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Numerous new gamers who play pool or billiards will maintain the pool stick (or cue) incorrectly. That is a straightforward mistake to make as a result of it isn’t apparent to newcomers.

Holding a pool stick accurately is essential as a result of it could make it easier to with accuracy and consistency. Within the reverse impact, a poor hand place/hand bridge or stroke can simply spoil gamers shot making expertise.

Studying: find out how to maintain a pool stick left handed

Holding a pool stick accurately may be damaged down into two elements. Your GRIP and HAND BRIDGE. There’s a BONUS matter on the finish the place we cowl the Stroke.

Situation for Proper-Handed individuals (Swap round if you’re a Lefty)

The place of Palms:

    • Proper hand goes on the pool butt (backside half of a pool stick) the place you GRIP
  • Left hand goes on the desk the place your hand creates a BRIDGE for the pool stick

If you happen to mess any of those elements up, it can completely mess up your taking pictures. Chances are you’ll end up lacking a straightforward shot you’ve got made a thousand occasions by hitting the ball too laborious as a consequence of your grip.


Get a Grip on issues!

In case you are right-handed, it would be best to place your proper hand on the heavy backside a part of a pool cue (the pool butt). You do not need it too far close to the underside rubber piece however at the very least a number of inches away from it.

billiard grip hand

There is no such thing as a PRECISE SPOT to your hand place on the stick however this can be a good vary to be in. it can depend upon the participant’s choice.

Pool is a particularly power centered sport the place gamers should exert the proper quantity of power to realize their desired outcomes. This implies you can not have a particularly laborious grip since you lose the finesse side of it. One of the best grip you’ll be able to have is a really free one. You are attempting to have simply sufficient of a grip in your fingers to the place you’ll be able to swing the pool stick forwards and backwards.

The fallacious solution to grip:

death grip billiards

For the love of the pool gods, please don’t use a “DEATH GRIP”. A Demise Grip or Tight Grip on the cue will often lead to an incorrect shot. There is no such thing as a must squeeze all 5 fingers and your palm on the pool butt throughout the whole shot. It is pointless to take action and a really unhealthy behavior to select up on.


    1. If you happen to can hold the pool stick in line whereas taking pictures
  1. Particular pictures might require it:
  • Nip Draw shot (to not foul)
Most well-liked Free Grip:

Loose Grip

Having a finesse enjoying type and grip is the perfect method. A free grip will help you let the pool stick journey naturally with out swerving in several instructions. It may assist stop what I name the “rooster wing” the place you grip and stroke goes sideways. Belief me, every part will work higher when you have a free grip.

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My private grip is the place solely my index finger, center finger, and thumb are touching the pool butt. My ring finger and pinky finger by no means contact besides perhaps on the top of my stroke the place I’m hastened into my shot and it occurs to the touch it.


The hand bridge may be one of many hardest issues to study when beginning out pool. There are totally different variations of the hand bridge, however the 2 principal ones are Open and Closed bridges.


A hand bridge consists of your much less dominant hand positioned on the desk (palm on the desk) pushing your fingers collectively, urgent your thumb in opposition to your index (or center) finger to create a “V”. Right here is the place you may place the cue. Be sure your bridge is steady and never simply moved to make sure a safe ‘bridge’ to your cue to slip on.

Bridge Steps

Fallacious solution to Bridge:

bad hand bridge

Dangerous Hand Bridge (The stick is resting between the thumb and knuckle within the fleshy moist half)


Advantages of an Open Bridge:

  • You’ll be able to see extra of the ball
  • Simpler to type than the Closed Bridge


Closed Bridge:

Advantages of a Closed Bridge:

  • Safe Pool Cue in place
  • Much less More likely to transfer round or facet to facet throughout shot


Keep in mind a Closed Bridge continues to be forming the V form with the Thumb and the Center finger (as a substitute of the index finger)

If you happen to do not grasp a correct bridge, it will be laborious to enhance previous a sure stage. Gamers utilizing a foul bridge can have inconsistent hits. Having a dependable hand bridge is a basic participant should get down.

Take a look at my full put up on find out how to type a hand bridge right here.


It is laborious to not point out the topic of Stroke as a result of holding a pool stick accurately, the way you grip and type your hand bridge is instantly associated to your Stroke.

As soon as you’re holding the pool stick accurately with a steady hand bridge, you have to work in your stroke. The Stroke a participant has can have probably the most important impact on a gamers talent. It’s because it impacts many issues comparable to shot-making, utilized English or Spin, and extra.

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Within the reverse impact, a foul stroke can disrupt the pure swing of a very good stroke and mess up a participant shot. Hitting the ball too laborious, lacking, by accident making use of English/Spin to the ball once you didn’t intend to – are all unwanted side effects of a foul stroke.

I’ll go over the perfect pool stroke to have briefly, however sooner or later, I’ll write a full detailed put up particularly in regards to the pool stroke.

90 Degree Angle

The perfect stroke that the majority learners need to have is known as a Pendulum Stroke.

A Pendulum Stroke is when you don’t transfer your higher arm throughout your stroke and solely your forearm. Your elbow acts as a hinge and the participant accelerates into the stroke cooperated. The forearm and again arm ought to type a 90-degree angle.

The shoulder and higher chest shouldn’t be shifting.

The results of a pendulum stroke is the tip of the cue ought to finish near the desk. It’s because your backhand place ought to naturally be happening.


An necessary consider that is FOLLOWING THROUGH along with your shot. This can be a tough side for learners to know as a result of it’s pure to need to decelerate your down or decelerate when impacting an object.

The thought is that you’re taking pictures via the ball. No jabs.

The stroke that you just use will both restrict or permit how far you’ll be able to go on this sport.

It’s a large core of your talent that you could grasp with a view to advance additional. The right pool stroke is known as the pendulum stroke since you let your elbow behave as a hinge and your hanging forearm as a pendulum. Be sure your grip is not too tight and your observe strokes are regular and your cue tip is getting as near the cue ball as doable.

Tip! You must solely be shifting your forearm and never your shoulder or chest.


Mastering find out how to maintain a pool stick is among the fundamentals that pool gamers should get down with a view to enhance.

Holding a pool stick accurately may be damaged down into two principal elements (The bridge and the grip), however there may be extra to it. The stroke and comply with via are necessary items that work collectively like a well-oiled machine. Mess one up, and it could trigger different points to happen in different areas.

Follow the basics of a bridge, grip, and stroke. It would take time to study it accurately however you’ll get there. It could take gamers hours, days, weeks and even months to get this down. That’s okay, you are attempting to rewire how your physique behaves. As soon as you’ve got obtained it down – you’ll thank your self. It would enhance your shot making means and total sport important.

You’ll want to take a look at my different posts like pool merchandise I like to recommend or different pool suggestions. Thanks for studying and let me know when you have any questions or feedback!

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