How To Get Rid Of Strawberry Legs

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What causes strawberry legs?

Whereas “strawberry legs” refers to a singular look, it is actually an umbrella time interval.

There are a variety of utterly totally different circumstances which will set off the distinct look of strawberry legs, just a few of which may overlap with each other.

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Shaving — notably improperly shaving with earlier, boring or with out shaving cream — can typically set off strawberry legs.

Razor burn may end up in strawberry legs and can set off folliculitis to develop. Shaving can also result in ingrown hairs.

In some folks, these ingrown hairs may be what’s strawberrys inflicting the appears to be like of legs. This occurs most regularly in these with thick physique hair.

In some cases, the pores and pores and skin throughout the follicle may darken in response to the irritation from shaving, which then will enhance the darkish look.

Clogged pores

The pores and pores and skin in your legs incorporate 1000’s of pores, and like all totally different pores, they will develop to be clogged with micro organisms, lifeless pores and pores and skin, and particles.

These clogged pores are known as open comedones. When the oil accommodates within the clogged pores is uncovered to air, it oxidizes and turns black.

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If you might have larger pores in your legs due to genetics or thick physique hair, they is likely to be easy to establish.


Folliculitis occurs when the hair turns into contaminated, and usually contaminated.

This example is likely to be the outcomes of shaving, waxing, or totally different hair eradicating methods that go away the hair follicle open and at elevated hazard of publicity.

However it’ll in all probability moreover occur within the occasion you’ve got been uncovered to:

  • micro organism
  • yeast
  • fungus

Utilizing a scorching substances tub when the pH and chemical substances have not been regulated accurately additionally may end up in folliculitis.

Folliculitis typically begins as small crimson bumps or blisters, which may later flip into scabs that do not heal merely.

Generally, folliculitis is likely to be related to ingrown hairs which is likely to be struggling to interrupt through the pores and pores and skin. This additionally may end up in the darkened pores and pores and skin look associated to strawberry legs.

Keratosis pilaris

Keratosis pilaris appears on the pores and pores and skin of the thighs and better arms and is a benign and customary state of affairs.

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At a glance, the small bumps associated to keratosis pilaris may look like tiny pimples, goosebumps, or “hen pores and skin,” they often’re powerful and arduous to the contact.

The bumps attributable to keratosis pilaris are actually tiny accumulations of the protein keratin and lifeless epithelial (pores and pores and skin) cells. They is likely to be itchy and dry nonetheless is likely to be dealt with with moisturizers.

Keratosis pilaris to be seasonal, displaying additional repeatedly in the midst of the dry winter months than in the midst of the summer season.

Should you swim sometimes, though, you may experience keratosis pilaris. Swimming pool chemical substances are supposed to dry the pores and pores and skin. That is additionally the case within the occasion you dwell in a neighborhood climate with low humidity.

Overly dry pores and pores and skin

Dry pores and pores and skin might trigger or irritate the indicators of strawberry legs, along with totally different circumstances that resemble strawberry legs.

Nevertheless, dryness, in and of itself, does not set off pores to darken.

In case your pores and pores and skin is exceptionally dry, you are additional prone to develop irritation everytime you shave. This may go away you vulnerable to creating razor burn, folliculitis, and the signature “strawberry legs” look.

Dryness moreover makes keratosis pilaris, folliculitis, open comedones, and razor burn additional obvious to the naked eye.

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