how to open a manhole cover

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Fiore and Sons Inc. as a utility and earth transferring contractor has a threat for harm when opening manholes and storm sewer grates. Though a routine job, improperly opening manholes may end up in an harm.

Removing Manhole lid

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Due Diligence

Earlier than opening a manhole or grate perform the next:

  • Acquire authorization to open the manhole. Some installations require a allow from the proprietor earlier than continuing.
  • Safe the realm with cones or barricades as mandatory to guard the general public.
  • Have appropriate and satisfactory instruments for the job available. Shovel, block, manhole hook, massive screwdriver, sledgehammer could all be wanted relying on the kind of lid.
  • Acquire 811 locates if the job would require excavating close to or beside a manhole or grating.
  • Be ready to carry out air monitoring and testing with a calibrated gadget.
  • Maintain a Security Huddle Toolbox to debate the small print of the operation.
  • Make sure the crew is skilled within the Protected Work Follow for opening gratings and manholes.

Protected Work Follow

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Beneath is a pictorial illustration of the suitable technique to open a manhole. Many manholes differ in design and should require extra thought and preparation to have the right instruments and plan in place earlier than beginning. Don’t underestimate the hazard and threat of the duty.

Many manholes differ in design

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Eradicating Manhole lid or grating:

  • Have a co-worker look ahead to visitors. Strike the lid with a hammer if essential to loosen it.
  • Clear out the decide pocket and firmly insert the hook into the lid opening.
  • Come to the far facet of the manhole earlier than selecting. Stand on the alternative facet of the hook.
  • Together with your again straight and your knees barely bent use the hook as a lever to pop open the lid.
  • Firmly plant your toes and together with your again straight use your legs to push down on the hook and pry up the lid.
  • To readjust the hook pry level, insert a block between the lid and rim. Don’t place fingers or toes beneath lid.
  • Pull the lid towards your self utilizing care to not place your fingers or toes beneath the lid.
  • Drag the lid in direction of your self and onto the bottom. Be capable of see the opening the entire time you might be pulling the lid.
  • Prop the lid on a block so it is simpler to reinsert the hook later to switch the lid.

Changing the Manhole lid or grating:

  • Clear the rim edge to take away particles that retains the lid from seating correctly. Do not lean over the opening.
  • Transfer to the alternative facet of the lid and place the hook beneath it.
  • Don’t place your fingers beneath the lid or use your foot as a block to set the hook.
  • Take away the block and any close by instruments so they don’t find yourself within the backside of the manhole.
  • Plant your toes and with a straight again use your legs to slip the lid again over the opening.
  • Don’t rush and don’t pull together with your again to raise the lid again in place.
  • On the alternative facet of the lid use your foot or shovel to push the lid again in. Hold the lid between you and the opening.

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