand slipping down the blade after hitting a tough object, and three) A folding knife closing on the fingers. Two of those causes might be prevented by way of information and coaching.

The Knife Grip - How to Properly Hold a Knife for Self-Defense and Military Applications - PART I
Hand Sliding Down Blade After Hitting a Exhausting Object
The Knife Grip - How to Properly Hold a Knife for Self-Defense and Military Applications - PART I
Folding Knife Closing on Fingers After Hitting a Exhausting Object
The Knife Grip - How to Properly Hold a Knife for Self-Defense and Military Applications - PART I
Penalties of Utilizing an Unsafe Grip

The Continuum of Confusion Doubtless, trendy knife grips had been derived from the sword (or bolo in SE Asia). Essentially the most influential sources that emerged had been from America, Europe and South East Asia. Nonetheless, that doesn’t imply they’ve any inherent worth, it simply means the sword was incorrectly used as a sample for his or her knife grips (A extra exhaustive examine of how knife grips advanced is featured in Half II of this text).

So Who Are the Consultants at Slicing Meat? For a longest time, my quest was to find the most secure and efficient approach to grip the knife. Having speculated about this for years, I lastly arrived at my eureka second! The one group that exemplifies slicing meat in probably the most environment friendly and most secure manners – the butchers. They do it day after day – yr after yr – who higher to ask?

The Knife Grip - How to Properly Hold a Knife for Self-Defense and Military Applications - PART I
Butchers Slicing Meat

Over the course of a number of years I visited varied butchers, slaughterhouses and meat purveyors and inquired in the event that they ever reduce meat holding their knives in a method that resembled a few of the widespread knife grips utilized in Asian and Western combative knife types.

Effectively, as soon as they bought off the ground howling with laughter, they defined that the one time they might ever submit a thumb or finger on prime or to the aspect of a blade was in the event that they had been slicing very skinny slices of meat (the purview of cooks) – nevertheless for day-to-day slicing, it was “all fingers aboard.”

Now, it’s additionally essential to appreciate that when butchers reduce meat, the meat doesn’t transfer, it lays nonetheless, nevertheless when a crazed attacker rushes in the direction of you with a weapon he’s including an element of pressure, the defender additionally provides an element of pressure, and through this unpredictable melee the very last thing you need is to lose your knife.

Since nobody exterior the medical group genuinely understands how the hand and grip capabilities, particularly whereas holding a knife, I’ve elicited assist from an skilled on the topic, a famous NY hand surgeon, see under.

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Article by Protection Science

BIOMECHANICS OF THE HAND By Jacques Henri Hacquebord, MD

The unbelievable dexterity of the human hand far exceeds that of different primates. Many individuals will likely be incorrectly taught that the distinction is due solely to the opposable thumb. Whereas the human thumb is a useful asset to the functioning of our arms, it is just a part of the image. Nearly equally as important because the thumb is the mobility of the ulnar sided digits (ring and small fingers). One can respect this when cupping one’s arms e.g. to scoop sand or water into the hand.

When dividing the hand into components based mostly on mobility, there exist three components: two cellular and one motionless. The thumb, as we already know, is very cellular and permits for opposition all the way in which to the small finger. The center portion of the hand (index and center fingers) could be very steady and permits for under flexion and extension of those two fingers. The ring and small fingers kind the third half and is cellular as effectively. These options of the hand are important for regular functioning.

When gripping one thing firmly (what’s known as the “energy grip” in hand surgical procedure), all 5 digits are completely important for maximal power. The index and center fingers kind the steady submit that flexes across the object. The thumb and ulnar aspect of hand are the 2 cellular parts that then wrap round and due to their capacity for opposition, squeeze the thing towards the steady submit created by the center and index fingers. That is one thing that we naturally do and usually are not required to be taught.

For instance, when doing pull-ups, how do you maintain the bar? After all, you maintain it by wrapping all 4 fingers across the bar and the thumb across the different path. What you probably by no means seen although was that the small and ring fingers don’t simply flex across the bar, but in addition squeeze in in the direction of the bottom of the thumb.

If you wish to expertise that mobility your self, look very fastidiously at your hand when you might have the fingers totally prolonged (straightened) after which slowly deliver it to a full and tight fist. Should you squeeze the small and ring fingers even tighter, you’ll discover that it strikes a bit of farther down than the center and index fingers. It’s this characteristic of the small and ring fingers that allow the grip power to be maximized and to create the “energy grip”.

When holding an object, resembling a knife deal with for combating functions, it’s important to have full maximal grip power. This maximal grip power can solely be obtained when all 5 digits work on this coordinated method; the thumb wraps round and over the index/center fingers and the ring/small fingers squeeze down tightly.

The Knife Grip - How to Properly Hold a Knife for Self-Defense and Military Applications - PART I
Energy Grip – Normal Orientation Energy Grip – Reverse Orientation

Holding the thing in any method apart from an influence grip considerably decreases the grip power. For instance, when the thumb or ring/small fingers usually are not appropriately utilized the grip power is considerably compromised. It’s for these causes that the ability grip is the one applicable approach to maintain a knife deal with when used for combating functions.

MISCONCEPTIONS: Sufferers usually ask me, after the thumb, which digit is an important. It’s well-known within the hand surgical procedure group that the index finger is probably the most dispensable. Nonetheless, this doesn’t imply that the index finger isn’t essential. It simply implies that if the index finger is misplaced, the remaining digits can compensate comparatively effectively.

When holding a knife deal with, I’ve seen some individuals educate that the index and center fingers are nonessential and that solely the ring and small fingers are wanted for a agency grip. This instructing is totally false. For the strongest grip, the index and center fingers are completely important. As described above, the index and center fingers kind a steady platform towards which the cellular thumb and ulnar digits can compress. Moreover, extending the index and center finger places these two fingers at very excessive danger of harm.

The Knife Grip - How to Properly Hold a Knife for Self-Defense and Military Applications - PART I
Grip Held by 3-Fingers Grip in Blade Up Orientation

If both the thumb or index finger is held off of the knife deal with, there’s a vital danger that the person will lose management of the knife and even trigger an unintentional self-inflicted harm.

The Knife Grip - How to Properly Hold a Knife for Self-Defense and Military Applications - PART I
Thumb on Backbone Grips in Normal Formation

One other widespread and incorrect instructing is to put the thumb on prime of the backbone of the knife (see image). For the entire causes already mentioned, this isn’t a safe grip. This places the person at vital danger of getting the knife knocked out of their hand and/or sustaining unintentional and self-inflicted lacerations.

CONCLUSION: With an understanding of the essential biomechanics of the hand, there isn’t any debate that the ability grip consists of utilizing all 5 digits within the described coordinated method. Moreover, it’s clear that this permits for the strongest grip and maximizes the power with which the knife deal with is held.

Article by: Jacques Henri Hacquebord, MD Assistant Professor of Orthopaedic and Plastic Surgical procedure New York College Faculty of Drugs Division of Hand Surgical procedure, NYU Hospital for Joint Illnesses Co-Chief, Hand Surgical procedure Service, Bellevue Hospital Heart

The Grip – Half II

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