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Making a Deer Antler Chandelier

Should you’ve ever stayed with us at Eagle Brae, you may have seen the beautiful antler chandeliers that dangle from the rafters of each log cabin. Eagle Brae Proprietor, Mike Spencer-Nairn, lovingly makes these chandeliers by hand utilizing deer antlers, which male deer shed naturally every year. The entire course of takes him about 60 hours, cut up into 4 equal sections of making the construction, drilling and wiring, overlaying up and portray. At the moment, Mike shares his directions on the best way to make an antler chandelier, so you can also create your very personal!

Please word, this technique requires information and expertise in electrical wiring. Please ask an electrician for assist if you’re not ready and assured to do that your self.

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Selecting your Antlers

To make a chandelier, with say 15 antlers in it, you’ll need a minimal of fifty antlers to work with. It’s because each antler is completely different. Most antlers simply wont be the correct form and dimension for anyone place, so that you want a wide variety to select from.

Antlers sorted and ready to assemble

Accumulating Antlers is one choice, however very time consuming. Additionally, it may well annoy gamekeepers, as they’re honoring their property. One of the best wager is to purchase them from an antler seller. The opposite benefit of shopping for them is you possibly can select 50 Antlers all of comparable dimension and form, which can make your life a lot simpler with regards to placing them collectively to make a chandelier. Be certain to purchase 50/50 proper and left hand Antlers.

The Construction

The very first thing to do is to make your construction. Begin with the underside spherical by laying all of the Antlers out flat on the work floor. You will have to pair up left hand and proper Antlers in order that their tine factors face into one another and contact. That is essential as you’ll put a screw via each single level the place one antler touches one other. That is the place the construction power comes from.

Antlers held in place by tape

To start with, tape all Antlers along with electrical tape. It is good for the job, as you possibly can bind it tight and but it nonetheless permits just a little motion to juggle issues round. Construct the whole construction with electrical tape bindings first earlier than you screw something.

Screw it collectively

As soon as you might be pleased with taped construction, it is time to screw all of it collectively. One crucial factor to recollect is that you’ll have to wire this chandelier after screwing it. The one place wires can bounce antler to antler is identical locations you might be screwing the antlers collectively, so do not block your wiring routes with the screws. Place screws strategically to maintain a route open for the wiring channels.

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Screwing the antagonists in place

To screw the antler collectively, use a Dremmel instrument or comparable with a conical sanding becoming on to make an preliminary gap within the laborious floor. Then use a drill to make a gap about 0.5 mm smaller than your screw dimension. Put the screws proper via, however do not ship the pinnacle proper as much as the antler floor. Depart the screws protruding at each ends. You’ll minimize them off later. Put the screws proper via your electrical tape, there isn’t any have to take the tape off first, you possibly can take away it simply afterwards.

Minimize off the screws

Utilizing a Dremmel instrument with just a little grinder disk becoming, minimize the screws heads and tails off at every finish to be flush with the antler floor.

Cutting the screws


Plan your route first. From the place the wire will enter the chandelier on the prime, proper the way in which down and round to the final gentle. Use completely different colour electrical tape to mark your crossing factors from one antler to the following, and to your gentle bulb positions. You will have particular lengthy drill bits, at the least 30 cm lengthy (ideally longer). As with the screw holes, make the preliminary begin of the opening with a sanding instrument, then drill. Try to drill via as far down the antler as you possibly can, purpose on your subsequent crossing level. Guarantee you’ll exit the antler at some extent the place you possibly can re-enter the antler. The thought is to drill backwards and forwards diagonally alongside the antler till you get to antler crossing factors and on till you attain a bulb website.

Drilling hole into the antler

You’ll be utilizing a twin core flex wire for the wiring. In some sections of the wiring channels, this can should be double and in others single. Pre-plan this and drill a narrower gap for the one sections and an total gap for the double sections. For instance, solely a single twin flex wire is required from the preliminary entry level down the higher antlers. Nonetheless when you enter the antler that holds a bulb, you’ll need to take the wire to the bulb and again earlier than crossing to the following antler. So this part wants double twin flex wire and can should be drilled globally. After you have drilled all of the wiring channels, use the sanding instrument to melt the perimeters of all openings. Additionally, you will need to drill the openings for the bulb holders.

Repair the bulb holders

Subsequent, glue within the bulb holders with superglue.

Bulb holders fixed into place


Enable sufficient wire to journey from the ceiling rose down the chain after which to your first bulb. From then on simply enable sufficient wire from bulb website to bulb website in separate lengths. To assist get the wire via, join the twin flex to some skinny image framing wire or comparable and use that wire to tug your twin flex via the channels. The sections with double twin flex will want each to be pulled via collectively on the similar time. After you have completed wiring, tape the ends of the wires up on the bulb websites, leaving sufficient wire to work with to attach the wire to the bulb holders in a while. If you wish to take a look at your wiring, you are able to do so at this stage by placing bulbs in and connecting the wires. Keep in mind your wiring is in a sequence circle, so they may all should be related to check all of them. Search the assistance of an electrician if you’re not 100% positive on the wiring.

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Wire inserted into antler chandelier

Overlaying up your tracks

The chandelier is now wired however appears horrible as there are holes all over the place. Take an taxidermist’s epoxy resin. It often is available in A and B elements that change into lively when kneaded collectively. It is a putty that is still comfortable and workable for about half an hour after which begins to harden. After 24 hours will probably be as laborious because the antler itself. Fill all of the holes with the putty and texture the surface floor to appear like the antler round it. If there are pure traces on the antler, then proceed these throughout the putty. The right texture goes an extended strategy to finishing the cover-up. As soon as full enable to set for twenty-four hours. Additionally, you will need to put just a little putty over all of your screw entry and exit factors, the place you may have minimize the screw heads and tails off.

Putty used to fill the holes


You now want to color the putty websites. Purchase acrylic paints within the brown, ochre, sienna, mustard, umber ranges, and naturally black and white as nicely. You must be capable to match any colour on the antler from these acrylic colors. Paint a base colour for every putty space first after which the element on prime in one other color. Rigorously look and perceive the colour scheme of the pure antler round your putty websites and attempt to reproduce it. A nicely painted putty website is not possible to see within the completed chandelier!

Painting the Antlers

Repair the hook eye

On the prime of the chandelier you’ll need to screw in a hook eye that can repair it to the chain it hangs from. The placement of this hook eye is essential to how your chandelier hangs. It should be on the absolute heart of the burden stability of the chandelier for it to hold stage. To search out the correct spot, put screws into the chandelier at varied locations and decide it up from the screw head with pliers to see how the stability is. As soon as you discover the spot, screw your hook eye in.

Join the bulbs

Full the wiring by connecting up the bulbs.

Mike with three finished antler chandeliers

Hold the chandelier

Join the hook eye to a series, join up the wiring and dangle your chandelier!

So now you understand how to make an antler chandelier, and the way a lot effort and time goes into every one in every of our Eagle Brae masterpieces. You’ll be able to view extra images of the method right here on Fb. Now it is your flip to have a go!

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