How to make guppy fry grow faster

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In case you are breeding guppies for enjoyable or revenue, most certainly wish to know improve the expansion fee of your guppy fry. I used to be additionally combating this downside, however over time have discovered develop my guppy fry quick and lift lovely and wholesome fish.

On this article, I provides you with some very helpful and easy recommendations on how one can additionally make your guppy fry develop sooner. However first let’s see why your child guppies should not rising. Listed below are the commonest the reason why the expansion of guppy fry is slowing down:

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Prime Causes Why Guppy Fry are Not Rising

There might be a number of causes, from genetics via water parameters to meals that might have an effect on the expansion fee of guppy fry. I discovered that there are often 3 predominant the reason why guppy fry don’t develop as you need them to develop. Listed below are the commonest the reason why guppy fry should not rising:

  • lack of water quantity or an excessive amount of water quantity
  • lack of water modifications and poor water high quality
  • lack of high quality and number of meals

Now let’s discuss every downside intimately.

Lack of House or Too A lot House

Now you may name me mad. Why did I say an excessive amount of area? Properly, I discovered that very younger guppy fry (as much as 1 month outdated) will develop very slowly in a big tank. As a result of excessive water quantity, they aren’t capable of finding the meals successfully. Fry will use loads of vitality to swim round and search for meals. This vitality may be was progress by offering the correct quantity of area.

The shortage of area or water quantity can be an issue. I’ve seen many guppy breeders, who had been maintaining their fry in breeder bins till one month outdated. A breeder field may be very small. Normally, it’s round half a gallon or perhaps much less.


Holding 20-30 fry in a breeding field for a month is a nasty concept. Even when water circulation is sweet, guppy fry gained’t develop as you anticipate. So if you’d like some important progress, don’t hold guppy fry in a breeding field for various days.

For youthful guppies, beneath one month outdated, I like to recommend 0.5 gallon (2 liter) per fry. Above one month outdated, I like to recommend 1 gallon (4 liter) per guppy fry. The grow-out fish tank must be not less than 5 gallon (20 liter).

Lack of Water Adjustments

One other frequent downside elevating guppy fry is the shortage of water modifications. I can’t stress sufficient the significance of contemporary water in a grow-out tank. Water modifications are vital, as a result of that is one of the simplest ways to get rid of the waste and toxins from the water.

Performing 1-2 smaller weekly water modifications (15-20%) will assist to maintain waste at a minimal and can enhance the expansion of your guppy fry considerably.

Lack of Meals Selection

Grownup guppies will reside and thrive on dried meals. Now and again it’s suggested to combine up their food regimen, however it isn’t as vital as for the fry.

If you wish to increase wholesome guppy fry, it is extremely vital to feed them to a wide range of meals so as to keep away from diseases and supply them with all of the minerals and nutritional vitamins.

Feed them reside meals day by day and supply them dry meals as nicely.

Finest Methods to Make Guppy Fry Develop Quicker

Within the following, I provides you with some recommendations on make guppy fry develop sooner. Following these easy guidelines, you’ll be able to obtain important progress. I’ve used these strategies to lift guppy fry into adults in simply 3 months:

  1. increase guppy fry in a separate tank and never in breeding bins
  2. separate fry from adults or group tank
  3. separate fry by measurement and gender
  4. present them with sufficient area and water quantity
  5. feed repeatedly prime quality and excessive number of meals
  6. do common tank upkeep and weekly water modifications
  7. don’t skip gravel vacuuming and filter upkeep
  8. fight despises and parasites as quickly as attainable
  9. deal with illnesses and parasites as rapidly as attainable
  10. use water conditioner to take away chlorine and chloramine
  11. hold water temperature secure at 75-78 °F (24-26 °C)
  12. hold the pH stage secure: 6.8-7.8
  13. use a sponge filter to keep away from sturdy water circulation
  14. add reside vegetation corresponding to moss or guppy grass
  15. hold synthetic lights on for 12-16 hours / day

Now let’s see every one intimately.

