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Because the early 1800’s the ice home has been one of many self-sufficient, non-electric homestead’s most precious buildings. The construction has taken many shapes and kinds over time however all have been calculated to do the identical factor: exclude warmth and outdoors air whereas draining water from the slowly melting ice.

Ice homes are straightforward to construct in a permafrost space: “simply” dig a couple of ft into the repeatedly frozen floor. Within the temperate zone the place most of us stay, nevertheless, it is a considerably completely different story. . . though there’s nothing difficult concerning the concept or building of such a constructing.

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The old-timers in New England generally saved their ice in a closely walled stone construction set into the north aspect of a hill. People in different elements of the country-such as Virginia-more regularly favored a body constructing inside a constructing well-insulated with sawdust, wooden shavings, hay, bark or (extra just lately) rock wool. Because the second kind of home might be simpler for a duffer to construct, we’ll think about the body design extra intently.

You may naturally need to decide how large to make your ice home earlier than you begin gathering the required supplies for its building . . . and dimension relies on how a lot ice you count on to make use of . . . which, in flip, hinges on the quantity in your loved ones and their consumption habits. One supply states that and common household ought to pack away between 500 and 700 cubic ft, ft (10 to 14 tons) of ice a yr. That’ll take an ice home with inside dimensions of 12 x 12 x 8 or 10 x 14 x 8. Outdoors dimensions ought to be at the very least two ft longer and wider than these figures and-if you retain cows-you’d higher double the quantity of ice proper in entrance.

As soon as you’ve got settled on a dimension in your constructing, plan to find the construction close to your fundamental home in as shady a spot as doable. Below a tree is nice, as is a website on the north aspect of a hill . . . or you may at all times construct a trellis over the constructing later and prepare ivy or different vines to cowl the latticework. In case you strive the latter methodology, maintain the trellis at the very least a foot from. the constructing beneath (this creates an area for cool air to flow into).

Constructing Your Ice Home

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Your very first building step would be the pouring or setting of 6″ to 12″-thick footing reaching beneath the frost line across the base of the proposed ice home. A concrete or, plank ground ought to then be put in to slant towards a drain in a single nook of the constructing’s inside chamber (ice melts sooner when it stands in water). The drain-to maintain chilly air in and heat air out-should be of the “trapped” selection.

The surface partitions of your large chilly storage field could be normal 2 x 4 stud building coated with board-and-batten or tongue-and-groove siding and a easy shed roof, slanted to the north, is all you have to high the constructing . Do make sure to body out a door and ventilate the construction properly at its peak below the eaves, nevertheless. A lot for the home . . . now for the home inside.

Construct an oblong framework of two x 4’s, 10 to twenty inches (or sufficiently big for a person to stroll via) in from every outdoors wall. Board up this inside field, put a ceiling on it and body out a door to match the one within the outdoors wall. Pack the house between the within and outdoors partitions with sawdust, shavings, tanbark, hay or rock wool and stack a foot or two of insulation on high of the within room rotate).

Make the door or doorways (one large one could also be too heavy and also you would possibly desire to separate it in two throughout the middle) as thick because the house between the inside and outer partitions and pack it or them with insulation. Add an appropriate inside and outside latch and your ice home is completed.

Set up a couple of cabinets (to carry meals) alongside an inside wall, when you want, and put a one to two-foot-thick layer of sawdust on the ground. Your constructing is prepared for ice!

Slicing Ice

Some old-timers advise chopping ice off a lake or pond when the floor has frozen solely about eight inches thick (as a result of the thinner chunks are simpler to deal with). Others say to attend till the ice is 2 ft via. All appear to agree that first-frozen ice (quite than that which has been allowed to thaw and refreeze a variety of instances) is finest . . . and the bigger the cake, the slower it melts.

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Decide a chilly, dry, windy day in your ice chopping (to cut back the possibilities of your chunks melting and sticking collectively).

Scrape off the snow and airplane any delicate, porous ice away from the realm of ​​the lake’s floor that you simply plan to reap. Mark the exhausting ice you plan to chop into blocks (two ft by two or three ft is an effective dimension) with a sequence of grooves about three inches deep . . . and have at it.

Make a ramp or runway from the water to your wagon, truck or sled and pull the blocks proper out of the water with tongs or a hook. If you’ve bought a load, take it again to the ice home and begin filling the construction.

Put down one layer of ice at a time, pack every block in sawdust and ensure it would not contact its neighbors. Maintain the surface blocks eight to 12 inches from the partitions and-as every tier is finished-fill in and round it with sawdust and canopy every layer of ice with 4 to 6 inches of the bottom wooden. Repeat till the ice-sawdust is stacked to inside a foot of the ceiling (and completed off, after all, with a layer of sawdust).

As you want ice, all you do is go in and get it . . . letting in as little of the nice and cozy outdoors air as doable and at all times remembering to go away what’s left coated with sawdust. The subsequent winter, whenever you’re able to refill the home, haul the outdated sawdust out to the compost heap or the backyard and pack the brand new ice with recent floor wooden.

The above info got here, partially, from HOUSEHOLD DISCOVERIES, by Sidney Morse (1914, The Success Co.), THE SEASONS OF AMERICA PAST, by Eric Sloane (Wilfred Funk, Inc., NY) and MECHANIX ILLUSTRATED, October, 1969.

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