How to Pluck and Dress a Chicken

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Pluck and Gown a Hen

We have talked beforehand about caring for chickens on a homestead. However most individuals aren’t elevating chickens simply as pets – they’re elevating them to eat!

So, what’s one of the best ways to kill, pluck and put together a hen?

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Beneath, we have ready some directions on how you are able to do that. Check out the directions and be sure you add your ideas and tips within the remark part. We might love to listen to extra from you!

Catching the Hen For those who’re elevating chickens, that is most likely already a talent that you simply possess. If that is your first time catching chickens, the best time to catch the hen is when it is on the roost. Working round and attempting to catch them can upset the flock.

One tip to recollect is that chickens cannot look a technique and run the opposite. Attempt to get them in a nook in order that they solely have one or two instructions they will transfer. Then pounce.

In case you have bother, simply hold attempting. It is good cardio train proper?

Assembly Their Maker Do not torture the hen. Be respectful and fast to not draw the method out.

There are two strategies for killing a hen: The primary is to easily lay the hen on a chopping block and reduce the top off shortly. This may be bloody however you may know that the hen is lifeless.

The second technique is to wring its neck; it is so much much less messy. Take the hen by the legs in a single hand and in your different hand, pull down on the neck after which bend the neck upward in a short time. For those who did it appropriately, you may really feel a snap and the hen’s reflexes will kick in and they’re going to begin flapping their wings. When you realize that the hen is lifeless, you may then cling it the other way up and drain out a few of the blood.

Dangle the hen over a bucket and with a pointy knife reduce throughout the jugular being cautious to not reduce via the again of the neck. It will open up the neck and permit the blood to fill the bucket.

Plucking The following step is plucking the feathers off the hen. You clearly do not wish to eat the feathers of the hen. You might sit and tear out the feathers handful by handful however there may be a better means.

It is referred to as scalding. To scald the fowl you may want a big cooking pot or broiler that has sufficient room to submerge the fowl in water with some room to spare. Fill the pot with water and warmth it to roughly 135 – 140 levels Fahrenheit.


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As soon as your water has reached the temperature, submerge the fowl headfirst within the water for 30 – 45 seconds. Swish the fowl round to be sure that the water is ready to attain the entire follicles of the feathers.


You may inform that the feathers have been loosened by pulling a couple of of the feathers from the tail or wing. If the feathers pull out simply, the fowl is able to be plucked, but when they’re nonetheless holding tight, submerge the fowl for a bit longer.


Watch out to not overheat the water or depart the birds for too lengthy. This may end up in harm to the pores and skin or meat of the hen. Water temperatures which might be too excessive could cause the fats within the fowl’s backside to tenderize making the subsequent steps of gutting the hen a bit more durable.

A variety of hen homeowners will dunk the hen in a bucket of ice water proper after they pull them out of the pot. This could assist the pores and skin from tearing once you start plucking the feathers.

To start the plucking course of, cling the fowl the other way up. It is best to start with the wing feathers and easily pull in a downward movement. Strive to not pull too many feathers at a time. For those who seize an excessive amount of you may danger tearing the pores and skin.

Gutting The very first thing you may wish to do is reduce across the vent (or anus) of the hen. Take a pointy knife and reduce across the vent. Watch out to nut reduce the intestines. Salmonella micro organism are normally situated within the guts and intestines of the fowl so you may keep away from pointless contamination by rigorously keep away from a puncture of the intestines.


There’s a scent gland situated within the tail of the hen that produces a smelly oil and you will wish to reduce that out in a round movement so you do not eat that. Your purpose is to chop the vent free and disconnecting the connecting membranes so to pull all the center out with out ripping the innards open.


Discover the fatty glands scent. These are what you wish to do away with. They will make the hen style dangerous.


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As soon as you’ve got reduce away the vent, use a butcher knife or sharp clippers to chop the top off the hen. Now maintain the neck and pull the pores and skin tightly. Take your knife and reduce a slit from the spine to the tip of the neck.


Separate the neck from the windpipe and pull the crop and windpipe utterly away from the fowl. Watch out to not puncture the crop, particularly if the hen has been consuming lately. Reduce this part off after which reduce the neck off on the spine. Many individuals use the neck for soups and broths.

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Create a gap giant sufficient to place your hand contained in the hen’s physique. Insert your hand in a flat place with the highest of your fingers pressed upward in opposition to the breastbone of the fowl. Fastidiously scrape the intestines free from the highest and sides of the physique cavity. When your fingers cannot go any additional, curve them down and scoop out the intestines. Do not wiggle your fingers or squeeze an excessive amount of in order that you do not break any intestines or innards open. Pull the intestines out and set them apart. Then return in and clear up some extra. Remember to take away every part, together with the guts, liver and lungs.

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Take away the Ft You may take away the ft by chopping the leg joint. You need to simply have the ability to press the knife via the cartilage as a substitute of chopping any bone. In reality, if you’re chopping a bone, you are doing it fallacious.


Subsequent, take away the “socks” off the hen by peeling the pores and skin off the foot. If the pores and skin is not coming off simply, then put the ft again within the scaler and it will assist take away the pores and skin.

kill-pluck-dress-chicken-13 kill-pluck-dress-chicken-14

Clear and Retailer Rinse out the fowl and clear off all the center. You may permit water to move via the neck of the fowl and out the vent. As soon as you’ve got rinsed the fowl, you may course of it instantly or place it in a Ziploc within the freezer. One gallon bag is normally a big sufficient dimension to suit most chickens.

Your Recommendation Together with your information of killing, scalding, plucking and gutting a hen, you may have the perfect home-grown and attractive chickens round.

What recommendation do you might have out of your expertise? Inform us what ideas and tips you might have for others that may assist them alongside the best way. Remark under.

Photographs courtesy of Ludlow Survivors Group.

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