Elevate Guppy Fry in a Develop-Out Tank

As talked about earlier than, the shortage of area will decelerate or cease the expansion of the fry. Don’t us a breeding field to lift your guppies. You may hold them there for just a few days, however take away them from the field as quickly as attainable.

Elevate the Fry Individually

Don’t combine guppy fry with their grownup mother and father. Elevate them individually in a grow-out tank. Adults gained’t stress them out, and so they gained’t want to cover from greater fish.

Elevating them individually will cut back stress and competitors for the meals and also will assist with the expansion fee.

Separate Fry by Dimension

It’s also a good suggestion to separate the fry by measurement and totally different age broods. Greater fry are extra agile and can eat extra. The tendency is that the larger ones will get even greater and the smaller fry will stay smaller.

Whereas elevating the fry in a grow-out tank can add so much to the expansion fee, elevating every batch individually is even higher.

Separate Fry by Gender

Separate the fry by gender is a should if you wish to develop your guppies sooner. This isn’t an possibility proper from the start, as a result of it’s unattainable to inform the gender of a one week outdated guppy fry. However because the fry develop, it is possible for you to to intercourse them simply and relocate them into different tanks the place females and males are stored individually.

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In simply 3 months your fry will attempt to mate, losing big quantities of their vitality. Holding them individually they are going to develop more healthy and sooner.

Give them Sufficient House

Personally, I like to recommend 0.5-1 gallon (2-4 liter) of water quantity per guppy fry. Whereas the fry are youthful, as much as 1 month outdated, half a gallon of water per fry is sufficient. For fry which are older than one month, I like to recommend 1 gallon per fish.

Right here is a good video that exhibits the superb progress outcomes by maintaining guppy fry individually:

Feed Repeatedly with High quality & Different Meals

Feed the fry 3-5 instances a day with high-quality and various meals. I choose to feed reside and home-made meals as a substitute industrial meals. I perceive that not everybody can domesticate their very own reside meals or can’t put together the meals for his or her fish. On this case you’ll be able to select commercially out there meals. When you achieve this, solely purchase premium meals from well-known manufacturers.

When you don’t have time to feed the fry a number of instances a day, you’ll be able to arrange an computerized feeder, which can feed them dry meals.

Learn my different article about guppy meals, the place I share a secret guppy fry meals recipe that can dramatically improve the expansion fee.

Carry out Small Weekly Water Adjustments

It is rather vital to do common upkeep in your fish tank and do weekly water modifications. That is one of the simplest ways to take away the toxins which are accumulating within the water all through the week.

In case you are feeding your fry closely (4-6 instances a day), waste and toxins will accumulate a lot sooner. On this case you may wish to do 3 smaller water modifications of 15-20% weekly.

When you feed your guppy fry 3 instances a day, 2 partial water modifications of 15-20% per week can be sufficient.

Filter Upkeep & Gravel Vacuuming

The weekly water modifications should not sufficient. A number of muck can construct up within the gravel and filter.

When you hold bare-bottom tanks, the waste may be very seen on the backside of the tank. The substrate will cover all of the fish waste. When you don’t see the waste, it doesn’t imply it isn’t there. It’s there, beneath the gravel and is air pollution your water. It is rather vital to carry out common gravel vacuuming.

Additionally it is extremely vital to wash the filter on common foundation, as a result of filter may be additionally an important supply of air pollution in your aquarium water.

Management Ailments and Parasites Shortly

Though you aren’t bringing fish from different sources otherwise you quarantine them for 3-4 weeks, illnesses and parasites can nonetheless happen in your tanks.

You may introduce the sickness into the tank via water modifications, via meals, soiled hand or who is aware of how.

There are a lot of illnesses that can not be handled, however may be prevented with common water modifications and high quality meals.

Examine your guppy fry repeatedly and when you see any anomaly or random deaths, dig deeper. Dieses and parasites must be handled rapidly with the best medicine.

Sadly I’ve realized this the arduous means, when a camallanus worm an infection worn out my whole guppy colony.

Please learn my detailed article about guppy illnesses, parasites and diseases.

