How to make a subwoofer box louder

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A sealed subwoofer field is a closed sort of speaker enclosure. Sealed enclosures are extensively utilized in automobile audio techniques to supply good high quality bass frequencies.

The bass response within the sealed subwoofers is significantly higher than ported subwoofer containers with equally sized audio system, however can we make a sealed subwoofer louder? Let’s discover out.

Studying: Tips on how to make a subwoofer field louder

Usually, to make a sealed subwoofer louder, it’s important to present extra energy from the amplifier. One other approach is to interchange the speaker with a stronger one, however it is very important keep in mind that the air stress within the sealed field can’t be too excessive.

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Tip: Sealed containers are most popular for some kinds of music, particularly those who require tightening and accuracy within the bass frequencies copy.

When you’ve got a speaker and want a field, attempt utilizing some ready-made enclosure, for instance, Atrend Bbox E10S. With 0.67 cf quantity, it matches many of the not too highly effective 10″ audio system, for instance, a 4 Ohm Skar VD-10.

Within the article under, I’ll present you find out how to make a sealed field louder, modifications to the design, and whether it is value including a port to the sealed enclosure.

Can a Sealed Field Be Loud?

Whereas the primary purpose for a sealed field to exist is its accuracy and readability within the bass copy over the loudness, they definitely will be loud sufficient to shake the vehicles.

You additionally must take into account that this sort of enclosure’s measurement can differ from tiny ones made for space-saving functions in order that they’d match underneath a seat or a rear shelf.

Such a subwoofer enclosure is much more appropriate for deep bass response. The inner air quantity within the sealed containers, enabling them to create stronger stress contained in the field itself, so put in audio system which can be bigger than 10″ though clear might not play effectively.

The inner stress impacts how giant sound waves will probably be produced, which means that it’ll generate extra intense output per unit energy with a big affect on the ultimate sound high quality.

Do Sealed Bins Hit More durable?

Sealed subwoofers don’t hit as laborious as ported or bandpass subwoofers. Particularly ported field typically provides extra sound than a sealed, for a similar quantity of energy.

It’s because the port on the enclosure’s again wall acts as a gap to let extra air out. As a result of the port releases created air stress, and it might hit more durable than a sealed one.

On the identical time, the escaped air causes a decrease frequency response, and in impact, it reduces the bass high quality.

There are some methods to make a sealed subwoofer hit more durable, equivalent to including one other speaker inside.

This adjustment, nonetheless, will not change something about its sound high quality as it can nonetheless be a sealed field with air stress points, solely a bit louder.

Additionally it is troublesome so as to add one other field to the identical enclosure for the reason that field measurement must be exactly measured for the particular speaker.

What Makes a Sub Field Louder?

The very first thing you’re most likely serious about is extra energy. And that is proper, however the quantity of energy additionally depends upon the height frequencies to be amplified, which have to be sturdy sufficient to hit laborious.

For instance, when you’ve got a sealed subwoofer field that hits solely under 30 Hz, it is not going to produce many audible sounds as a result of its peak frequency will be extra felt than heard.

Due to this fact, the best approach to make a sealed subwoofer field louder is by altering the speaker you are utilizing from, for instance, 8″ to 10″ throughout the identical field.

This improve, nonetheless, must be rigorously checked with the unique specification to not create an excessive amount of air stress contained in the field.

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The one factor you’ll have to modify is the rising measurement of the mounting gap.

All in all, it isn’t unattainable to make your speaker louder. Nonetheless, you will want money and time or use one other field sort as a substitute of fixing the speaker inside it.

Can Sealed Subs Deal with Extra Energy?

When making the sealed sub field louder, the following query is normally associated to energy dealing with.

It is simple to imagine that because you make the subs louder, it ought to deal with extra wattage. However this isn’t all the time an accurate assumption for sealed subwoofers.

When going for a sealed subwoofer, you must make sure that modification is not going to harm the speaker if you happen to push it an excessive amount of energy.

The reason being that the air stress inside will be too excessive for the stronger audio system. Once more, every sealed enclosure has been designed for the particular speaker, and you must somewhat substitute the entire sub than change the speaker itself with a stronger one.

Does Sealed Subwoofer Field Measurement Matter?

Subwoofer field measurement issues, in fact, however not as a lot as sealed subwoofer field quantity.

The larger the field is, the higher you’ll hear low frequencies. In case your automobile can deal with a particularly sized enclosure with out bother, then positively go for it.

