How to Clean White Acrylic Nails

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Uncover 4 methods to scrub white acrylic nails and strategies to stop them from turning yellow

A conventional white manicure is timeless, elegant, and all people’s go-to; although, it is an exhausting manicure to maintain up. White nails are exhausting to take care of wanting clear and as current as they did when you first had them carried out. Though many people want to get them carried out, they are not very smart for frequently life. So, how do you clear white acrylic nails?

There are only a few strategies to scrub acrylic nails, nonetheless using lemon juice and baking soda is probably going one of the typical strategies. The acid in lemon juice helps dissolve the mud particles on the nails, and the baking soda is a pure bleaching agent, which makes the nails look brighter and lighter.

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On this put up, there are 4 strategies to scrub your white acrylic nails and some information on why your white acrylic nails flip yellow and one of the best ways to forestall it.

Why are my white acrylic nails turning yellow?

Acrylic nails are additional porous types of manicures, which implies they soak up liquids they arrive in contact with and often are inclined to get stained by positive substances.

The discouration shall be solely completely different for everyone, some may experience better than others, nonetheless the essential factor issue to find out is what’s inflicting your white nails to indicate yellow and try and illuminate it.

Though there isn’t any such factor as a exact motive why white acrylic nails flip yellow, it is often due to publicity to positive substances and chemical compounds. As an illustration, an extreme quantity of publicity to sunlight and UV rays, publicity to harsh chemical compounds in frequently merchandise like cleaning merchandise or hair dyes, and cigarettes can also set off discolouration.

It can even be introduced on by the low prime quality of the gel or merchandise which have been used, so within the occasion you get your nails carried out at a nail salon, it is exhausting to know the usual of the merchandise they’re utilized.

Nonetheless, within the occasion you uncover that the price for a full acrylic set is cheaper, this signifies that the merchandise they use is probably cheaper, lower prime quality. When you’re doing them at home, then do some evaluation for the best high quality merchandise to forestall your nails’ discoloration.

How you can Clear White Acrylic Nails

There are a lot of various methods to scrub white acrylic nails; the great issue with the 4 make clear underneath is that every one of them use accessible devices which implies you’ll be able to do it at home.

Not solely will they forestall a go to to the nail salon and stop money, nonetheless they may even save your white acrylic nails and help them final extra.

Listed here are 4 strategies to scrub white acrylic nails.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is an efficient option to wash white acrylic nails; it is a low-cost risk, and this can be very environment friendly. The lemon juice’s acidic properties dissolve the stain particles and make the nail look brighter; although, it is cleaning the nail.

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There are only a few different methods you’ll be able to do that; the only one is lemon juice by itself. All you need to do is squeeze half a lemon proper right into a bowl, make the most of a cotton bud, allow it to soak inside the juice for about 10 seconds.

As soon as the cotton bud is soaked inside the lemon juice, wipe it throughout the stained nails; do each nail individually soaking the cotton bud for each nail. As soon as all nails are lined, depart the lemon juice in your nails for about 2 – 3 minutes. When the time is up, scrub the nails with a dry washcloth.

Lemon Salt Scrub

One other means it’s possible you’ll clear white acrylic nails with lemon juice is a lemon salt scrub. The lemon juice will get rid of the stains, and the salt scrub will gently bull the nail and polish it too.

To make a lemon salt scrub, you need to add two tablespoons of lemon juice and two tablespoons of salt and mix the two mixed. Apply the mix to your nails, gently scrubbing your nails to help activate it.

Go away it in your palms for 5 minutes, after which wash it off with warmth water and cleansing cleaning soap. To keep up your palms moisturizerd after, it’s possible you’ll apply some oil to your palms and nails.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide has whitening merchandise, which may be very useful if you happen to want to clear your white acrylic nails.

All you need to do is add one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide to 100ml scorching water and mix the two collectively. Be certain that the water is not too scorching to burn you, and it is a cozy temperature so to put your palms in.

As soon as it is ready, place your palms inside the mixture and depart to soak for 10 minutes. If you’ve accomplished, wash your palms with warmth water and cleansing cleaning soap.

Hydrogen peroxide can be very harsh and may dehydrate your palms, so that you just do should moisturize your palms straight away and keep them moisturised all via the day.

Important oils

Some essential oils are good at eradicating stains, as an example, tea tree oil. Tea tree oil is a pure stain remover; though, it’ll probably be slower than one other selections, but it surely definitely is probably going one of the pure strategies to scrub your white acrylic nails.

Add two tablespoons of your chosen oil and 100ml of warmth water, and mix them collectively. Let your palms soak in it for 10 minutes; as quickly because the time is up, rinse your palms with water. As acknowledged earlier, it’s a slower course of, so it’s possible you’ll repeat this someday until your nails are white as soon as extra.

It is a good approach if you happen to want to forestall your nails from turning yellow, it’s possible you’ll add this to your day-to-day routine, and it’d make your nails final extra and may stop them from getting stained the least bit.

Scrub it off

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If you’re making an attempt to scrub your white acrylic nails straight after the staining or contact a positive product, then scrubbing your nails might also assist clear them.

All you need to do is wash your palms with scorching water and cleansing cleaning soap, make the most of a nail brush, scrub your nails for a few minutes. You do not want to scrub too robust; in every other case, it might probably chip the nail polish, nonetheless use enough drive to help elevate the stains.

That is an appropriate approach for, as acknowledged earlier, stains which have merely, so as an example, within the occasion you eat positive meals in any other case you spill one factor like cleaning merchandise in your nails. This may not work for stains that you just simply’ve had for a while, so it is extremely essential bear that in ideas.

How do I keep my white nails from turning yellow?

Though likelihood is you may by no completely stop your nails from turning yellow, there are so many points you’ll be able to do to make your nails final extra and stop them from discolouring for as long as potential.

As an illustration, if you’ll be in contact with merchandise you perceive set off your nails to indicate yellow, you’ll placed on gloves. To some, this can seem straightforward, and to others, it may be an issue, nonetheless sporting gloves when using cleaning merchandise or consuming heavy coloured meals then the gloves will create a barrier that protects your nails.

Re-applying a excessive coat might also assist forestall your nails from turning yellow; some suppose that topcoats should be solely positioned on if you’ve had your nails carried out, nonetheless this is not true.

Topcoats create a seal over the nail polish and defend any hurt from happening to the colour. When you retain topping up on the topcoat, it could make sure the seal continues to be sturdy, which is ready to help your nails final extra.

You might also use a gel topcoat; you most likely have frequent nail polish, it’s possible you’ll even use a gel topcoat. Gel topcoats are tons stronger than frequent topcoats, so making use of 1 to your acrylic nails will keep your nails protected prolonged and keep them in increased state of affairs for an additional extended time frame.

Bear in mind to deal with the topcoat with each a UV or LED delicate analysis on what the gel is suitable with; it’ll help keep your nails from turning yellow.


When you uncover that you could possibly’t get the stains off, it may be best to remove the current nail polish and re-paint; as quite a bit because it’s irritating to try this, you want to ensure you keep your nails and palms as healthful.

Though these methods won’t be harmful to you, the mounted scrubbing and software program of varied merchandise can irritate your pores and pores and skin, which you want to avoid.

I hope this has been useful and help you uncover good strategies to scrub your white acrylic nails. Stopping your nails from staining or any discoloration is significant, so it is extremely essential add points into your day after day life to protect your nails and to take care of them wanting probably the greatest at all times.

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