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Professional Ideas from the Style of Dwelling Take a look at Kitchen

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  • Use a pointy chef’s knife. Do not seize your paring knife or serrated knife-they will not be as quick, clear or protected.
  • Chop with an up-down movement as an alternative of sawing.
  • To ensure they prepare dinner unanimously, chop or cube items in a uniform dimension.
  • Shield your fingers whereas chopping! Whereas holding the meals in place, preserve your fingers barely curled. At all times lower away out of your fingers!
  • In case you do not want the entire onion, solely take the pores and skin off the half you want and pop the remainder in a zip-top bag within the fridge.


Step 1: Peel

Earlier than you chop, lower off the highest of the onion and take away the pores and skin. Until you make rings or grating, it is simpler to peel the onion after you chop it in half from stem to root. Preserve the basis intact.

We’ll say it once more: At all times lower away out of your fingers!

Step 2: Slice Vertically

Lay one half of the onion on the reducing board with the basis dealing with away from you. You should utilize the basis as a deal with. Slice vertically, from stem to root. Cease every slice a few half inch from the basis as an alternative of slicing during it-this helps to maintain all of the slices collectively. The nearer the cuts, the finer the onion shall be chopped.

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Step 3: Slice Throughout

If you’ve completed your vertical slices, flip the onion 90 levels and lower horizontally throughout the vertical cuts. Discard root finish once you’re carried out.

The best way to Slice Onions

Simple! See instructions for chopped onions, however cease after Step 2. Then chop off the basis finish to set the slices free.

The best way to Make Onion Rings

Slice the onion from pole to pole, discarding the stem. Toss the rings in a bowl to loosen the layers.

The best way to Shred Onions

Peel the onion. Use a cheese grater (preserve the basis or stem on to make use of as a deal with) or a meals processor with the grating attachment (chop off the ends earlier than shredding).

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The best way to Minimize Onions With out Crying

Attempt these tips from Style of Dwelling Group Cooks:

  • I preserve the basis finish intact, and I take advantage of a really sharp knife. Proper earlier than chopping, I take advantage of a handheld sharpener, then I hone it and wipe it with a paper towel. In case your knife is simply too boring, it “smashes” the onion cells and also you get the disagreeable results. Works for me! -Ann Sheehy, Lawrence, MA
  • I put my onions within the freezer about 15-20 minutes earlier than I lower them, plus I take advantage of a really sharp knife. -Elizabeth Bramkamp, ​​Gig Harbor, WA
  • I chew gum whereas respiration via my mouth as an alternative of my nostril! Sounds loopy, nevertheless it works! -Allison Ochoa, Hays, KS
  • I’ve had a chopper for years. It is really easy and fast. I adore it, and no tears. -Lisa Allen, Joppa, Ali
  • My grandma at all times stated to carry a match (unlit, in fact) between your enamel. One thing within the match absorbs the onion scent earlier than it reaches your nostril and eyes! -Erin Wright, Wallace, KS
  • Drink a tall glass of water, a couple of minutes earlier than chopping onions. Dry eyes seize for any little bit of water within the air. -Helen Nelander, Boulder Creek, CA
  • Microwave the entire onion for 30 seconds, then peel and chop it. No tears! I discovered this trick from my eighth grade dwelling ec instructor greater than 20 years in the past. I’ve carried out it ever since and it really works each time! -Moira McGarry, Parkman, ME
  • I’ve truly worn common goggles (the sort you get at ironmongery store) as an alternative of onion reducing goggles after seeing somebody do it on TV. It really works nice! And also you look actually cool, too. -Deborah Pennington, Decatur, Al

Extra helpful onion suggestions:

How-and How Lengthy-to Retailer Entire Onions

Preserve onions in a cool, dry place, separated from different pantry veggies like potatoes. White, yellow and purple onions will preserve for a number of months, however use candy onions inside a number of weeks.

The best way to Peel a Pearl Onion

In a Dutch oven or giant kettle, deliver 6 cups of water to a boil. Add pearl onions; boil for 3 minutes. Drain and rinse in chilly water; peel.

The best way to Get the Odor of Onion Off Your Fingers

If you’ve completed chopping onions, sprinkle your fingers with desk salt, rub them collectively for a number of moments, then wash them.

Subsequent, check out these irresistible onion recipes.

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