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Fufu (or foofoo or foufou) is presumably one probably the most well-known west African “swallow” meals. It’s a filling facet dish – starchy, easy, dense, and stretchy that’s a lot beloved as a result of it’s scrumptious, easy, satisfying, and simple to organize.


Fufu is simple to make, but so scrumptious. It isn’t eaten alone, and it’s served with a type of wealthy and flavorful soup or stew comparable to egusi soup, okra soup, ewedu soup (Jute leaves), or mild soup.

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It’s the excellent acccompaniment to soups/stews and proteins as a result of it’s straightforward to swallow and would not require chewing, so it’s a meals that every one ages can get pleasure from collectively.


Foofoo is comprised of cassava, which is also referred to as yuca. It’s a starchy root vegetable, much like candy potatoes, russet potatoes, and yams. It may be fried, baked, and ready similar to potatoes; nonetheless, it turns into very easy, doughy, and elastic when made into fufu.

Although although comprised of cassava, fufu’s definition has expanded through the years to incorporate quite a lot of swallow meals, comparable to eba, inexperienced plantains, amala, cocoyam, corn, pounded yam, semolina, and way more.

Well plated fufu - Foo foo served with egusi soup in a plate


  • Peel the pores and skin of the cassava with a potato peeler or a knife.
  • Reduce the peeled tuber into small cubes that may simply be processed in a blender.
  • Mix until a pleasant and easy batter is shaped.
  • Switch it to a pot and stir till the fufu is thick and easy, like a semi-solid paste.

…So what subsequent?

As soon as the foofoo is prepared, form it into small balls, and wrap the balls individually in plastic wraps. This enables the fufu to retain its moisture and stop it from forming a crust.


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Pinch off just a little little bit of the foufou and mould it right into a small oval ball together with your palms. Make a small indentation within the fufu and use this indentation to scoop up among the soup or stew, then swallow. Sure, I stated swallow – no chewing! The “chewing intuition” would possibly set in, however with apply, the artwork of swallowing fufu will be mastered!

Washing of palms earlier than consuming any swallow meals is sort of a ceremony. So long as the hand-washing ritual is noticed, then cutlery is just not wanted.

Historically, Nigerian eat solely with their proper hand, so you probably have been invited to the house of a Nigerian pal or are consuming at a standard Nigerian restaurant, please bear in mind to eat solely together with your proper hand, even in case you are personally left-handed .

A morsel of fufu with egusi soup


Swallow meals are pliable but agency doughy meals, much like America’s mashed potatoes however with extra texture. Nigerian examples embrace pounded yam, eba, amala, starch, fufu, and plenty of extra. The pliable texture makes it straightforward to eat together with your hand (proper hand solely, please) and to swallow with out chewing.

To eat fufu, reduce out a morsel from the meal, then type an indentation on it with the thumb and scoop some stew or soup over it and swallow!


Fufu is often served in comparatively small balls and wrapped in plastic wraps to retain its moisture. It’s usually paired with numerous scrumptious soups and stews like Egusi, Ogbano, Vegetable, peanut soup, and Okro soup, with every individual having their desire.

FUFU WITH PLANTAINS? Do you need to add plantains?

The straightforward reply isn’t any. The fufu can even prove good whether it is made with out plantains. however that is the best way I like to eat fufu. For this recipe, I used a combination of cassava and plantains. The plantains assist reduce down the stretchiness of the fufu and add a touch of plantain taste. You may make this recipe simply with cassava, too – similar elements, similar directions, simply pass over the plantains.


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Foofoo will solely have a deep fermented odor if the cassava is left to ferment earlier than making it into fufu. If in any other case, you’ll expertise a really delicate odor like mashed potatoes with out the butter :).


Sure, fufu will be reheated in a microwave. Merely unwrap any leftover balls and put them in a microwave-safe bowl. Simply as you’d with rice, add a splash of water, then microwave until heated by means of—about 5 minutes. Use a picket stirrer to stir till it turns into good and easy.


Foufou gives a big quantity of carbs, some fat, and a little bit of protein. It additionally gives fiber, nutritional vitamins, and minerals like:

  • Choline: Nerve and mind operate
  • Potassium: Coronary heart, kidney, and muscle operate
  • Beta carotene: Anti-oxidant


It is laborious to explain however it has a really delicate style. I’ll say it is a cross between potatoes and candy potatoes.


I am not a fan of fermented fufu, however some folks find it irresistible. It is only one extra step, however you will have to begin making ready it a number of days upfront. Earlier than you make the fufu, merely soak the peeled and diced cassava in water for 3 to 5 days. That is it! Each different step stays the identical. It is going to have a stronger odor than its typical delicate starchy aroma, although, due to the fermentation.

Observe that fufu hardens up because it calm down, so it is recommendation to prepare dinner it on the softer facet particularly in case you are not consuming it instantly.

What to serve with Fufu:

  • Egusi soup
  • Stewed Spinach
  • Okra soup
  • Jute leaves soup – ewedu
  • Ogbano soup

Different African Swallow meals that you may additionally get pleasure from:

  • Pounded Yam
  • Sadza-Ugali

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