Situation the Water Utilizing Water Conditioners


In case you are utilizing faucet water in your tanks, a water conditioner is a should so that you can take away chlorine and chloramine as nicely heavy metals.

At all times use premium water conditioners corresponding to Seachem Prime. A bottle of 500 ml of Prime can deal with 5,000 US gallons of water. Very cost-effective means to make sure your fish well being.

In case you have a nicely, and the water is protected for ingesting, I nonetheless advocate utilizing a water conditioner. Additionally check the nicely water for ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.

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A good friend of mine has been struggling for greater than a yr to determine why the nitrate ranges are ridiculously excessive in his fish tanks, even after water modifications. By means of some checks, he discovered, that the water from his nicely had a 20 ppm nitrate stage. The water was protected to drink, however not so protected for maintaining fish.

At all times Use Water from Identical Sources

Though guppies can assist a variety of water parameters, they’re very delicate to very large fluctuations.

When you use faucet water for weekly water modifications, don’t change it drastically to nicely or rainwater. Ensure that the transition is clean, so the fish can acclimate to the brand new water.

Maintain Steady Temperature

Guppies can reside in waters with temperatures between 65-85 °F (18-30 °C). Nonetheless, for optimum progress and well being, I like to recommend maintaining and elevating guppies in water with temperatures between 75-78 °F (24-26 °C).

As talked about earlier than, guppies hate fluctuation in water parameters. So attempt to hold the temperature as secure as attainable. The easiest way is to maintain the aquarium in a room, the place the temperature is secure, so the temperature of water may also stay secure.

Verify Water Parameters

Water hardness will not be crucial for guppies, however I wish to hold it between 150-450 ppm. This gave me excellent outcomes over time.

For finest outcomes and progress fee hold the water pH between 6.8-7.8 stage.

Scale back Water Move

Guppy fry are delicate. Swimming in opposition to sturdy water currents will make them eat loads of vitality and finally exhaust them.

Don’t use a robust inner or exterior filter; as a substitute use a easy sponge filter. An air-driven sponge filter will present simply sufficient water motion, however not a powerful circulation.

Add Stay Crops

I see many guppy breeders use naked backside tanks with no aquarium ornament. Don’t get it why is critical to maintain your guppies in such a sterile setting.

From my expertise including vegetation to your breeding and out-grow guppy tanks can be a contribution to progress and well being.

Nitrates are the “remaining product” of fish waste, which in excessive portions is poisonous to your fish. Stay vegetation will eat nitrates from the water columns, “purifying” the water.

However vegetation can present floor space for microorganisms and algae to develop. Guppy fry will graze on vegetation all day lengthy and can eat something they see. This can be a nice method to lengthen the feeding interval of the fish.

One of the best vegetation to maintain in guppy fry tanks is java moss, guppy grass and java fern. These vegetation are very simple to look after. Don’t require particular lights nor fertilizers.

Guppy Grass
Java Moss

Holding reside vegetation in your aquariums can be good for stopping or decreasing algae progress, as a result of vegetation and algae are competing for sources.

Enhance Time of Synthetic Lighting

One other nice method to improve the expansion fee of guppy fry is to have synthetic lighting. Maintain the lights on for 12-16 hours a day so as to obtain the most effective outcomes.

Don’t hold the lights on 24/7, as a result of similar to people, fish additionally have to relaxation. Guppies want darkness so as to sleep and so they want not less than 6 hours a day of darkness.

I like to recommend maintaining the lights on not more than 16 hours a day and provides them time to sleep.


So right here you have got my prime ideas that can allow you to develop your guppy fry sooner and more healthy. I’m utilizing these strategies myself and obtained some actually good outcomes.

As talked about earlier than, in simply 3 months my guppies have grown to sellable sizes.

I hope that additionally, you will obtain these outcomes by utilizing these easy methods.

Additionally, I want to know you probably have heard or have been utilizing different methods to develop your guppies sooner and greater. Please share your ideas beneath within the feedback, or ship me an e mail via the contact type.

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