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Learn how to Make a TetrahedronSubject: tutorialsDescription: How to attract the web of a tetrahedron utilizing only a ruler and compass and make a mannequin Posted by David Caldwell on 04/15/20 at 10:59

The Tetrahedron

The Tetrahedron

The tetrahedron is a four-sided common polyhedron. It has 4 corners, 4 faces, and 6 edges. It’s also referred to as a triangular pyramid.

What does tetrahedron imply?

The tetrahedron is a Greek phrase and means actually four-sided. ‘Tetra’ which means 4 and ‘hedron’ which means many faces.

Studying: how to attract a tetrahedron

The Latin for 4 is ‘Quad’ as in Quadrilateral or Quad Bike. Tetra is Greek for 4.

Platonic Stable

The tetrahedron is without doubt one of the 5 Platonic Solids and represents the component of Fireplace.

The tetrahedron is exclusive among the many Platonic Solids in that it solely has a duality with itself. When you have been to attach a dot on the middle of every face internally it could create one other tetrahedron.

The duality of a Tetrahedron
Tetrahedron Duality

You’ll be able to watch the video for this tutorial on youtube.

Step by Step Information to Making a Mannequin Tetrahedron

Net of a Tetrahedron

Drawing the Internet of a Tetrahedron

Step One

  • Use a sheet of sunshine playing cards.
  • Draw a horizontal line throughout the web page along with your ruler or straight edge.
  • Place the purpose of the compass on the road in a barely off-center place and draw a circle.
  • Transfer the purpose of the compass to the intersection of the road and the circle and draw a second circle that overlaps the primary.

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Step One

Step Two

  • Place the compass on the intersection of the road and the circle on the left and draw an arc contained in the left circle.
  • Place the compass on the intersection of the road and the circle on the left and draw an arc inside the suitable circle.

Step Two

Step Three

  • With a ruler draw the three sides of the equilateral triangle which is created by becoming a member of the purpose the place the 2 circles intersect on the prime and the intersections of the left and proper arcs created in step two going via the middle factors of the 2 circles.

Step Three

Step 4

  • Draw two strains from the central factors of the circles to the purpose the place the 2 circles intersect on the backside.

Step Four

Step 5

  • Ink in your web with a fine-liner pen and erase your development strains.
  • Draw three tabs for gluing your mannequin.

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Step Five

Step Six

  • Utilizing a craft knife or scissors rigorously minimize out your web.
  • Rating alongside the inner strains and tabs to allow them to be folded to create a neat straight edge.

Step Six

Step Seven

  • Fold the tabs and inside folds of the tetrahedron web.
  • Apply clear PVA glue alongside the tabs of the web.

Step Seven

Step Eight

  1. Press the tab gently towards it is opposing aspect and maintain till it begins to stick. you need to use masking tape whereas it drys.
  2. Repeat till all tabs are glued.
  3. Maintain the mannequin along with fingers, a rubber band or masking tape till all sides are glued.

Step Eight

Your mannequin of a tetrahedron is now full

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