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Below very particular circumstances, it’s attainable for a Chao to evolve right into a Chaos Chao. Chaos Chao are named after the beast Chaos, from the primary Sonic Journey recreation. The Impartial, Hero and Darkish Chaos Chao are known as the Gentle Chao, Angel Chao, and Satan Chao respectively.

Chaos Chao are very distinctive in that they’re immortal; they are going to by no means die nor reincarnate, it doesn’t matter what. As soon as your Chao succeeds in remodeling right into a legendary Chaos Chao, it’ll keep in that kind without end. You must subsequently select properly earlier than pursuing this transformation; specifically for the fashionable variations, you won’t be able to boost your Chao’s stat grades after it transforms.

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As immortal Chao, Chaos Chao has no want to breed and subsequently can’t mate. Make it possible for in case you create a Chaos Chao that you just will not wish to breed that exact Chao sooner or later.

A remaining attribute of Chaos Chao is they don’t retain animal components like common Chao, or have totally different eyes/mouths. All Chaos Chao are pure and tackle a single, featureless look.


There are 4 common necessities that your Chao should fulfill so as to remodel right into a Chaos Chao. There’s additionally a fifth alignment requirement if you wish to get a selected form of Chaos Chao. As soon as all steps are full, when your Chao goes right into a cocoon, particular music will play and a Chaos Chao will emerge!

On Sonic Journey for Dreamcast, you possibly can solely acquire the Gentle Chao as there are not any Hero and Darkish alignments!

i’m tryin to make a chaos chao in sonic journey 2 battle and that i wish to kno after the primary 2 reincarnations how the hell do u give it 1 of each animal is their like a method on find out how to give it one in every of each animal.

For a darkish chaos chao u have to present all of it 21 animals however first how would u get all 21 its exhausting. and what do u must do for the hero chaos and light-weight chaos.

3 Solutions

How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

To make a Chaos Chao it’s a must to give it ONE of ALL 21 animals. Simply maintain a guidelines to be sure to do not offer you chao the identical animal twice. Additionally don’t give it any Chaos Drives or the transformation will not work. To make it a Satan, pet it with a darkish character. To make it an Angel, pet it with hero characters, and to make a Gentle chao, maintain it impartial. is a very good web site for chao info, and it has an inventory of the animals and what phases they’re in, however the web site’s been down this week.

nicely.. first to make a chaos chao u want to depart ur gamecube,or ur recreation system on in a single day (for two nights) (reborn 2 occasions) then get one in every of each animal within the adventures, (degree 1,and so on) u give them to ur chao and look forward to it to evolve. and Bam! u received urself a chaos. hope this helps.

How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

You must give it animals solely to get a satan darkish chao I feel however in any other case, watch how the colour modifications after you feed them trigger they must evolve at a sure shade to get the 1 you need.

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“What are Chao? Chao are tiny, cute, and mysterious creatures which are adored by individuals from everywhere in the world. Chao reside within the “Chao Backyard.” The Chao Backyard is the place you possibly can breed and lift Chao.”

No matter which Sonic Journey recreation you might be taking part in, so as to discover Chao to boost, you have to to make your strategy to a Chao Backyard!

There are three Chao Gardens in every Sonic Journey recreation. For Sonic Journey 1/DX, there’s one backyard positioned in every journey subject. For Sonic Journey 2/Battle you have to first discover the important thing to Chao World.

You can begin elevating your Chao after getting found and entered a Chao Backyard. Time solely passes for the Chao while you’re contained in the Chao Backyard. If you’re exploring an journey subject, taking part in a stage, or are in a distinct Chao Backyard to the one your Chao is in, it won’t age.

Chao World [SA2 only]

To achieve entry to your Chao in Sonic Journey 2, you will need to first enterprise into Chao World. To get to Chao World, you will need to discover a Chao Container in one of many ranges. Whenever you break open the Chao Container, you will see that a key inside. If you happen to acquire this key, you’ll be warped to Chao World after finishing the extent.

How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 BattleHow to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

There are three Chao Containers in every degree. The primary container that you just open, no matter which one it really is, will all the time comprise the important thing to Chao World. The second container that you just open will comprise 4 random animals from that stage. Within the third (and remaining) container would be the “particular” animal from that stage. See the animals part for extra info on this.

How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Chao Foyer [SA2 only]

When you efficiently discover the important thing and full the extent, you’ll be positioned into the doorway of Chao World – the Chao Foyer. This can be a room with a warp pad within the middle, and doorways that may result in the totally different Chao Gardens and the Chao Kindergarten. You should utilize the warp pad to depart Chao World and return to the principle recreation.

