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This walkthrough will assist gamers navigate the Profaned Capital in Darkish Souls 3. We’ll present you the place to search out helpful loot on the way in which to the boss encounter with Yhorm the Large. Relying in your progress, you possibly can even encounter Siegward of Catarina alongside the way in which.

To achieve the Profaned Capital, you will need to first discover the corridors of Irithyll Dungeon. There are two routes you possibly can take to achieve the Profaned Capital. One is a direct path to the boss, whereas the opposite lets you acquire helpful loot objects and encounter Siegward of Catarina. When you’ve got stored up with Siegward’s quests up till this level, we suggest taking the route to search out him, to be able to progress his story.

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Each routes start on the Profaned Capital Bonfire. Head over to our Irithyll Dungeon Walkthrough when you need assistance navigating the dungeon to achieve this bonfire. We’ll begin by explaining the elective route, the place you possibly can acquire helpful objects and free Siegward. If you happen to want to bypass Siegward and the additional loot, skip all the way down to our Direct Path to Yhorm part beneath to move straight to the boss battle.

Free Siegward, Get the Jailer’s Key Ring

Begin on the Profaned Capital Bonfire contained in the ruined tower. Go down the ladder close to the middle of the room, and head by way of a big gap within the wall off to the aspect. Drop all the way down to the decrease space. The steps do not lead wherever, so head within the different route in the direction of the wooden ramp. Be careful for an assault from one other Gargoyle simply after you move the ladder.

Remove the Gargoyle and head up the ramp to enter the tower. There is a Crystal Lizard forward, however do not assault it but. Undergo the primary doorway on the left, and thoughts the gaps within the ground. The realm beneath comprises poisonous sludge and Sewer Centipedes. On the finish of the hall, you will discover the Crystal Lizard as soon as once more and now you possibly can safely assault it to acquire a Twinkling Titanite. The following doorway on the precise results in one other Crystal Lizard as properly.

Go up the left stairs to discover a Rusted Gold Coin. Retrace your steps and undergo the opening to achieve the next platform above the pit. Assault the Sewer Centipedes from up right here with a ranged assault to get rid of them forward of time. You will be heading all the way down to the poisonous sludge shortly. Seize the Blooming Purple Moss Clumps from the corpse on the precise, then head all the way down to the poisonous sludge.

After you have cleared out all of the Sewer Centipedes from the sludge, go round and accumulate the objects within the muck. Attempt to not keep within the sludge for too lengthy to be able to keep away from changing into Poisonous. Preserve some purple moss clump useful in your fast objects in case you turn out to be poisoned. You possibly can acquire a Poison Gem and Cursebite Ring from the swamp corpses. On the far aspect is one other Sewer Centipede subsequent to a small island that has a Purging Stone.

Dark Souls 3 Profaned Capital 02

Go up the stone ramp forward of the place you discovered the Purging Stone, and climb the ladder. Curve across the outer nook, drop all the way down to the decrease rooftop, then drop down once more. This leads you to an open doorway and hall. Open the doorways forward to find some hand-like abominations guarding an merchandise. One of the best ways to cope with these monstrosities is to dodge, assault, then again away. Repeat this course of till they’re useless. You can too lure them outdoors, climb again up the ladder, and use a ranged assault from the higher rooftop to keep away from having to battle within the poison sludge.

Eliminating these abominations rewards you with the Eleonora weapon. Go up the steps behind the room to seize the Purging Stones. Afterward, head again out and climb up the ladder as soon as extra. Curve across the outer nook, and this time enter the opening within the wall on the upper a part of the tower. You will discover one other useful monstrosity inside.

Kill the creature, then destroy the pots in entrance of the altar to disclose an merchandise corpse that holds a Courtroom Sorcerer Set. Behind the altar is a Mimic chest. Defeat the Mimic to acquire a Courtroom Sorcerer’s Workers. The corpse down the steps on the precise solely holds some Garbage. Dropping down from this ledge leads again to the bonfire, however do not depart simply but. There are nonetheless extra necessary objects to gather.

Dark Souls 3 Profaned Capital 01

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Return outdoors and proceed up the steps to the precise. Be careful for the Unkindled on the rooftop on the precise. This enemy wields a two handed magic weapon that has fairly a far attain. Dodge his swings, and instantly assault afterwards to deal injury and take down this foe to acquire Logan’s Scroll.

The corpse on the precise fringe of the rooftop holds some Poison Arrows. Drop down the opening into the middle of the tower, and decide up the Wrath of Gods miracle spell on high of the altar. This is identical room with the Mimic chest you had been in only a second in the past. Head again outdoors.

Go midway up the staircase once more and get again onto the rooftop the place the Unkindled as soon as stood. Soar throughout to the open window on the adjoining wall throughout the steps. Inside, you will discover Siegward of Catarina locked in a cell. If you happen to explored Irithyll Dungeon earlier and obtained the Previous Cell Key, now you can use it to open the cell gate. Converse with Siegward to obtain a Titanite Slab and progress his storyline. Pillage the corpse within the nook to acquire a Covetous Gold Serpent Ringthen head again out to the steps as soon as extra.

Dark Souls 3 Covetous Gold Serpent Ring Irithyll Dungeon

Proceed all the way in which up the steps to achieve a brand new part of Irithyll Dungeon. There are two Jailers straight forward of the doorway, however they’re invisible. Assault the nothingness in entrance of the doorway to disclose the Jailers and battle them if you want, although you possibly can simply ignore them and proceed down the hallway as a substitute. Accumulate the Jailer’s Key Ring on the finish of the corridor. Use these keys to free Karla from her cell in Irithyll Dungeon, within the room the place a number of Jailers patrol.

