How to make a spray proof skunk trap

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DIY skunk trap using tube form

An encounter with an offended or frightened skunk might be memorable, and never in a great way. Skunk’s smelly spray might be detected by people as much as a mile away. Skunks can spoil lawns and gardens by digging holes seeking meals. You probably have a skunk downside in your yard, one of many methods to eliminate them is to construct a DIY Spray Proof Skunk Entice utilizing a concrete kind tube. An enclosed tube will hold the skunk from spaying you whilst you may safely relocate it to a unique space.

Lately we noticed few skunks in our yard and I used to be involved that they’d spray our children certainly one of lately. So I made a decision to construct a skunk lure in order that I may relocate them, away from our home. I used scrap wooden that was laying round in my storage.

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Enjoyable Details About Skunks

  • Skunks are born blind and deaf. Their eyes open round 3 weeks.
  • Their eyesight just isn’t superb however their senses of odor and sound are very nice.
  • A skunk can spray you ten toes away.
  • You may odor their spray from over a mile away.
  • Their spray consists of an oily substance.
  • Within the wild skunks reside for about 3 years, however in captivity, they’ll reside nearer to 10 years. Largely as a result of they won’t have predators in captivity as they do within the wild.
  • Feminine skunks are solely pregnant for 2 months and have one to seven skunks with every delivery.
  • Females skunks will get pregnant annually.
  • Skunks attempt to warn the predator earlier than spraying as to not waste a twig. It may possibly take days to replenish their glands. Their glands maintain sufficient spray for about 6 sprays.
  • They solely develop as much as about 14 kilos making them a reasonably small animal.
  • A male skunk known as a buck, a feminine is a doe and a child known as a package.
  • They’ll run as much as 10 miles per hour, however sometimes don’t chase people.
  • They’re nocturnal and hunt throughout the late night into the night time.
  • Skunks are solely present in North and South America.
  • Skunks spray is flammable.
  • Despite the fact that they don’t hibernate they have an inclination to remain pretty inactive throughout chilly winter months.

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What Do Skunks Eat?

They’re omnivores which means they eat each greens and meat. They love:

  • Grass
  • Small mammals
  • Rodents – Mice, Rats, Moles, and many others.
  • Bugs
  • Fruit
  • Grains
  • Grubs
  • Larve/Eggs

In addition they eat bees and go after beehives. Usually skunks are one of many high predators of honeybees. Since they’re nocturnal their unbelievable sense of odor helps them seek for meals.

Are Skunks Harmful?

Skunks have a nasty rep however pose no risk to people. You probably have the unlucky luck of being sprayed by a skunk you’ll reek for a couple of days however no want to fret as their spray isn’t poisonous. You might expertise nausea, vomiting, or short-term blindness, however general the largest challenge would be the stench that follows you for the subsequent few days.

They aren’t aggressive in direction of people however like all wild animal, skunks will defend themselves when scared. Skunks will stomp their toes, raise their tail (aiming it within the path of the predator) and hiss earlier than spraying.

In the event you see these indicators and transfer away shortly likelihood is you received’t get sprayed and the skunk will go on its approach. They received’t have the ability to see you very properly so so long as you don’t make any loud noises or quick actions they won’t really feel threatened and may go about their day.

They’re the first service of rabies however like another animals, they’ll act very in another way when contaminated. You additionally would have to be scratched or bitten by the contaminated animal, to have had illness transmitted. Rabies left untreated might be deadly to each animals and people. In the event you suppose you’ve been contaminated its finest to go to the ER as quickly as attainable.

Despite the fact that they don’t pose an awesome hazard to you they’ll nonetheless trigger harm to your yard and residential. They like to burrow which may depart your yard stuffed with holes. In the event that they burrow beneath your porch, they may weaken the construction inflicting potential harm or hurt to you and your property.

The place Do Skunks Sleep?

Skunks like to burrow. Similar to foxes, they dig dens for themselves. They’ve sharp entrance claws they use to dig dens for themselves and their infants. Skunks like fields, woodlands, and concrete areas.

Their dens can attain round 4 toes into the bottom and anyplace from 5 to twenty toes lengthy. Typically they even take over unoccupied dens of different small animals like foxes.