That’s essential, particularly for automobiles with smaller trunks, since you want some free area in entrance of the cone so the speaker can play freely.

If you wish to make your present field speaker louder and clearer, you must contemplate including chambers in a selected place contained in the field.

Including additional partitions contained in the subwoofers is required for one purpose solely: to elongate the sound waves’ journey time in order that they may get extra time to resonate contained in the enclosure and be amplified by its partitions.

The extra chambers your sealed subwoofer has, the louder it can get. If you wish to go this fashion, you’ll change the attribute of the field, and in impact, it might peak at a barely totally different frequency than was initially designed for.

If you wish to go this fashion, you’ll have to take a look at the sealed subwoofer design and tune it by including chambers.

In any case of those modifications, bear in mind that there’s a restrict that may be reached if you happen to carry on including issues.

Your sealed subwoofer field shouldn’t be over-filled with the chambers inside as a result of its inside quantity will lower.

Does Speaker Field Form Matter?

When you find yourself constructing a sealed subwoofer enclosure, it’s good to know that the interior form of the chamber goes to make a distinction.

Would you like it spherical, or sq., or rectangular?

All field varieties will react otherwise, and that is as a result of measurement, cross-section with top ratio, and extra.

The best approach can be to organize your design of the sealed subwoofer field primarily based on the speaker’s manufacturing facility advice concerning the field’s form and measurement.

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How Large Ought to a Sealed Subwoofer Field Be?

Though they’re out there and will be made in any measurement that matches the audio system, the commonest one is the 12-inch sealed subwoofer field.

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For a sealed subwoofer, the scale of the speaker determines its peak efficiency, low-frequency extension, and effectivity.

When you’ve got a bigger speaker that produces extra bass, you will want a much bigger field to permit it to play decrease frequencies.

What Occurs if a Sealed Field Is Too Large?

Every part goes proper if the field matches the speaker, however you lose bass punch when your field is simply too massive.

An outsized field doesn’t create sufficient air stress, and the speaker can not create sturdy push, performing extra like free air subwoofer with huge cone motion.

Such giant motion of the cone within the field that’s too giant may trigger harm to the speaker, particularly its suspension or surrounding.

What Occurs if a Sealed Field Is Too Small?

When the field is simply too small, it additionally can not act as an ideal enclosure for any speaker.

This can lead to some frequencies being canceled as a result of the subwoofer’s cone is not going to transfer as far on account of an excessive amount of air stress created contained in the field, and within the worst case, the speaker can get broken.

Can a Sealed Field Play Low?

Sealed subwoofers are recognized for making high-quality bass at low frequencies.

If the air stress created contained in the sealed field is perfect to maneuver the subwoofer’s cone, this sort of enclosure is ideal for making highly effective, exact bass.

These days, sealed subwoofers are most popular over the ported containers by most audiophiles or anybody who values ​​the standard of the sounds over the loudness.

Do You Must Tune a Sealed Subwoofer Field?

Tuning of the containers will not be vital except you are sealed aiming for some particular sound traits.

Nonetheless, if you happen to plan to tune your sealed subwoofer field, you should keep the right air stress contained in the field.

The most typical approach of tuning the sealed field is to take away the speaker and fill the enclosure with the filling materials.

Observe that sealed subwoofer containers do want an ample quantity of energy to permit them to work. In case you do not drive the sub with sufficient energy, then it will not play appropriately.

Can I Make My Sealed Field Ported?

Making a ported field out of the sealed enclosure will not be the fitting approach in case you are planning to make the ported subwoofer.

You possibly can add the port by drilling the outlet within the sidewall, however simply by including the port to the sealed field, you’ll not enhance the sound if you don’t change the speaker to match the brand new air quantity area.

Every field must be designed for the particular audio system, and sealed containers are smaller than ported ones for a similar speaker. Extra importantly, sealed enclosures have a totally totally different inside design.

If you need bass accuracy, go for a sealed automobile subwoofer field. If you need most loudness from the bottom attainable frequency response with as little distortion as attainable, go for a ported mannequin.


Relying in your preferences and price range, there are other ways to make the sealed subwoofer field louder.

Nonetheless, a greater approach to do this is by buying one other sort of speaker as a substitute, as a result of it can enhance each sound high quality and bass response.

If you wish to make an present sealed field louder, it’s important to meet some strict standards like the amount, form, or energy from the amplifier.

With out them, you may make your sealed subwoofer field sound worse and even harm the speaker.

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