How to Dehydrate Broccoli

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Find out how straightforward it’s to dehydrate broccoli, and make it helpful on your long-term storage, inexperienced powder, and on a regular basis meals. And sure, we’re speaking the entire plant!

Broccoli florets on a wooden cutting board.

Broccoli has been maligned for years because the smelly stuff mother made you eat at dinner or the little tree good for nothing greater than dipping in ranch dressing on occasion platters.

Studying: how one can dehydrate broccoli

Broccoli, one of many Cruciferous greens, is an effective supply of fiber and protein, and accommodates iron, potassium, calcium, selenium, and magnesium in addition to the nutritional vitamins A, C, E, Okay, and array of B nutritional vitamins together with folic acid. (Supply)

However who’ve thought you would truly use the stalks as greater than the deal with to get scoop of ranch dressing to make consuming the plant palatable!

And you may protect broccoli extra than simply freezing it for subsequent week’s hen broccoli casserole.

However have I obtained some information for you! (Sure, Veggie Tales ripoff!)

The way to Dehydrate Broccoli

  1. Start by cleansing a broccoli head with heat water.
  2. Reduce the broccoli head into equal-size florets for uniform drying time.
  3. Blanch the sections of the broccoli individually.
    • The usual blanching time is 3 minutes for a boiling water blanch.
  4. Cool in an ice water tub
  5. Enable the broccoli to airdry on a lint-free towel as you put together the remainder of your dehydrating.
  6. Slice broccoli stems or tough chop them in a meals processor or with a knife relying on what your finish product want is (slices vs powder).
  7. Add them to dehydrator trays, sorting by the dimensions of the items. This ensures that each one items on a tray will dry on the identical charge, and retains you from having to select completed items. I take advantage of an Excalibur dehydrator, however any dehydrator will work.
  8. Dehydrate at 125°C / 52°C for 8 to 12 hours. The drying time will fluctuate on the humidity of your own home and the moisture on the vegetable.
Dehydrated broccoli florets on Excalibur Dehydrator tray

And a tip – these tiny flowers which have fallen off might be simply tossed into your vegetable powder with none processing!

Dehydrating Frozen Broccoli

As a result of business frozen meals are already prepped, blanched and able to go, they make good starting dehydrating tasks and save a ton of time within the kitchen. This methodology phrases for florets or rice.

  1. Type by dimension and lay on dehydrating trays – no must thaw. Nevertheless, if you would like items which can be all uniformly sized for simpler storage and serving later, you may thaw, reduce down the bigger items, and begin from there. Parchment paper in your lowest tray can acquire the small items that may inevitably fall by.
  2. Dehydrate at 125°F/52°C for 6-8 hrs
  3. Check for dryness after to chill
  4. Situation
  5. Retailer in an hermetic container

Rehydrating Dried Broccoli

You will have two choices:

  • Rehydrate in a shower of sizzling to boiling water for 15-20 minutes (longer if they’re nonetheless to not the specified texture

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  • Soak in a water tub within the fridge in a single day.
Broccoli florets and sliced ​​stems on Excalibur dehydrator trays to dry

Dehydrating Broccoli Stems

As soon as you have cleaned, blanched, and segmented your broccoli, do not throw away these stems. You’ll be able to slice them into small items for soups, stews or casseroles.

Tough chopping them make them simpler to combine for individuals who are a little bit pickier about style and texture!

Additionally they make an awesome addition to vegetable powder.

  1. If you have not already, slice the stems into bite-sized items
  2. Dry on dehydrator trays at 125°C/52°C for 8-12 hours till dry and arduous.
  3. Situation
  4. Retailer

To Powder:

  1. Place dried items into the blender of your alternative (I’ve a number of suggestions right here, however a bullet blender is my favourite instrument for grinding)
  2. Pulse till tough powder is fashioned, then whirl till powder is of the consistency you want to use.
  3. Place again in your dehydrator in a protected tray or in muffin cups to dry for a further hour then retailer in an hermetic container. Desiccant packs are useful at this stage to manage moisture, however will not be mandatory.

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broccoli head and leaves in the garden

Dehydrate Broccoli Leaves

YES! they’re edible and make an awesome addition to your tremendous inexperienced powder!

  1. Wash leaves totally
  2. Lay on dehydrator trays
  3. Dry at 125F/52C till dry – normally inside 8 hours.

Suggestions: You’ll be able to blanch the leaves in the event that they really feel significantly arduous and leather-based, or reduce them into strips to make drying time go a little bit quicker.

To create a powder:

  • Take dry leaves, run them in a bullet blender or grinder of your alternative till a high-quality powder is fashioned.
  • Retailer for as much as twelve months in an hermetic container.

Dehydrated Broccoli FAQ’s

What sort of dehydrator do I would like?

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I occur to make use of an Excalibur Dehydrator more often than not, however I additionally use a Nesco FD-75 – any dehydrator will give you the results you want. Listed below are tricks to deciding what dehydrator could also be finest for you.

Do I really want to blanch broccoli?

As a result of blanching preserves colour, and might make rehydrating a greater texture, it is strongly recommended to blanch broccoli for finest outcomes.

Nevertheless, whether it is going instantly right into a powder, I do not. I additionally is not going to blanch broccoli florets that I do know might be used within the subsequent month. Nevertheless, if used for long-term storage or meals in jars, I do.

There’s a good rule of thumb: “In case you eat it uncooked, you do not have to blanch it”. It does not at all times work out completely, and it’s best to solely apply it to stuff you plan on doing for short-term storage, however it may possibly assist with issues like broccoli.

The way to retailer dehydration broccoli

Hermetic containment in canning jars, or mylar baggage is most popular. You’ll be able to study extra in regards to the correct storage of dehydrated meals right here.

How lengthy will it final?

Correctly dried, conditioned, and saved, dehydrated broccoli ought to final at the least 1-2 years, you are more likely to get extra. However bear in mind, texture and high quality will start to degrade over time. Dehydrated meals are finest utilized in that 1-2 yr window for finest outcomes.

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What if I disliked dehydration broccoli?

In case you discover that you simply simply do not just like the style or texture of dehydrated broccoli, do not waste it by throwing it away! Powder it to incorporate in your vegetable or inexperienced powder so as to add additional vitamins to any meal!

So long as you do not have a mix that’s heavy one explicit inexperienced or vegetable, taste it impartial to return away with a really “inexperienced” taste or simply ‘veg’.

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