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I used to be an enormous fan of Avenue Fighter II again within the 90s, and one among my fond recollections of it was being confused by how you can pronounce totally different names and phrases within the recreation. I wasn’t alone although, and one particularly that has persistently stumped gamers outdoors of Japan is “Ryu”.

Many gamers really feel it needs to be pronounced a technique, whereas others say, “No, no, it needs to be pronounced THIS method.” And different individuals have but different pronunciations of their very own. So, on the threat of including to the confusion, let’s take a fast take a look at Ryu’s title and attempt to resolve it as soon as and for all!

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First, Ryu’s title is spelled リュウ in Japanese. It may well generally be spelled りゅう too, which is mostly the identical factor.

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One of many very nice issues concerning the Japanese language is that something written in kana like this solely has one potential pronunciation! There isn’t any ambiguity or something in any respect when spelling issues in kana – it makes me surprise if Japanese faculties even have our type of spelling checks in any respect. (I do know they’ve kanji checks, however that is a special story for one more time…)

Anyway, when spelled in English, リュウ turns into one thing like “Ryu” or “Ryuu”, relying in your choice. The issue with that is that “y” in English may be both a consonant or a vowel, whereas in Japanese it is nearly ALWAYS a consonant. So this is what this implies:

  • Ryu would not rhyme with “die, you”
  • Ryu is not pronounced “roo” – the “y” is not silent
  • Ryu is not pronounced “ree-uh”, the “u” is pronounced “ooh”

In case you ever enroll in a Japanese class, you may most likely learn to pronounce this title throughout the very first day – pronunciation guidelines are that easy and set in stone. Listed below are some native audio system saying it out loud for reference:

I suppose the straightforward, cheat-sheet approach to say his title is “ree-ooh”. It is simply an approximation, however if you happen to have been to say that to a Japanese speaker who knew Avenue Fighter stuff, they’d nearly actually know who you are speaking about.

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However if you wish to get nearer to the right pronunciation, say “ree-yooh” however with the “ee” half shortened. Take heed to the voice clips above for some steering too.

Really, you realize the “shoryuken” method within the recreation? Simply say the “ryu” half and there you go! I really at all times questioned if it was a coincidence that “ryu” and “ken” have been each in that assault title, since each Ryu and Ken can use it. I ended taking part in after Turbo II, though I performed a few of IV some time again, so I am probably not caught up on my Avenue Fighter lore. I am unable to keep in mind how the film pronounced it both, however I do not actually wish to go watch it once more to seek out out 😯

Anyway, hopefully that explains issues just a little bit! I am certain some gamers have their most popular pronunciation they will at all times stick by, and possibly some localized variations of some Avenue Fighter video games may use totally different pronunciations, however on the very least that is how Ryu’s title was initially meant to be pronounced and the way it’s pronounced in Japan.

Ultimately, getting the improper pronunciation is not an enormous deal anyway, although – individuals usually mispronounce or misspell my title, for instance, however so long as the intention is evident that is what actually issues!

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