You would additionally simply discover them in about any darkish, quiet shelter they’ll crawl into. They are going to sneak into rooster coops, garages, barns, and attempt to burrow underneath porches or decks.

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Greatest Bait For A Skunk Entice?

Skunks have an awfully sturdy sense of odor due to this it’s a good suggestion to place one thing further smelly. In addition they have a tendency to love oily primarily based meals; fish and rooster are an awesome instance. You would additionally strive tuna fish or canned pet food.

In addition they like sweets so if the sturdy smells of the opposite meals don’t work strive one thing candy. Marshmallows, peanut butter, and fruits ought to appeal to them simply nice.

What Repels Skunks?

Skunks hate fairly a couple of sure smells. Citrus, ammonia, and urine from any of their predators will deter them out of your property.

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Skunks like most animals additionally don’t like sturdy pepper smells, cayenne, jalapeno and sure spices make them again away.

Filling their holes with dust may also assist. Simply be cautious within the spring as a result of she may have her infants within the den.

One other good tip for eliminating skunks is making it exhausting for them to search out any meals or entry to buildings they might need to search shelter in.

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With all that in thoughts let’s hold them away from our backyards and proceed with the lure, to relocate them into the wild.

DIY skunk trap using tube form

Time to Full

3 hours

Complete Price


Talent Degree



This PDF obtain contains Reduce Diagrams, a Listing of Provides, and 3D illustrations with detailed steps to construct the challenge. Measurements are in imperial and never metric. Does NOT embrace SketchUp/CAD information.

The plans are embedded on the webpage totally free, however if you want to help the web site, you may pay a small payment to buy the printable PDFs.

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DIY Skunk Faucet

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Instruments for this challenge

  • Tape Measure
  • Drill
  • Talent Noticed

Materials Listing

  • 2x4x8′ (x2)
  • 1/4″ Plywood – 9″x24″
  • 3/4″ Plywood – 15″x26 1/2″
  • Concrete Type Tube
  • String
  • Pin/Nail
  • 1 1/4″ pocket gap screws
  • Screw Eyes #10

Word: Lumber dimensions are listed as nominal dimension. See lumber sizes for precise dimensions vs nominal.

Disclosure: A number of the hyperlinks on this web page in addition to hyperlinks in “instruments for this challenge” and “materials record” sections are affiliate hyperlinks.


Step 1 – Decide the Size of the Tube

For the primary a part of this DIY skunk lure challenge, I used a 12” spherical concrete kind tube. These tubes are available in a number of completely different sizes, however I bought the most important tube they’d on the retailer. Initially, I used to be going to get a 12” spherical PVC pipe, however they’re very costly and are solely obtainable at shops that promote industrial plumbing.

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An alternative choice I had in thoughts was to construct an extended rectangular field out of plywood to make this lure. However the best and the most affordable approach is to get a concrete kind tube and construct round it. The tube could be very gentle and may very well be simply moved round in comparison with an oblong plywood field

Usually these concrete tubes are offered at 4 toes in size. The tube may very well be simply reduce shorter with a talent noticed however I made a decision to maintain it at full size.

DIY skunk trap dimensions

Step 2 – Construct a Body Round Again Finish of the Tube

Subsequent, constructed a easy sq. body for the tube to slip in. Because the tube is 12″ in diameter, take 2×4 and reduce two items to 12″ in size and two items to fifteen″ in size. Connect the boards collectively as proven within the image utilizing 2″ wooden screws. This body is for the bottom of the skunk lure.

concrete tube form
back frame for DIY skunk trap
using a tape measure to cut wood
cutting wood with a skill saw

Step 3 – Construct a Body for the Entrance of the Entice

Now construct a body for the entrance of the lure. Take 2×4 and reduce two items to 12″ in size, two items to 24″ and one piece to fifteen″. First connect the underside 12″ board to the 2 24″ sideboards.

