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A band noticed makes use of two wheels to be able to function, and every of these wheels are protected by a tire to forestall injury to the noticed blade. The tire in your band noticed additionally helps the blade to run easily and observe appropriately.

​Over time, these bandsaw tires can put on and can want changing. Understanding measure band noticed tires can assist you suit your​ noticed with the precise tire dimension​, particular to the machine.

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These step-by-step directions will information you thru the method of measuring ​a bandsaw ​wheel so that you that may exchange the tires.

​How To Measure Bandsaw Tires

Measuring band noticed tires​ is ​quite simple… ​merely measure the diameter of one of many noticed wheels, and subtract 2″. ​Completed!

Beneath, we’ll undergo take away your worn bandsaw tires, together with the kind of bandsaw tires to pick. We’ll additionally evaluation set up a brand new bandsaw tire.

Eradicating the Worn ​Tires from Your Noticed

It will launch the seal and should require some further cleansing to take away any residue that’s left on the band noticed wheel floor.

This residue can usually be eliminated with a flat, bladed device akin to a putty knife, or perhaps a screwdriver. You must be capable to take away something remaining after this with a solvent like isopropyl alcohol.

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You’ll want to make sure that ​the wheel of the band noticed is totally clear of the previous tire for a correct match of the brand new band noticed tire. Leaving residue from an previous tire can forestall correct operation and can trigger uneven put on. A stiff brush can assist with the residue removing course of.

Deciding on Rubber vs Urethane Tires

Earlier than you start the procuring of a brand new noticed tire, it is advisable decide what kind of tire materials you want.

You could have the choice of a rubber or urethane band noticed tire substitute. Rubber is a extra inexpensive possibility however can put on down simply and shortly. It can also create gumming of the band noticed over time from its glue and requires further work for meeting in your band noticed.

Whereas costlier to buy, a urethane bandsaw tire is an extended lasting substitute possibility. Not solely will it is going to last more, however it is going to put on much less. It does not use any glue ​to remain on the wheel, which is able to forestall this residue from build up on ​the bandsaw.

Additionally it is simpler to put in because it does not should be glued in place for operation. Excessive-speed band saws additionally do properly with urethane tires as they do not break down simply and stop cracking which is a standard drawback with rubber band noticed tires.

You even have the choice of choosing a security coloration in your ​tire. Going with an orange coloration, for instance, could make it simpler to carry out inspections of your band noticed tire which might be difficult whereas a black-on-black floor.

Measuring Your Bandsaw Wheel

The scale of the band noticed tire you choose for substitute is often dictated by the dimensions of machine you’re working. The band noticed tire must be roughly 2 inches smaller than the diameter of the wheel that your band noticed is supplied with.

It will enable it to suit properly ​on the band noticed wheel and ensure it’s affixed in place with ease. It’s going to additionally forestall the tire from slipping off throughout operation of your band noticed, which might create a hazard as you’re employed.

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Band noticed tires are provided in a wide range of sizes together with 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″, and 20″, grouped into 2-inch increments. The tire that you choose for you band noticed must be 2 inches smaller than the diameter of the band noticed wheel, to make sure it matches correctly and snuggly.

You’ll be able to simply decide the dimensions of your band noticed wheel by measuring its diameter. Merely subtract 2 inches from this whole, and you’ve got decided the dimensions of the band noticed tire you want as a substitute.

band saw tire

Suggestions for Putting in a ​Tire on Your Bandsaw

To permit​ the tire of your bandsaw to suit ​to the wheel simpler, you ​should submerge it in scorching, soapy water for a time frame previous to putting in it. It will make it extra pliable and versatile when stretching it to suit over your band noticed wheel. Frankly talking, it will not match on with out doing this.

Clamp the tire to 1 level on the wheel. Then, utilizing screwdrivers or putty knives, work the tire onto the wheel by going across the wheel a bit of at a time.

So long as your band noticed wheel is clear and freed from residue, it is best to have a safe match along with your new tire. Rubber tires will should be glued into place, whereas urethane tire can function freed from an extra compliance answer.

When you have the band noticed pulled aside, think about altering the blade as properly.


Measuring for brand spanking new band noticed tires generally is a easy course of if you happen to acknowledge what kind of tire materials you want in addition to the whole diameter of your band noticed wheel.

​Buy a tire that’s 2″ lower than the diameter of your bandsaw wheels. ​That is the only of the way in terms of how ​measuring tires in your bandsaw.

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