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Pink beans are a great supply of protein and in Asia, bean are most well-liked to be sweetened as an alternative of salty. The best but most satisfying dessert after a meal could be the pink bean soup. Within the sizzling summer time months, that is served ice chilly and within the winter months, it is served piping sizzling. Nonetheless it is served, it is a great approach to finish a meal. There are lots of variations of pink bean soup. The Cantonese model pink bean soup normally accommodates dried tangerine zest (陳皮) taste and thickened with tapioca starch. The Japanese zenzai (ぜんざい) is a thick soup nearly like a porridge which is served with chewy glutinous rice balls or rice truffles. Korean model patjuk (팥죽) generally is garnished with pine nuts and a splash of cinnamon. Taiwanese pink bean soup is less complicated, with simply pink beans, water, and sugar. If you happen to transfer down in the direction of southeast Asia, coconut milk is normally added into the soup in addition to sago. Be happy to experiment with totally different add-ins upon getting the bottom pink bean soup ready. For me, I choose the Taiwanese model, mild and bean soup - closeup1

Now, the BIGGEST MISTAKE one could make when cooking the pink bean soup is so as to add sugar at first of cooking. If you happen to add the sugar to the beans earlier than they’re tender, they are going to NOT soften, ever. It is a unusual phenomenon to witness and if I’ve time, I might like to search out out why that’s the case and whether or not it solely occurs to pink bean or the identical would apply to inexperienced beans and different beans. Regardless, you’ve gotten been warned. I am fairly positive with trendy gear like a strain cooker or an immersion blender, you’ll be able to in all probability add sugar at first and simply mix the entire thing on the finish. However this time, let’s preserve to custom and solely add sugar on the bean soup - final2

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By way of elements, the pink bean is usually referred to in America as Japanese adzuki (あずき) beans. The sugar could be white granulated or the clear rock sugar or palm sugar and even brown sugar. No matter sugar you find yourself utilizing, the flavour could be refined however noticeable. Lastly, the pinch of salt is an ingredient to trick your mind to suppose the soup is sweeter than it’s. Rising up in Taiwan, I’ve all the time had barely salted fruits, particularly pineapples and watermelons. The ‘adults’ say it makes the fruit style sweeter. I simply discover it salty. However for the soup, since it’s only a tiny pinch, it is not going style any salty in any respect. Perhaps subsequent time I ought to do a blind style take a look at to see if I can actually inform the distinction. Anyway, sufficient rambling, time to make some pink bean soup. And one of the best half about making a number of pink bean soup? I freeze them to make pink bean popsicles. red bean soup - final4


  • 16 oz dry adzuki pink beans (about 2 cups)
  • ½ cup sugar**
  • Pinch of salt
  • Water

red bean soup - ingredients

** sweetness is a private desire so you can also make changes as you are feeling prefer it red bean soup - processred bean soup - closeup2red bean soup - final3

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