Chao Gardens

Whenever you first begin, there’ll solely be one Chao Backyard out there. Time solely passes for the Chao while you’re contained in the Chao Backyard. If you’re within the Chao Foyer, taking part in a stage, or in a distinct Chao Backyard to the one your Chao is in, it won’t age. There are three gardens in whole, subscribed within the Gardens web page. For Sonic Journey[DX], you have to to seek out the opposite gardens within the Journey phases. For Sonic Journey 2, it’s a must to unlock them by elevating sure Chao.

Your First Chao

Whenever you first enter the Chao Backyard, you will note two Chao eggs. As you later unlock different Chao Gardens, you will see that a single Chao egg in every of them too. These eggs comprise common coloured Chao, that are mild blue with yellow highlights. They’ll change in form and shade as they develop.

How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Observe: Chao are mild blue with inexperienced highlights within the Dreamcast model of Sonic Journey 1! Additionally, you will discover two new eggs relatively than one in every new backyard you uncover!

“Chao are very simple to boost. The massive eggs that you will note within the Chao Backyard are Chao eggs. Chao eggs hatch on their very own, however you can even hatch them your self.”

Caring for Chaos

How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

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To make your Chao such as you and adore you, you ought to be good to them! Pet them and hug them to point out your affection. Keep in mind to feed them often!

“Chao wish to be petted and carried round. Chao do not prefer it when they’re attacked by a spin assault or are punched. Chao wish to be given fruits to eat.”

After some time of elevating your newly hatched Chao, it’ll finally go right into a cocoon after a couple of hours. That is known as it is evolution. Your Chao is evolving from a baby to an grownup! A Chao is taken into account to be a baby till it evolves.

Dreamcast: One Chao 12 months = round 1 hour

Fashionable: One Chao 12 months = round 3 hours

How to Get a Chaos Chao in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Chao can evolve into one in every of three alignments, and one in every of 5 totally different capacity sorts. This makes for a complete of fifteen totally different attainable evolutions! Along with this, there are three particular evolutions, that are individually defined on the Chaos Chao web page. The alignment web page will element find out how to management your Chao’s alignment. This web page will clarify find out how to management its capacity kind, and can current the fifteen totally different evolutions.

Please understand that a chao will evolve into the alignment and skill kind that it favors most on the level it enters it is cocoon. You possibly can subsequently select the way you need it to evolve by selecting what animals or Chaos Drives (and by extension stats) the Chao is given. If you’re aiming for a specific kind of Chao, you will need to preserve and maintain it the way you need it to be till it really does evolve.

All Chao within the first Sonic Journey on the Dreamcast are Impartial alignment. Hero and Darkish Chao weren’t launched till the subsequent recreation within the sequence, Sonic Journey 2! So there are solely 5 attainable evolutions ([)plustheNeutralChaosChao)inthisgame[)plustheNeutralChaosChao)inthisgame

Potential Varieties

A Chao would not simply evolve right into a Hero, Darkish, or Impartial alignment: it additionally evolves into one in every of 5 totally different capacity sorts. Relying on what animals and/or Chaos Drives you will have given your Chao, it’ll evolve in a sure approach. There are 4 predominant teams of animals and Chaos Drives and that is what determines the Chao’s evolution path; it’ll evolve into one in every of 5 totally different capacity sorts. These capacity sorts are Swim, Fly, Run, Energy, and Regular (the place no stat is favoured over the others).

It is rather generally believed {that a} Chao evolves into the Swim, Fly, Run, or Energy sorts if the corresponding stat is the best, and that the Regular kind relies on HP/Stamina or a steadiness between the opposite 4 stats. All of that is fully false! Evolution is extra sophisticated than that, and truly isn’t primarily based on stat values ​​in any respect. As an alternative, it’s primarily based on a Chao’s latest interplay with animals or Chaos Drives.

A Chao evolves right into a ‘Regular’ kind if it has not too long ago interacted with animals/drives in a balanced approach. This contains when it has been given nothing in any respect! Listed here are two examples to assist clarify this:

You give your Chao 100 Run animals, then 100 Energy animals, then 100 Fly animals, after which 100 Swim animals. You have got given it an equal quantity of each kind, however solely over a protracted interval. Most not too long ago, you will have solely given it a considerable amount of Swim animals. The Chao will evolve into the Swim kind.

You give your Chao 5 Run animals, then 5 Energy animals, then 5 Fly animals, after which 5 Swim animals. You repeat this course of 20 occasions, in order that it has a complete of 100 of every type. As a result of the Chao most not too long ago interacted with a steadiness of every kind, it’ll evolve into the Regular kind.

The above rationalization was only a abstract of the way it works. For extra in-depth info on this, see the wiki web page.

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