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What Is Gumballs & Dungeons?

Gumballs & Dungeons is a cell online game that blends the types of an RPG dungeon-crawler with these of a rogue-like sport. In much less technical phrases, the mage permits you to discover randomly generated dungeons and combat monsters whereas upgrading your collectible Gumball warriors.

Studying: Gumballs and dungeons airship information

That’s the premise—now how does the title maintain up?



  • Free to play
  • Nice replay worth
  • Cute aesthetics (many popular culture references) however a good problem
  • Upcoming content material

Merely put, this sport provides a ton to do. You’ve obtained Gumballs to unlock, assets to gather, many dungeons to overcome, limitless mode to check your true expertise, quests to finish, and a gentle charge of unlockable content material. Each time you assume you’ve discovered all the sport’s areas, it throws a brand new and thrilling function at you to take care of your curiosity. Though gamers can spend actual cash to accumulate assets extra rapidly, I by no means felt like I used to be lacking out by choosing the free route, and the sport itself even tells penniless gamers that it strives to offer them the identical full expertise. Plus, maintain your eyes peeled for enjoyable references to characters like Disney’s Pinocchio, Indiana Jones, and Lara Croft.


  • Grammar errors
  • Missing descriptions
  • Simplistic story (some may name this a professional)

Actually, the one complaints I’ve are nitpicks. Once in a while, I ran right into a sentence that both contained a mistake or was awkwardly worded. Nonetheless, with so many objects and tools within the sport, I can perceive it wouldn’t be straightforward to reread the whole lot, particularly if you’re engaged on new materials. The sport might additionally profit from some kind of record-keeping of all encountered monsters, together with betters descriptions of stats and standing results.


For a free-to-play sport, I used to be greater than impressed with the considerable high quality content material contained inside Gumballs & Dungeons. I haven’t been paid to cowl the sport, however when you don’t belief a sneaky author like me, possibly you’ll consider the (as of this writing) exceptionally excessive 4.7/ 5 stars the sport has already amassed from consumer opinions.

Now that we all know the sport’s positively price an opportunity, let’s cowl some methods and tricks to get you working!

Gather and Improve Gumballs

Gather Your Workforce

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You begin with the default blue-hued Adventurer Gumball, whose stats and talents pale compared to later warriors. Hold advancing all through the sport to search out higher models, and word that warriors of the identical faction typically supply bonuses to one another. Take note of every battler’s traits—some are geared for bodily fight; others are magic-oriented.

Improve Your Workforce

Your cute Gumballs, who by some means maintain weapons with out limbs, have each everlasting boosts that final ceaselessly and momentary upgrades obtained for a single dungeon run by spending EP (collected periodically as you discover flooring). Everlasting upgrades are acquired by relinquishing the assets you gather all through gameplay; use these correctly. In the long term, it is likely to be higher to avoid wasting your most useful parts for robust Gumballs relatively than “waste” them on weaker allies. Both means, these boosts improve a Gumball’s base attributes, rapidly summarized under, in addition to their distinctive talents.

  • Hits Factors (HP, your well being)
  • Magic Factors (MP, used to forged spells)
  • Assault (Bodily Power)
  • Energy (Magical Power)
  • Protection (Harm Resistance; reduces power of enemy assaults)
  • Dodge (Likelihood to keep away from harm)

