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The kick drum is arguably crucial ingredient in any EDM monitor (of any style). If it isn’t punching by way of the combo correctly, the dance ground is not going to be leaping.

Right now you are gonna study precisely methods to get your kick drum sitting correctly in your combine – with loads of punch and loads of headroom – in below 7 minutes.

Studying: The way to make kicks hit more durable

Whether or not you’re producing Entice, Future Bass, Home, Trance or Pop, and whether or not you employ Ableton Dwell, Logic X or FL Studio, these methods will give you the results you want.

I am additionally utilizing ONLY FREE PLUGINS, so this tutorial will get your kick drums and 808’s punching by way of your combine with out breaking the financial institution.

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Listed below are the free plugins I’ve used:

The way to Make Your Kicks Hit More durable:


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The very very first thing to think about is definitely selecting a extremely good pattern that works with the remainder of your monitor. It is the easiest way to get it punching by way of your combine. All the things else is a lot simpler in case you decide the correct sounds to start with.


Okay, guys, so step one is to appreciate that it isn’t the height loudness that we’re attempting to extend, it is truly the typical loudness. As a result of you possibly can’t get above zero decibels. In any other case, it begins to clip.


What I am doing in Ableton is I’ve assigned to shortcut to my fatten chain. Once I present you these methods on a special components, I can use the shortcut so we are able to A/B check the sound which is what you all the time wish to be doing. Bear in mind, it isn’t simply the kick that we have to course of to truly make the kick extra punchy. However first we ARE going to course of the kick.


First in our chain is saturation. Saturation is rather like enhancing the frequencies that the kick drum already has. An awesome free plugin is Softtube’s “Saturation Knob“. Subsequent I am placing in a achieve plugin, simply to show the achieve down by the quantity that the plugin has elevated it. That is so we are able to truly simply hear the coloration of the sound reasonably than growing the quantity.


The following factor is to layer your kicks. Now, you do not all the time want to do that. Bear in mind, sound choice is actually essential. You would possibly have already got discovered a kick that you simply actually like and also you won’t wish to layer it. However on this occasion I’ll present you what occurs in case you layer a high-end kick over an 808 kick.

3 – EQ:

Okay, quantity three is EQ. That is the place we carve out house within the different components for our kick to punch by way of. Let’s take a look on the frequencies out kick drum is hitting. I am utilizing this free plugin by Voxengo known as SPAN. It is only a spectrum analyzer.

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Our kick drum’s basic frequency (which is the primary frequency) is about 53 hertz. We will choose 53 hertz on our bassline (as a result of that is about what our kick drum is hitting), after which notch it down just a few dB. It won’t fairly be audible, however these are very small adjustments that is going to assist your kick punch by way of the combo extra.

You are able to do that with different components as nicely, simply to carve out more room for that kick to essentially punch by way of your combine.


Okay, subsequent is limiting. If we go to our kick, we are able to use a limiter simply to get one other dB or so out of it. We are able to push it up louder with a achieve, and wait until we have got one or two dB achieve discount.


We will sidechain our bass from our kick drum or our set off channel right here. I am utilizing the Ableton Dwell sidechain compressor, however your DAW has a sidechain compressor as nicely. FL Studio, Logic X, they’ve each obtained sidechain compressors. We’re simply taking the audio from our sidechain set off, which is taking part in the very same sample because the kick. You may take it from the kick, however I will hyperlink to a different video on why I favor to do it this fashion. You may hear the kick is ducking the bassline, and permit the kick to pop by way of the combo extra.


My sixth tip for making your kicks to hit actually laborious is utilizing Buss Compression. What I am doing is routing the bass and the kick to their very own buss collectively, “kick & bass buss”. All I am doing is I am including a little bit of buss compression. I am utilizing Ableton’s Glue Compressor, however you are able to do this with any compressor, actually. All I’ll do is activate it, set the discharge to automated, ratio to 4, after which simply deliver down the edge till I am getting about two dB of achieve discount. I’ve obtained smooth clip on for the explanation I mentioned earlier. After which I am simply going to do the make-up by two dB, as a result of that is what I am lowering the achieve by, and let’s evaluate.

There you’ve got it guys. I actually hope that you simply discovered this video helpful. If you wish to discover ways to make a Entice beat (perhaps the beat that I used on this video), hit me up within the feedback beneathlet me know and I shall make it occur 🙂

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