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  • What’s Bat Guano?
  • 3 Advantages of Bat Guano Fertilizer
    • Vitamins
    • Soil Enchancment
    • Microbial Motion
  • The right way to Correctly Use Bat Guano as a Fertilizer
    • When to Use
    • The place to Use
  • The right way to Make Bat Guano Tea

Gardeners use bat guano as a kind of fertilizer fertilizer of their gardens. It helps your vegetation to thrive and change into more healthy, stronger, and greener. It additionally helps significantly with flowering processes.

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Bat guano is dried in natural fertilizer type, and you’ll simply discover it in a powder type or as small pellets. When blended with water, it turns into a slow-release fertilizer with a excessive nitrogen content material, serving to the entire flora in your backyard thrive.

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What’s Bat Guano?

Bat guano fertilizer ready for a mid-season application
Bat guano fertilizer prepared for a mid-season software. Supply: Chiot’s Run

Guano is the excrement of birds which can be discovered close to the ocean. Bat guano is basically bat poop from wild insect-eating bats.

Within the 18th century, bat guano was actively from bat caves to make gunpowder. In truth, precise bat cave mines had been created to reap the droppings of bats!

Immediately, it is popularly used as an natural fertilizer for flora. You should utilize it as a conditioner on your backyard soil in addition to a nutritious feed on your vegetation. As soon as utilized, it should enhance the expansion and construction of your plant.

Bat poop can be an unbelievable compost activator because it vital hurries up the decomposition course of. Though it’s kind of costly, it has a long-lasting constructive influence on plant development undoubtedly makes it a stable funding for all gardeners.

3 Advantages of Bat Guano Fertilizer

Listed here are some superb advantages of bat poop fertilizer:


Bat guano is chock-full of vitamins which can be useful for the event of your plant. The fertilizer product of bats’ droppings normally comes with round a 10-3-1 ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These are the three most abundantly used plant vitamins.

The excessive nitrogen content material of bat guano helps your plant leaves change into greener in just some days. That is what makes bat droppings such an efficient and helpful fertilizer.

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The phosphorus within the fertilizer will encourage seed creation and flowering in your vegetation, whereas the potassium will assist your vegetation transfer their liquid content material and vitamins extra successfully.

The slow-release nature of this bat poop fertilizer supplies a steady provide of vitamins to your vegetation and backyard garden for a minimum of two to a few months after the preliminary dosing.

Soil Enchancment

Bat guano incorporates microbes that profit the feel of your backyard soil. It additionally has the potential to counterpoint the soil and enhance its draining properties. Moreover, it helps make dense soils lighter and holds collectively free soils.

Plus, guano is just not simply washed away from the soil, so it advantages your soil and vegetation for much longer than inorganic fertilizers which can be displaced or washed away after a single wet day.

Microbial Motion

Bat guano provides extra than simply vitamins to your vegetation. It additionally carries useful micro-organisms or microbes. Microbes are minuscule single-cell organisms that can not be seen with the bare eye. The microbes present in bat guano have bioremediation capabilities.

What this primarily means is that the droppings of bats can take away the toxicity of your backyard soil. Plus, these useful microbes loosen the soil which will increase its water-holding capability and air house.

Furthermore, these microbes shield your vegetation by stopping the incidence of harmful nematodes and soil ailments. Plus, they’re environment friendly decomposers, a lot in order that if you wish to pace up the decomposition course of, merely add bat guano to a compost pile.

These microbes will break down the dried natural materials in your soil and switch it right into a supply of vitamins on your vegetation. This may also create a soil texture that may retain moisture with out extra saturating your vegetation’ roots.

The right way to Correctly Use Bat Guano as a Fertilizer

A cute little long-eared bat
A cute little long-eared bat. Supply: Javier Abalos

You may both use bat guano in contemporary or dried type. Sometimes, you will discover it in powdered or pellet type. Crops that may profit from guano consists of ornamentals, herbs, greens, nut bushes in addition to fruits.

You may incorporate the guano immediately into the soil, flip it right into a liquid fertilizer and spray it on the foliage or disperse it by way of an irrigation system.

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When utilized to plant leaves, guano can shield them from fungal infections. You should utilize guano as a prime dressing fertilizer, both in moist or dried type. Merely combine it into the highest layer of your soil previous to planting or throughout energetic development.

Professional Tip: All the time make certain to learn the directions on the fertilizer label earlier than utilizing it. Additionally, in case your vegetation present any signal of misery, instantly cease utilizing guano fertilizer. You do not wish to burn your vegetation with an overabundance of guano.

When to Use

You may pour it into the soil instantly previous to planting. This may be sure that your backyard soil is ready to offer useful vitamins to your vegetation.

You may as well add guano fertilizer in the course of the energetic rising season. Merely make bat guano tea and use it throughout your common waterings.

The place to Use

Sprinkle guano powder across the base of your rising plant and water it completely. You may as well make guano tea and spray it on the leaves of your plant to guard it from fungal ailments.

The right way to Make Bat Guano Tea

One of the best ways to make the most of the complete potential of guano is to brew an aerated compost tea out of it. To make bat guano tea, you must add liquid or powdery guano into heat water, then aerate with an air pump. Nevertheless, beware that this tea will produce a extreme disagreeable odor.

So, this is how one can make this useful tea:

  1. Pour 1 tablespoon (14ml) of bat guano in 32oz (1l) of heat water – make certain it’s not sizzling as that may kill the microbes in your guano.
  2. Stir the combination nicely, and activate the air pump.
  3. Go away the tea to relaxation and brew in a single day.
  4. Use as soon as each week to make sure beneficiant and quick plant-growth.

Or you possibly can comply with this recipe:

  1. Wrap ½ cup of guano in cheesecloth and steep it in about 1 gallon (4 liters) of water.
  2. Let the tea steep for a minimum of 3 days earlier than utilizing it as a fertilizer.

You should utilize this guano tea as a foliar spray and apply it on to the leaves or you may pour it over the roots and soil. Bat guano tea is a good supply of plentiful diet on your flora.

It’s going to additionally successfully shield the soil from bugs and nematodes. Plus, bat guano tea will be sure that your backyard soil of its moisture with out harming the roots of your vegetation.

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