Backtrack just a few steps till you attain a spot within the wall. You will notice the room the place the Large rests that you simply encountered within the dungeon. You possibly can proceed by way of the dungeon as soon as extra if you want. At this level you’ve accomplished the elective space of ​​the Profaned Capital. To return to the bonfire, head again to the room with the altar the place you fought the only useful monstrosity. Drop down from the ledge on the again stairs the place you discovered the Garbage. Climb the ladder on the precise to return to the tower that homes the Profaned Capital Bonfire.

Direct Path to Yhorm

This route bypasses the elective objects within the Profaned Capital, and as a substitute leads you straight to the boss battle with Yhorm the Large. When you’ve got been following Siegward’s quests up till this level, we suggest taking the elective route as a substitute to be able to pursue his storyline utterly. If you happen to simply need to attain the boss, then observe together with our steps beneath.

Beginning on the Profaned Capital Bonfire, climb down the close by ladder that appeared on the bridge. Forward shall be a bridge with one more Gargoyle patrolling the rocky path. Observe the group of Jailer Handmaids additional away on the ledge beneath. These enemies will shoot fireball assaults at you as you cross the bridge, which generally is a actual ache when combating the Gargoyle on the similar time.

We advise luring the Gargoyle nearer to the ladder in an effort to have extra space to battle and transfer round. This will even can help you dodge fireballs extra simply. Defeat the Gargoyle, then proceed throughout the bridge to gather some Onislayer Greatarrows about midway down. On the different aspect of the bridge is a corpse that holds a Massive Soul of a Weary Warrior.

Undergo the archway and enter the darkish hall that diverges left and proper. Right down to the left you will see a bunch of Jailer Handmaids going through the wall. There may be additionally one other Gargoyle off to the precise. Ignore the handmaids, until you actually really feel like combating them. Reduce down the Gargoyle, and proceed by way of the hall. The doorway to the precise results in the group of Jailer Handmaids who had been taking pictures at you alongside the bridge earlier. To the left is the doorway to the boss.

In order for you some further loot, defeat the handmaids surrounding the flaming altar, and proceed alongside the outer path. There are two Rusted Cash you possibly can decide up: one on the finish of the trail, and one other close to a wall to the precise.

Return to the massive hall, and proceed to the precise. You will encounter one other group of Jailer Handmaids close to the far wall. There are about 9 of them this time. Additionally, one other Gargoyle waits on the higher proper wall, able to strike if you get too shut. Attempt to lure particular person handmaids away from the group through the use of a ranged assault. When the Gargoyle drops down, kite him additional down the hall away from the group to battle him alone.

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After defeating the Jailer Handmaids and the Gargoyle, go accumulate the loot. The chest on the precise comprises an Ember. Nonetheless, the 2 chests the place the handmaids had been standing are each Mimics. Defeat each Mimic chests to acquire a Greatshield of Glory and Rusted Gold Coin.

The hallway within the heart of the hall results in the boss chamber of Yhorm the Large. In case you are able to tackle this goliath, proceed onto our boss battle part beneath.

Boss Battle: Yhorm the Large

Yhorm the Large rises from his throne on the far aspect of the chamber. For this boss battle, you’ll need a particular weapon. Relying on whether or not you stored up with Siegward’s storyline and freed him from his cell earlier, Siegward will present up on the boss room that can assist you defeat Yhorm.

Dark Souls 3 Yhorm the Giant

You will have observed that you simply do little or no injury to Yhorm together with your weapons, it doesn’t matter what you utilize. That is since you want a particular weapon to successfully injury Yhorm. Siegward has one among these weapons, and one other is discovered on the far aspect of the boss room. If Siegward is there to assist, he’ll do many of the be just right for you.

If you do not have Siegward there to assist, you’ll need to acquire your individual Storm Ruler weapon as a substitute. Run to the far aspect of the room and decide up the Storm Ruler from the merchandise corpse in entrance of the throne. Equipping this weapon throughout battle generally is a bit tough, since you’re probably being attacked by Yhorm at this level. In case you are fast sufficient, it’s best to be capable of equip the Storm Ruler in between assaults. The opposite choice is to make use of a Homeward Bone to rapidly exit the boss battle. Equip the weapon and return to the battle.

When you’ve the Storm Ruler geared up, you will have to correctly use its stance to be efficient towards Yhorm. Swap to the two-handed stance by urgent Triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One, then use your particular assault to cost the Storm Ruler with a surge of wind. You will see the wind whirling across the weapon because it costs. When the wind animation does a white burst, be able to unleash your assault on Yhorm.

Dark Souls 3 Profaned Capital Yhorm 01

Use the charged assault to inflict injury on Yhorm, ensuring to be locked on earlier than doing so to make sure you do not miss. The Storm Ruler takes just a few moments to cost up, and the cost assault itself drains most of your stamina. Transfer to the far finish of the room away from Yhorm to organize your cost assault and land successful every time.

When Yhorm the Large reaches practically half well being, he’ll incorporate extra hearth assaults to his sample. Be careful for the fireplace blasts, and be able to dodge his common assaults that happen extra incessantly. Keep a secure distance to keep away from getting injured and to plan your cost assaults accordingly.

Dark Souls 3 Catarina Yhorm Boss

As soon as Yhorm is defeated you’ll obtain the Cinders of a Lordin addition to the Soul of Yhorm the Large. If Siegward helped you in the course of the battle, make sure to chat with him after the battle.

Relying on whether or not you have defeated every Lord of Cinder up till now, chances are you’ll be transported to the Excessive Wall of Lothric instantly after this battle, the place you’ll face off towards the Dancer of the Boreal Valley.

Now that you’ve accomplished the Profaned Capital, proceed on to the subsequent walkthrough part, or return to our Darkish Souls 3 Walkthrough and Information for extra options.

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