How to make Khoya (Mawa) – Fresh Khoa (Kova) Recipe

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In my childhood days, throughout the night time, every time dad and I are to some eating places, the very first thing we order is ‘Paal Halwa’ (Milk fudge). I am speaking about Milk Halwa, particularly from Madurai ‘DelhiWala’ Sweets. Relating to the amount and price of this paal halwa, they’re utterly opposite. So we’ll order just some grams of this milk candy and luxuriate in it within the restaurant. When our household is to some eating places for lunch, after the meal, dad and I order for ‘Paal Pasandhi’ (Layers of thick milk-solids soaked in sweetened condensed milk). Each time my aunt visits us, she will get ‘Milk Desserts’ from this store in Trichy – ‘Archana Sweets’. When this field of milk-cake is opened, we choose the muffins like hungry crows emptying the entire field. Each time Jeevs visits Srivilliputtur he will get a giant parcel of recent Paal kowa (Sweetened milk khoya). Okay, what I wished to confer on this paragraph is that – we’re a giant BiG fan of any candy product of condensed or solidified milk, as a result of we’re Dehis 🙂

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If one begins to record down the Indian sweets product of milk, am certain they will sit typing the record for hours. So many types of desserts (which may even make a serial killer to give up) are made utilizing dairy merchandise in India. Be it the Rasagullas which might be sandwiched between candy khoya or the Jamuns which disguise thick-sweet-mawa inside their darkish glamorous physique… once I see these guys showcased in any candy store I actually drool. All these milk sweets and desserts, why even many Indian curries that are wealthy and creamy are made by including this milk product – Khoya/Mawa (Kova in Tamil language) – shaped by condensing milk to sure consistency relying on the recipe to be made.


Recipe for this Khoya/Mawa is only a one liner – ‘Warmth milk, stirring typically till they grow to be thick’. However you guys know that I have no idea to put in writing any recipe crisply. I add particulars after particulars even for the best of recipes and make them sound like a ‘Juggernaut’. I believe I will not be capable to change this (good? unhealthy?) behavior of mine. The Khoya recipe which I’ve written right here is extra of a firmer. Which means… be able to make Khoya Jamuns with me.


The right way to make Milk Khoya (Mawa) – with Step by Step footage

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Step 1. Take the 5 cups of milk in a heavy bottomed vast mouthed vessel. Print Medium-Excessive warmth carry it to boil (Takes 10 minutes) [Stay near the stove and be watchful if you work with medium-high heat. If you have a non-stick vessel you can use since milk will scorch in later stages of cooking.]

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Step 2. As soon as the milk boils, cut back flame to Medium-Low. Scrap the edges of the vessel and stir the content material on occasion.homemade-khoya-khoa-khowa-mawa-recipe-1

Step 3. In subsequent 20 minutes, the milk reduces to half (you see within the image beneath?). Keep in mind to stir and scrap the dried milk on occasion. how-to-make-khoya-indian-science-1

Step 4. In subsequent 15-20 minutes, the milk once more halves turning into a pale yellow colour. Take additional care from this stage for the reason that milk quantity to burn/scorch very quick in case you’re careless watching it. So stir and scrap the milk solids fairly often. On this stage a lot of the water vaporizes from the milk turning it right into a thick consistency with a granular texture (as proven within the image to your Proper). [If you wish to make paal kova, add 2 tbsp. sugar and 1/8 tsp. cardamom powder in this stage and mix well and continue with Step. 5] indian-mawa-milk-khoya-khoa-recipe-1

Step 5. In subsequent 10 minutes, the milk begins to solidify. Flip flame to Low for the reason that solidifying milk can shortly get burnt if missed. Don’t forget about stirring incessantly. how-to-make-mawa-step-by-step-pictures-1step-bystep-mawa-khoya-koa-khoa-kowa-recipe-1

Solidifying milk – close-up shot. paal-kova-khoa-khova-kowa-khowa-recipe-1

Step 6. In subsequent 10 minutes the colour of the milk modifications to creamy yellow and thickens extra. [Be watchful. Stir. As milk gets firmer and firmer it might burn quickly if you do not stir frequently] milk-semi-solids-thickened-milk-1

Step 7. In subsequent 5-10 minutes, nearly the entire water content material evaporates from the milk and solidifies the milk utterly. Now, while you stir, the content material stir collectively firmly right into a single mass. Swap off the range. Convey it to room temperature. Recent, Home made Indian Khoya/Koa is now prepared! Khoya/Mawa thickens extra when it reaches room temperature (Takes round 15-20 minutes). Switch the khoya right into a dry container. Shut it and refract the koya if not utilizing instantly. indian-dessert-base-khoya-mawa-thickened-milk-semi-solids-1 basis-for-indian-sweets-desserts-milk-semi-solids-thickened-milk-mawa-khoa-khoya-kowa-1

Guys, would you thoughts sharing the recipe?

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3Ts [Tips | Tricks | Tactics and Secrets] behind Indian desserts and Curries

  1. When it comes to make Khoya/Mawa, your presence and frequent stirring is the tip. When you neglect about them, the Khoya which must be fantastically coloured in creamy yellow may flip brown and burnt leaving ugly smoky scent to your milk solids. Take care.
  2. One other principal issue to make khova efficiently is making ready it in a heavy bottomed vessel. Skinny vessels will burn the milk solids in a short time.
  3. Khoya/School is the secret behind many Indian desserts and sweets. It’s also the issue to herald the wealthy and creamy texture for some Curries. Nevertheless the School consistency will differ on every number of candy/dessert/curry. [CookingJingalala will bring you many of such curries and desserts in the upcoming recipe posts.] My Khoya recipe is extra of a agency consistency.
  4. 5 cups of entire milk yielded 200 grams of khoya/ Khoa for me. I refracted my Khoya after bringing it to room temperature. [Picture below is scooped milk solids (khoya/Khoa) from refrigerator]. Soften the khoya earlier than utilizing it in any recipe.

[Yeah, I got this cute kitchen scale, so that I can give you the right measurements for each recipe Nerd smile)]homemade-mawa-recipe-from-scratch-1

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As I used to be composing this submit I remembered how I used to neglect concerning the boiling milk on the range throughout my childhood days. Meet the pot of boiling milk after half-an hour, you get yellow tinged thick condensed milk. Compensate the lack of milk by including sugar, then spoon it and luxuriate in. Yummmmm!!!

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Khoya(Mawa-Milk Solids) Recipe

  • PREP TIME: 15 min
  • COOK TIME: 1 h 30 min
  • TOTAL TIME: 1 h 45 min
  • DIFFICULTY: simple
  • RECIPE TYPE: Foundation for Dessert or Curry


  • 5 cups – Milk [1 ltr approx] (I used entire milk)

Mangala from Eat Properly !

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