When attaching the center 12″ board, slide it again 7/8″ from the entrance edge and fix it to the facet items. The 7/8″ hole might be used for the entrance door to slip up and down. Then on the high of the body connect a 15″ lengthy piece sliding it again 7/8″ from the entrance, identical as the center board. If the screws are too near the sting of the board, you would possibly must pre-drill the holes in order that wooden wouldn’t crack in half.

assembling the back frame of the skunk trap
front frame for DIY skunk trap
attaching the front frame together for the skunk trap

Step 4 – Connect Each Frames to the Concrete Type Tube

Insert the tube contained in the again body and fix it with 1 1/4″ pocket gap screws. I used 1 1/4″ pocket gap screws as a result of these screws have a flat head which is able to maintain the tube very properly. One screw on either side of the tube works properly. Then insert the tube into the entrance body. The tube must be flush with the center board which means it must be hooked up 7/8″ from the entrance fringe of the body.

front frame of the DIY skunk trap
attaching tube to the frame for DIY skunk trap
attaching concrete form tube to the frame of the DIY skunk trap

Step 5 – Set up Plywood Items That Maintain the Entrance Door

Take 1/4″ plywood and reduce two items to 2″ x 24″. Then connect them on the left and proper sides of the entrance body as proven within the image. Once more I used 1 1/4″ pocket holes screw due to the flat head floor. These two plywood items might be holding the entrance door from opening.

DIY skunk trap
attaching door sliders for the DIY skunk trap

Step 6 – Reduce 3/4″ Plywood for the Entrance Door

Reduce one piece of three/4″ plywood to 11 1/2″ x 13 1/2″. This would be the entrance door. The door must be barely shorter in width than the body in order that it may simply slide up and down. Drill a 1/4″ gap about 1/2″ from the underside of the door within the middle. Then take a screw eye and screw it within the high middle of the door. This screw eye might be used to tie a string and pull up the entrance door.

attaching front door slides of the DIY skunk trap
front door for the skunk trap
drilling a hole in the front door of the DIY skunk trap

Step 7 – Slide the Entrance Door into Place and Tie the String

Slide the door behind the entrance 1/4″ plywood with a screw eye on high. Make certain it goes up and down simply. If the door doesn’t slide up and down simply, reduce the plywood shorter, or modify the body to offer more room for the door. Connect a screw eye on the high of the entrance body.

Tie a string on the screw eye of the door and feed it through the screw eye on high of the body. This string might be used to drag the door as much as launch the animal. Since we’re coping with skunks, you don’t need to be on the entrance door whenever you launch the skunks and get sprayed.

attaching screw eye on top of the door for the DIY skunk trap
attaching string to the front door of the stunk trap

Step 8 – Cowl the Bottom of the Entice

Reduce one piece of three/4″ plywood to fifteen″ x 15″ and fix it on the bottom of the skunk lure utilizing wooden screws or pocket gap screws. You would add a small glass window on the again piece, to see what you caught. Or add a mesh display as a substitute of three/4″ plywood.

tying the string to the front door of the DIY skunk trap

Step 9 – Make a Raised Flooring within the Entice for the Bait

Take 1/4″ plywood and reduce one piece to five″ x 24″. This might be used as a raised ground with bait on it. Drill a gap 1/2″ from the tip of the plywood within the middle of the board. Use 1/4″ drill bit for drilling the opening, simply massive sufficient to feed the string via. Then feed a string via the opening and tie it.

attaching the back cover of the skunk trap
raised floor of the skunk trap
drilling a hole in the raised floor for DIY skunk trap

Step 10 – Tie the String to the Flooring and the Pin

Subsequent, drill a 1/4″ gap on the highest of the concrete high about 5″ from the again of the lure. Elevate the entrance door and insert 5″x24″ board contained in the tube and feed the string via the opening on high of the tube.

When the door is in an open place, insert the pin inside the opening that’s on the backside of the door. This pin holds the door open. When you pull out the pin the door will drop down shut. Pull the string that’s hooked up to the ground in order that one facet is lifted like a ramp. Tie the string to the pin having the ground at that ramp place. Place the bait on the 5″x24″ board subsequent to the string.

As soon as the skunk will get within the tube and walks as much as get the bait, the burden of the skunk will press down on the ground and pull the string and the pin. As soon as the pin is pulled out of the opening within the door, the door drops down and can lure the skunk.

You’re executed with a DIY skunk lure!

When releasing the skunk within the wild, stand behind the lure and pull on the string to open the door. You would make the string so long as you need should you don’t need to get sprayed.

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tying the string of the floor piece
DIY skunk trap
diagram of the DIY skunk trap
ramp floor of the DIY skunk trap
DIY skunk trap

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