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Bear in mind Wirt’s Leg? It may be your’s within the Diablo 3 occasion ‘The Darkening of Tristram’ in the event you’re keen to go the additional mile and unlock the secrets and techniques of Previous Tristram. Not solely are you able to recollect the notorious merchandise, you possibly can unlock unlock a portal to the Secret Cow Stage. All of it results in the very best of the very best rewards — your very personal hellish bovine pet.

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The legend of the Secret Cow Stage was born within the unique Diablo, however did not grow to be actuality till Diablo 2. In that recreation, you possibly can go to the unique city of Tristram and acquire Wirt’s Leg, a bonus merchandise that (when mixed with a Tome of City Portal) unlocks a pink portal that leads into the Cow Stage. The realm is filled with Hell Bovine, and is presided over by The Cow King. It is an notorious Easter egg, and it is returning in full kind in Diablo 3.

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How one can Unlock the Secret Cow Stage | Easter Egg Information

The Secret Cow Stage is just obtainable throughout ‘The Darkening of Tristram’ occasion that runs by way of Jan. 1st to Jan thirtieth. The “Not A Cow Stage” already exists in Diablo 3, however that hidden space is even harder to get into. Right here, we’re all concerning the Secret Cow Stage hidden in Previous Tristram.

  • To unlock the Secret Cow Stage, first you may have to get the Wirt’s Leg Recipe.
    1. Attain Stage 9 of the Previous Tristram Labyrinth and search the mushrooms till you discover the Rotten Mushroom merchandise.
    2. Go to Adria’s Hut within the Ruins of Tristram and use the cauldron to get the Witch’s Brew merchandise.
    3. On the Ruins of Tristram, click on on the corpses. Each will drop an merchandise in the event you search the our bodies on this particular order.
      1. Farnham
      2. Ogden
      3. Pepin
      4. Griswolds (Wirt’s Leg Recipe will drop right here.)
    4. Now you can craft Wirt’s Leg. Go to the Blacksmith and be taught / craft Wirt’s Leg. It would value 1,000,000 gold.

Now that you’ve got crafted Wirt’s Leg, you possibly can lastly unlock the Secret Cow Stage.

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How one can Unlock the Secret Cow Stage

After you have Wirt’s Leg, we will start the method to unlock the portal to the Secret Cow Stage.

  1. Take Wirt’s Leg massive the Blacksmith and Salvage it.
    • You will get the Map of the Stars merchandise.
  2. Return to Adria’s Hut within the Ruins of Tristram. There are three useless cows outdoors. Search them so as:
    1. Heart
    2. Left
    3. Proper
  3. The trail to the Secret Cow Stage will now open!

Now you possibly can enter the Secret Cow Stage and blast Hell Bovine to your coronary heart’s content material. The realm is swarming with enemies, however you may wish to search fastidiously to discover Wirt’s Stash. Inside, you possibly can acquire the Royal Calf pet.

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