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Have a mechanical pencil whose lead will not come out? There’s a good likelihood that your pencil is jammed! This may be annoying, nevertheless it’s normally simple to repair.

This information will assist clear that jam and get your pencil again in working order.

Studying: methods to repair a mechanical pencil

Pencil Jam Repair Video Explainer

The under video could be all it’s essential repair your jammed pencil. In case you want extra granular directions, you may learn on under.

How Pencil Jams Occur

Mechanical pencils are comparatively easy gadgets so there is not quite a bit that may go mistaken. That stated, stuff does occur. Normally, a small fragment of lead can get caught within the sleeve or clutch of the pencil and stop lead from pushing by way of. You then unknowingly push the button, cramming extra lead down there and make the scenario worse.

Jamming occurs extra typically with smaller diameter lead pencils, equivalent to 0.3 mm, however it may occur to any drafting or mechanical pencil. Tougher leads (for instance 2H or 3H) are extra liable to breaking and extra more likely to jam a pencil.

Mud may trigger pencil jams over time, as it may accumulate in and across the clutch and stop the correct motion of the inner parts.

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Pencil jams will also be causes by utilizing the mistaken lead measurement. In case you put 0.5 mm lead in a 0.3 mm pencil, you will definitely expertise a jam, however not too many individuals make this error. It is extra seemingly that you just may put 0.35 mm lead (like that from the Rotring Tikky) in a 0.3 mm pencil.

Lastly, you may jam a pencil by placing an excessive amount of lead contained in the chamber. A typical mechanical pencil will work nice with 2 or 3 spare items of lead inside. In case you add 7 or 8 a jam is more likely to happen.

Some individuals say that pencils with plastic clutches jam extra typically than ones with brass clutches, however typically we’ve not discovered this to be true. The components above, and the general high quality of your pencil and lead will probably be rather more of an element than the fabric of your clutch.

Pencil Cleansing Rod

Assuming easy measures — like giving the pencil a superb shake whereas the wrong way up and urgent the button — do not work, you will have to do an actual repair on your jammed pencil. One of the simplest ways to that is by utilizing a cleansing rod (generally often known as a “clean-out rod”). Up to now these had been included with virtually all technical and drafting pencils, however as merchandise have gotten cheaper and fewer targeted on the skilled consumer that is much less more likely to be the case.

Some pencils that embody a cleansing rod are the:

  • Lamy 2000 mechanical pencil
  • Pentel Graph Gear 1000 (older fashions solely)
  • Pilot S20
  • Pilot S10
  • Rotring 800 / 800+
  • Pentel Orenz

In case your pencil does not embody a cleansing rod you may attempt to discover a skinny piece of steel wire or security pin, however this may be very robust to do, particularly for 0.2 mm and 0.3 mm can get artistic with this and check out one thing like a really skinny pipe cleaner, however simply be sure that no matter you employ for the job is not going to make issues worse or depart any fragments inside your pencil.

PPE e1573569825336
Pentel PPE-2 eraser with cleansing rod

In case you’re pencil does not embody a cleansing rod, you should purchase an eraser equipment that features one. Simply makes certain that the rod is the fitting measurement on your pencil — that’s, not greater than the diameter of your lead. Smaller, say 0.3 mm for a 0.5 mm pencil, is OK although!

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A couple of choices for this, all of that are beneath $5 are the:

  • Pilot MS-10 eraser refill equipment
  • Pilot HERFS-10 eraser equipment
  • Pentel PPE-2 Orenz eraser equipment
  • Lamy Z10 eraser refills

The way to Repair a Jammed Mechanical Pencil

Your first intuition will probably be to shake the pencil and push the button quite a bit. If that labored you would not be studying this text so it is best to cease that earlier than you make issues worse.

To repair the pencil jam you will have to do the next:

  1. Unscrew the entrance tip of the pencil and ensure no small items of lead are jammed inside. This may appear apparent nevertheless it’s a logical first step. Give it a shake and be sure you can see by way of the opening the lead goes by way of.
  2. Have a look at the clutch (the half on the entrance of the pencil physique that holds the lead), is it transferring freely? Are fragments jammed inside? Maintain the pencil right-side up and push the button. Your lead will fall out, however so will something that might jam the pencil.

The way to Use The Cleansing Rod

The easy manner to make use of the cleansing rod to scrub a jam is…

  • Eradicating the eraser and get the rod
  • Maintain the pencil right-side up or the wrong way up. Push the highest button down and maintain it
  • Push the clearing rod into the opening the place the lead comes out of. Push all of it the best way in however do not be too forceful. (In case you encounter any actual resistance you might have a badly jammed pencil and may learn under.)
  • The insertion of the clearing rod ought to clear any jams. Take away it slowly and push the button till lead comes out.

The way to Repair a Badly Jammed Pencil

Did not work? Let’s transfer on to the deep repair.

  1. Take away the eraser and anything preserving the lead in
  2. Take away all of the lead and preserve the pencil the wrong way up in your desk
  3. Screw the entrance of the pencil off
  4. Open the clutch, both by pushing down the pencil button. alternatively this may require pushing the pencil down (push the highest button) whereas pushing a small collar down
  5. Poke the cleansing rod into the pipe and dislodge any lead items caught inside
  6. Throw out the small particles that falls out of the pencil, do not attempt to reuse any very small items

At this level your pencil must be fastened and able to go.


Can I take advantage of a bit of result in unjam a pencil?

No, you shouldn’t attempt to use a bit of result in unjam a mechanical pencil. This may look like an apparent factor to do — as you virtually definitely have the lead useful — however when trying to clear the lead jam with a bit of lead you stand a superb likelihood of creating issues worse. Because of this many pencils embody a metal cleansing device, because it will not break if you find yourself cleansing out any caught lead items or collected mud.

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