how to hook a shiner for ice fishing

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Synthetic lures are the go-to lure alternative for many ice anglers right this moment. Everybody loves attempting the most recent improvements in jigging spoons or rattle baits however typically nothing beats an actual minnow on a hook. Synthetic lures are simple to make use of. Nonetheless, when issues get robust and the fish aren’t biting, minnows show to be probably the most dependable backup each time.

Successfully fishing minnows (reside or lifeless) does require some primary methods to make sure one of the best odds of success. Hook sizing is vital as properly so you should definitely additionally try our information to selecting the best hooks for ice fishing.

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Listed here are our techniques for hooking minnows for ice fishing. Be at liberty to make use of these similar strategies in your open water seasons too.

Reside minnows

Minnows are a serious supply of a fish’s food plan. It is no surprise that the pure motion of a struggling minnow on a hook riles up the predatory instincts of most recreation fish. Learn on to get probably the most out of your reside minnows.


How to Hook a Minnow for Ice Fishing (With Pictures)

This rig is the simplest technique to persistently catch fish on reside minnows beneath the ice. Hooking a minnow by way of the again permits the minnow to naturally swim which is why it’s the popular methodology for tip-up anglers.

Use single or treble hooks correctly sized to match the minnow. You do not wish to limit its motion. Hook the minnow simply behind the dorsal fin by way of the higher portion of pores and skin. Do not hook too deep within the again otherwise you’ll hit the backbone.

Place the hook in order that the purpose is closest to the top. Most fish eat minnows head first and situating your hook with the purpose ahead will enhance optimistic hook ups.

Whether or not you’re utilizing a deadstick or a tip-up, clip just a few small lead weights 8 to 10 inches above the hook to power the minnow right down to the specified depth. Watch out to not add extra weight than needed otherwise you’ll inhibit the minnow’s motion. You can even decide to make use of a small jig or weighted hook.


How to Hook a Minnow for Ice Fishing (With Pictures)

Whereas tail hooking a reside minnow isn’t the most well-liked methodology, it does have its place. Principally, we prefer to tail-hook minnows for stationary displays on the underside which is right for ice fishing. Tail-hooked minnows are additionally an excellent possibility when fish are biting deep and we get too many intestine hooks on a dorsal-hooked minnow.

To tail-hook a minnow, insert the hook simply in entrance of the tail being cautious to keep away from the backbone. Attempt utilizing a sustained weight that may cement the minnow near the underside. That is notably efficient for walleye and perch that choose to feed alongside the underside. A tail-hooked minnow pulls upward in opposition to the hook and presents itself as a simple goal.

The gentle meat across the tail means you’ll free your fair proportion of minnows throughout gentle bites. In case you’re not getting a strong hook set, attempt smaller minnows or hook it in a unique spot.

Bear in mind, most fish eat minnows head first so when you get a chunk, give the fish just a few further seconds to totally eat the minnow earlier than setting the hook. Tail hooking is greatest reserved for smaller minnows.


How to Hook a Minnow for Ice Fishing (With Pictures)

Once you wish to impart extra motion to a reside minnow, go for the lip-hooked methodology of rigging it up. Normally a lead or tungsten reside bait jig is one of the best device for the job which lets you management the depth and motion of the minnow.

A wriggling minnow is important for sealing the cope with cautious fish. But, we discover that sluggish biters are enticed extra with refined jigging quite than having to chase a swimming minnow round.

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To safe lip hook a reside minnow, insert the hook by way of the underside and high lip with the hook level on high. Fragile minnows are inclined to die shortly when hooked this fashion since they cannot transfer their mouth to flow into water over their gills. Lengthen their life by solely hooking the higher lip.

As a reminder, lip-hooking places your line within the path of fish that eat head first. Finicky biters usually really feel this line earlier than they strike and get spooked. This rig is greatest when fish are aggressively feeding.

Tipping a lure

How to Hook a Minnow for Ice Fishing (With Pictures)

The power of flashy spoons and tantalizing rattle baits to attract in fish from far and large is tough to beat. Whether or not you’re going for trout, walleye, perch or crappie getting their consideration is step one however getting them to decide to your lure is one other battle all collectively.

Once you mark fish on the sonar however nothing is biting synthetic lures, it is time to tip it with a reside minnow. That little morsel could also be all it takes to set off a strike. You get the advantage of attracting pure fish with the lure and the presentation of the minnow.

Tip a spoon, jigging rap or different energetic lure with small minnows. Hook by way of each lips to get a robust maintain on the minnow. Test the lure on the floor to ensure the motion is correct.

Lifeless minnows

It isn’t all the time a reside minnow that does the trick. Generally a lifeless minnow is the popular meal of the day and rigging them on a hook proper is the distinction between pulling a trophy by way of the ice or burning by way of bait with none fish to point out for it.

The opposite benefit of lifeless minnows is portability. Not everybody has the power or the time to move reside minnows on and off the ice. It’s also onerous to maintain them alive in sub-zero temperatures. Preserved and frozen baitfish are available at most deal with shops and are a cinch to ice fish with.


How to Hook a Minnow for Ice Fishing (With Pictures)

Clearly, lifeless minnows do not transfer so hooking it on a jig is one of the simplest ways to get energetic motion from it. Preserved or pre-frozen minnows usually are not very sturdy. Hook the jig by way of each lips to maintain it on the hook longer. Attempt penetrating the top extra in the event that they fall off whenever you’re jigging.

Jig weight does matter relying on the temper of the fish species you are after. When the chunk is sizzling, go for a sustained jig and an even bigger minnow to single out bigger fish. As soon as issues decelerate swap out the heavy jig for a smaller one. Downsize the minnow so as to add extra finesse if the scenario requires it.

