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If we all know what God is like, we’ll know how you can turn into a God.

how to become a god

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So, allow us to try to perceive God:

  1. God is One who is aware of the Self. The Self is nothing however the Pure Soul. God has the entire experiential data of ‘I’m Pure Soul.’ Subsequently, He’s by no means within the mistaken perception that ‘I’m the physique or the identify’.
  2. God has flawless imaginative and prescient, ie He can clearly see that nobody is at fault on this world. Any struggling we expertise is because of our personal mistake solely.
  3. God has destroyed all His errors, and that’s how He has turn into the Supreme Being.

Subsequently, to turn into a dwelling God:

1. Step one is to get the Data of the Self.

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The data of the Self can solely be acquired by assembly a Gnani Purush, the Self-Realized One. The Gnani Purush doesn’t contact or disturb our worldly life in any respect. He solely removes the foundation trigger on which our worldly life relies ie the ignorance of Self; and enlightens us with the experiential data of the Self, by giving us the reply to the query ‘Who am I?’ Thereafter we cease binding new karmas.

That is doable even at present via the non secular science of Akram Vignan, the stepless path to Self Realization. One can attain the data of the Self (Atma Gnan) by assembly a dwelling Atma Gnani and receiving Atma Gnan from Him.

When one receives the data of 1’s Actual Self, his imaginative and prescient turns into flawless and, it’s this new altered imaginative and prescient that makes one regard others’ flawless ie with out faults.

2. The second step is once we see our personal faults and we destroy them, we’ll turn into a dwelling God.

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Param Pujya Dadashri at all times stated, “Who can see his personal errors? It’s the one who has absolutely the imaginative and prescient of flawless conduct, regardless that his conduct isn’t flawless but. That particular person is taken into account liberated.”

So, in our subsequent step to turn into God, every time we harm others via our ideas, speech or actions, we’ll perceive that it as our mistake and we’ll instantly apologize for it, by doing pratikraman.

‘Pratikraman’ means to repent over our mistake and search forgiveness for that mistake from God (the Pure Soul) inside the particular person whom now we have harm. Pratikraman is without doubt one of the biggest weapons for attaining peace and bliss.

The best way to do pratikraman:

With repentance in your coronary heart, bear in mind the God (the Pure Soul) recall within the different particular person and say in your thoughts:

  1. “Oh Pure Soul! I’m sorry that I harm you.
  2. For that, I ask for Your forgiveness.
  3. And I promise I shall not repeat this error once more.”

By doing pratikraman, one layer of our mistake is shed. The identical mistake will occur once more regardless that now we have carried out pratikraman, as a result of each mistake has a number of layers. As soon as all of the layers of a specific mistake are gone, then the error is totally destroyed.

To conclude:

  1. With the data of the Self, we cease binding new karma, and
  2. By doing pratikraman for our errors, we start to develop flawless conduct.

Thus, day-to-day, we begin to turn into God.

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