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First off, if you’re taking part in in Minecraft 1.9 or later, you need not use these clocks. Repeating and chain command blocks have the identical performance (see beneath) and extra, and are a lot simpler to make use of. Use them as a substitute.

What are these?

A setblock or fill clock is a command block contraption primarily based on utilizing the /setblock or /fill instructions to alternately set redstone blocks and common blocks in the identical spot, subsequently activating adjoining command blocks 20 instances a second. They’re subsequently additionally known as “20Hz” clocks.

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They’re extraordinarily helpful for making command block contraptions for a number of causes:

  • Sooner than any redstone primarily based clock.
  • Properly-defined execution order: This may increasingly appear odd, however whereas each command is executed on the similar time, the location of the command blocks nonetheless determines the order this occurs in. This lets you, for instance, set a scoreboard goal to 0 for everybody, and to 1 for sure gamers straight afterwards, with out their rating “flickering”.
  • Nearly lag-free: Redstone mud is laggy, principally as a consequence of block updates and lighting updates round it. Do not use redstone mud. Simply do not. A setblock/fill clock has no lighting updates, and few block updates. By the same logic, it’s best to restrict your use of comparators and repeaters, regardless that they are not fairly as dangerous as redstone mud.

How do I make them?

Each clocks require two command blocks as a base. One to set the redstone blocks, the opposite to set the common block.

Setblock clock

A setblock clock is barely less complicated than it is bigger cousin. It creates and destroys a single redstone block between the 2 command blocks.

Place two command blocks in a line, with a single free house in between. Keep in mind what I stated in regards to the well-ordered execution earlier? That is primarily based on the (relative) coordinates the command blocks are positioned in, so let’s discover out!

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Press F3 to enter the debug display. If you’re taking part in on 1.8+ and the gamerule reducedDebugInfo is fake (the default), your cursor turns right into a purple inexperienced and blue thingy. This tells you the route of the three main coordinate axes. Purple factors in the direction of Optimistic X, Inexperienced in the direction of Optimistic Y and Blue in the direction of Optimistic Z, that’s RGB corresponds to XYZ.

Regardless of the way you oriented your command blocks, find the one on the decrease coordinate and set it to

/setblock ~1 ~ ~ stone

Within the different one, put

/setblock ~-1 ~ ~ redstone_block

This instance is for the X-axis, for an additional axis, transfer the ~1 and ~-1 to the corresponding place within the setblock command, eg ~ ~ ~1/~-1 for the Z-axis. I used smoothstone as my alternate block, however you need to use some other stable, non-transparent block (clear blocks, together with air blocks, would trigger lighting updates!).

Place a redstone block within the heart to jump-start the clock. If all the things is finished accurately, this block is instantly recreated if you break it.

setblock clock

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Now you can place as much as 4 different command blocks subsequent to the redstone block. Command blocks on the identical axis activate from decrease to larger coordinate. The execution order could be tougher when engaged on totally different axes on the similar time although. If greater than two of your instructions require to be run in a selected order, I recommend utilizing a fill clock as a substitute.

Fill clock

A fill clock makes use of the identical fundamental rules because the setblock clock, however permits for extra instructions to be run by making a line of redstone blocks fairly than a single block.

As a substitute of the instructions above, use (once more, command blocks alongside the X-axis)

/fill ~1 ~ ~ ~1 ~ ~4 stone /fill ~-1 ~ ~ ~-1 ~ ~4 redstone_block

This creates a 1 block broad, 5 block lengthy line of redstone blocks alongside the z-axis. The size is set by the second set of coordinates.

Place your different instructions alongside this line. The activation order shall be alongside this line: At each redstone block the command block on the decrease coordinate shall be executed first. Afterwards, this continues on the subsequent redstone block within the line.

fill clock

Wait, what? How does that work?

The way in which this works is that at the start of each recreation tick, the sport sees a newly created redstone block subsequent to the command blocks, and begins to execute the instructions. It all the time begins on the decrease coordinate, so it replaces the redstone block with stone. Immediately afterwards, the second command is executed. Whereas the command block is technically not powered in the meanwhile, it was triggered and runs, instantly re-replacing the stone with a redstone block. Rinse and repeat 20 instances a second.

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