Fast strike rig

The short strike rig is a favourite amongst pike and muskie anglers. Few setups put extra trophy fish on the ice. The important thing right here is utilizing huge bait. 8 to 14 inch lifeless minnows draw within the greatest fish.

How to Hook a Minnow for Ice Fishing (With Pictures)

The fantastic thing about the fast strike rig is the double hook setup. The stinger hook all however ensures a quick hook set within the facet of the mouth. There’s additionally no want to offer the fish time to swallow or reposition the bait when it strikes. Simply set the hook as quickly because it bites. Not solely do you get fast hook ups, you additionally get fast releases.

Most fast strike rigs are tied utilizing wire chief and measurement 4 or 6 treble hooks. The trailing hook shouldn’t be greater than 2 to 4 inches from the primary hook. Scrape away a patch of scales simply behind the dorsal fin in your baitfish and place the stinger hook just below the pores and skin with the purpose in the direction of the tail. Subsequent, take the primary hook and insert it on high of the top behind the gill plate. Scrape just a few scales away to keep away from interfering with a strong hook set.

When utilizing massive minnows, you could must puncture the air bladder and squeeze out extra air so the bait sinks to the proper depth.

Minnow items

How to Hook a Minnow for Ice Fishing (With Pictures)

Generally finesse is one of the best method and a tantalizing chunk of meat is tough for fish to withstand. Tip a small jig with a minnow head or tail and you’ve got a lethal combo for panfish and walleye.

Actively jigging a spoon or jigging rap can also be taken to the subsequent stage when tipped with a small piece of reduce bait. The added scent is typically the distinction between a fish hanging or shifting on. You additionally get extra use out of 1 minnow.

Finest kinds of reside minnows

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Similar to deciding on the proper lure for various purposes, you additionally want to decide on one of the best minnow for the job at hand.

There are a number of widespread minnow varieties. Relying on the gamefish you’re concentrating on, tailor your alternative of minnow to match what’s pure current.


Suckers are a main alternative for walleye, muskie and northern pike. Use smaller suckers for walleye or pike and bigger suckers for trophy muskie. These minnows are hardy and might final a day on the ice in a properly ventilated bait bucket. Most bait outlets promote suckers from 4 to 12 inches in size. Get a number of sizes to match the temper of the fish.


By far the most well-liked baitfish is the fathead minnow. Fatheads are universally distributed and the most typical forage for many gamefish. They seldom exceed 3 inches and are the proper bait for crappie, perch and walleye. Fatheads are low cost, available and might tolerate lower than preferrred water circumstances. These spunky minnows actually do catch fish.


The Golden or Widespread Shiner is a good minnow possibility for ice anglers. Averaging 2 to 4 inches, many ice anglers make the most of shiners for trophy walleye on tip-ups. It’s also potential to catch largemouth bass beneath the ice with shiners. These minnows usually are not probably the most resilient however they’re cheap and work nice lifeless or alive.


In case you have the choice to fish with chubs, go for it. These are a favourite of walleye and pike. They’ll develop as much as 12 inches however smaller ones are higher for walleye. Chub are a preferred bait however usually are not all the time as simple to search out as different bait fish.


Tullibee, also referred to as cisco, are a cousin of the bigger whitefish and massive predatory gamefish love them. A lifeless tullibee on a fast strike rig is like sweet for monster lake trout, trophy muskie and pike. You will discover them frozen at grocery shops or bait outlets. Some anglers catch their very own tullibee to make use of as lifeless bait.

Finest minnow rigs for various fish

The very best anglers know they have to cater their fishing strategies to several types of fish. There’s not a one measurement matches all bait however fishing with minnows is shut. Listed here are some efficient minnow rigs for the most well-liked gamefish underneath the ice.

Rainbow trout

Rainbow trout are shallow water feeders throughout winter months. Lip hook a small 1-2 inch minnow with a 4mm tungsten jig or ice fly and let it sink to the specified depth. If the minnow will get sluggish, evenly twitch your rod tip to induce extra motion. The small presentation is irresistible to fats rainbows.


The preferred gamefish within the nation is equally difficult underneath the ice as it’s in open water. A dorsal-hooked fathead underneath a tip-up is second to none for large “eyes” on the underside. For a extra energetic method, tip a jigging rap or Acme Rattle Grasp spoon with a minnow head.


Perch and crappie are among the most dependable catches underneath the ice. Crappie cannot ignore a small minnow suspended above their head. Crappie feed as much as their prey so both hook the minnow by way of the again or tail. You’ll get extra constant hook ups that method. Use the smallest minnows you have got and keep targeted on the motion of your line. Crappie bites are refined and simply missed.

Perch are much less choosy and scavenge the underside of the water column for tasty morsels. Minnow heads, eyes and reduce items on a small spoon or jig is a recipe for full buckets of fats perch. Be sure to keep near the underside the place perch choose to forage.

Northern pike and muskie

Massive fish want huge baits. Pike and muskie are not any exception. A fast strike rig is the best setup for these toothy predators. Use the most important minnows potential like suckers, chubs or tullibee. At a minimal, setup with an 8 to 14 inch lifeless minnow. Droop the bait under a tip-up and look ahead to the sturdy flags. Do not delay and be prepared for a tricky struggle.

Summing it up

In a world of fixed lure innovation, it’s all too simple to overlook how efficient reside bait is. Synthetic lures have a time and place however nothing is sort of as dependable in all conditions as fishing with minnows. The subsequent time you hit the ice, attempt just a few other ways of rigging up minnows to see how properly it actually works.

A remaining observe of warning. Not all areas permit the usage of reside minnows as bait. Test your native fishing laws earlier than you go.

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