Dungeon Suggestions

  • Adventurer Gumball: Though Adventurer Gumball is relatively weak, you’re caught with him at first, so experiment to find which of his enterprise improve paths you favor. Personally, I like to recommend the Explorer Title pathway; the bonus EP earned per flooring actually provides up (particularly in Countless). Moreover, following this path can ultimately result in The Legendary Hunter job, a godsend as a consequence of its potential to assault mechanically (with out getting counterattacked) each 5 strikes you make. Open an enemy tile, then gather 5 assets round them to assault with out your HP taking a success.
  • Carry Artifacts and Potions: Every time you discover a dungeon, you may deliver one artifact and one potion with you. Since cash can simply restore artifacts and purchase potions, don’t be stingy; having an additional piece of kit and particular potion bestowing distinctive results drastically helps at first ranges.
  • Soul Hyperlink: You’ll quickly additionally be capable to make the most of soul-link in dungeons to wield the person expertise of two extra gumballs of the identical faction along with your normal one. Positively do that, particularly because it additionally permits you to entry their improve tiles, doubtlessly giving entry to all three melee, magic, and enterprise pathways in a single run!
  • Upgrading Max Stats and Magic: Not like many video games, if you gather potions in dungeons to get well your HP and MP, they aren’t wasted in case your reserves are already full. As an alternative, your max stat will improve by one. This implies artful gamers can deal with retaining one stat full to progressively improve its most worth (for that run, at the very least). Additionally, opposite to many video games, you don’t be taught magic completely; each casting requires a one-time use spell scroll. You’ll discover many of those in every quest, however nonetheless, you should definitely avoid wasting (particularly the Water-element heals) for emergencies.
  • Defeat All Enemies: This one’s easy. You get an EP bonus every time you kill all monsters on a given flooring. Since EP is essential in the direction of upgrading your Gumball for a given expedition (guaranteeing they will survive the more durable fights deeper within the cavern), you’ll often wish to take the time to wipe out all monsters relatively than head for the subsequent flooring as quickly as you discover the present flooring’s key. Except you’re actually hurting for well being, present no mercy.

Extra Dungeon Suggestions

  • Know Thy Enemies: Talking of foes, you should definitely maintain your click on on them and overview any particular traits they’ve. Some it’s possible you’ll wish to save for later; for instance, Bandits are weakened every time one other monster dies. Attempt to assault enemies who poison or burn you in teams; higher the continuing HP-drain impact will get renewed earlier than it ends than you lastly shake it off solely to endure it once more. Alternatively, descend the subsequent flooring after being debuffed to reset your standing.
  • Gather the Dragon Balls: Similar to in Dragon Ball Z, gathering the seven Dragon Balls permits you to summon Divine Dragon (cough cough Shenron) and make certainly one of a number of needs. These are all helpful, particularly the “I would like extra companions,” which supplies you Slave Gumball, and “I would like Big Dragon’s Energy,” which supplies an entire new improve path.
  • Saving Your Progress: You don’t have to finish dungeons in a single playthrough; pause by clicking within the upper-left nook whereas exploring a dungeon. This allows you to “quicksave” and take a break.
  • Spending Vigor: Like many cell video games, Gumballs & Dungeons employs a constantly-regenerating type of power referred to as vigor. You spend this when coming into a dungeon or utilizing Bandit Gumball’s raid potential to auto-plunder an already-explored space. You gather one vigor each hour and may improve your most cap by progressing by the sport.
  • Quests: Daily, the sport provides gamers primary quests to finish in a particular dungeon. These can often be achieved throughout the first ten flooring of the realm and reward you with further vigor, gems, and even uncommon golden pots (nice at gathering new Gumballs), so you should definitely end every day’s challenges. Be aware that some quests require you to make use of Gumballs of a sure faction, so don’t disregard models even when they aren’t in your most well-liked alignment.

The Airship and Alliances


Just a few hours into the sport, you’ll restore Captain Gumball’s airship, permitting you to discover the skies and uncover an entire new world. Verify in right here periodically; as you enhance your crew, your crew manning the airships additionally improves, letting you combat stronger enemies and gather higher rewards. Since your crew can solely include members of the identical faction, it helps to focus on one (I like to recommend Ranger’s Music).


Gamers are additionally quickly given the choice of becoming a member of or forming an alliance (MMO gamers usually name this a guild). Each are extremely really helpful; alliances supply “missions” which are principally small countdowns the place you get rewards as soon as sufficient time has elapsed. Further gems, cash, and particular alliance cash for no price make this one a no brainer.

Buying and Spending Gems

Buying Gems

Gems are a uncommon however invaluable commodity you’ll gather that may substitute for different improve parts. Listed here are some suggestions for locating them with out spending a dime:

  • Login every day to gather the every day bonus, which typically consists of gems
  • Full quests to acquire them as rewards
  • Your non-combat Gumball Artisans will often discover them when utilizing the “discover wilderness” perform

Spending Gems

As a result of they’re amassed relatively slowly, gems are finest used to completely improve your Alchemy zone, discovered within the hub world, which manufactures cash and different assets in actual time; no different assets can substitute for the jewels. It’s possible you’ll be tempted to take the choice to revive your Gumball when defeated by spending some Gems, however I counsel towards this—save ’em for the upgrades, which supply extra in the long term. Moreover, discovering your earlier run’s physique permits you to reclaim some stats and tools, so dying is actually not the tip of the world (particularly in limitless mode, the place it’s inevitable).

Along with gems, periodically verify in together with your mining models to gather cash and varied meals parts (used for everlasting Gumball upgrades). Lastly, after you’ve totally upgraded your resource-generating machines within the alchemy tab, spend gems within the wandering service provider’s store every time he provides valued Gumball fragments; amassing these passive bonuses can actually enhance your crew.

Advisable Gumballs

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Bear in mind, every Gumball has each a passive and dungeon-unique. Listed here are a few of my favorites:

  • Bandit: The Bandit Raid passive is an absolute life-saver for reaping rewards in document time.
  • Minstrel: Minstrel’s expertise will increase the EP of all Gumballs (not simply his faction) after they intially enter a maze, and he earns bonus EP for killing enemies, each nice talents.
  • King: Passive permits you to begin the dungeon with a random merchandise (even when you don’t deliver him).
  • Musashi: Passive will increase ATK and reduces ranged harm suffered (nice towards dungeon bosses) for all models in his faction (Ranger’s Music).
  • Warrior: Similar passive as Musashi however for the Aoluwei’s Blade Faction, and dungeon potential has an opportunity to negate harm everytime you’re hit!
  • Tarot: Passive will increase all Gumball’s assault and energy in addition to offering an opportunity for further fragments with Gumball Pots! Dungeon potential additionally provides you tarot playing cards with distinctive results each few flooring.
  • Blade: Passive will increase your Bandit’s Raid rewards.
  • Zorro: Passive will increase each dodge and max dodge for Gumballs in his AB camp.
  • Athena: Passive will increase the therapeutic energy of the Divine Favor scroll and lets it take away debuffs; dungeon potential permits you to often encounter Gumball Villagers who will combat for you.
  • Starmoon Scholar: Dungeon energy will increase the impact of all spells, reduces their MP consumption, permits you to start the dungeon with the Starmoon Badge, and transcribes (obtains) a Lightning Bolt scroll every flooring
  • Ninja Frog: Passive will increase all airship’s power and pace; dungeon will increase your dodge and grants you highly effective shuriken objects each two flooring.

Your Vote

Now armed with the sport’s fundamentals in addition to some professional suggestions, you’re prepared to start your runs with probably the greatest cell dungeon crawlers out there. Should you a cute however difficult turn-based sport appeals to you, I extremely suggest Gumballs & Dungeons.

One final pointer: Look out for the fearsome bosses present in limitless mode (maybe we’ll cowl them later), however earlier than you deal with them, forged your ideas on this enjoyable title, and I’ll see you at our subsequent gaming overview!

Questions & Solutions

Query: Which is the most effective gumball in Gumballs and Dungeons?

Reply: It is a difficult query for 2 causes. For one, the sport continues to be including content material (together with new gumballs), and two, it depends upon whether or not you’re asking about their passive potential, particular potential, or need each factored in.

Concerning sheer usefulness, Bandit Gumball’s raid trait is a life-saver with regards to rapidly acquiring assets. Nevertheless, for in-dungeon expertise, I’m presently leaning in the direction of Ninja Frog Gumball, contemplating his dodge bonus and boss-killing shuriken objects.

© 2018 Jeremy Gill

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