Hair Types: How to Style Your Straight, Wavy, Curly, or Coily Hair

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It is 2021, and for the first time kinda ever, hair producers are lastly being attentive to—and catering to—the multitude of hair types that exist on the planet. Received straight hair that poofs as an alternative of waves? There is a product for that. Received tight curls that acquired’t stop breaking or wanting frizzy? Oh, hey, proper this is an entire drugstore aisle for that.

And though I am personally very excited regarding the current hair revolution, I am moreover aware that every one among this new data and hair-typing jargon can also be overwhelming, significantly when no two hair varieties are the an identical, and there is moreover no universally proper hair product, routine, or really even classification system that applies to every hair variety within the full world. Womp.

That being talked about, lovers and hairstylists (ahem, Andre Walker, the daddy of hair-typing) have managed to distill all the hair types into 4 very broad, very fundamental courses over the a very long time—straight, wavy, curly, and coily—in an effort that may help you identify the easiest way to take care of and class your hair with the least frustration. Preserve finding out to see the easiest way to work with exactly what you have acquired purchased.

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What are the 4 varieties of hair?

In response to the hair-typing system, there are 4 dominant (and actually broad!) groups of hair. This is the basic rundown of the courses:

  • Kind 1 hair = straight hair
  • Kind 2 hair = wavy hair
  • Kind 3 hair = curly hair
  • Kind 4 hair = coily hair

Every class moreover has three a, b, and c subcategories (ex: 3a, 3b, 3c, or 4a, 4b, 4c) that breaks down each hair variety even further. And if it sounds difficult, merely consider the tactic, on account of I’ve gotchu lined with all the particulars and product solutions underneath.

How do I do know my hair variety?

Okay, that’s going to sound obvious, nonetheless the one method to really know your hair variety is by lookin’ at a ton of photos and charts, similar to the one we created above. It is important to take into account that most people don’t want just one type of hair—my curls, for example, are a mix of type-2 waves and type-3 curls naturally.

Certain, I can use an in-depth styling to make my curls spring up tighter and look uniformly variety 3, nonetheless with none merchandise, styling, or diffusing, my hair naturally dries into unfastened curls (I classify my hair as 2c/3a , FWIW—further on wtf which suggests underneath). So within the case of figuring out your private hair variety, take a look at your hair in its pure state, with out merchandise or styling, after which consider to the chart above.

Now let’s get into what each hair variety really means. Proper this way, pls.


TYPE 1: Straight hair

Straight hair can differ from skinny and silky to thick and poofy. However one issue all straight hair varieties have in frequent? That megawatt shine, due to the reality that the oil out of your scalp can merely slip and slide down the lengths of your strands to take care of them moisturizing and healthful. Though some hair critics argue there’s only one type of straight hair (ahem, straight), I am of the thought there’s a spectrum of textures available on the market. Let’s break ’em down, we might?

Kind 1a

1a hair varieties are sometimes the flattest, thinnest, and silkiest of the straight hair varieties. Preserving a bobby-pin or an elastic from sliding out of your straight hair requires magical powers. Your BFF: texturizing spray.

Kind 1b

1b hair varieties are regardless of large straight, however moreover have some bends and a few coarser strands. Your largest enemy might be going greasy roots, fairly than puffiness and/or dry ends. Your BFF: dry shampoo.

Kind 1c

1c hair varieties are thicker and coarser, which means they’re moreover further accountable to frizz, poofiness, and dryness. In case your straight hair can be damaged (whats up, chemical, coloration and heat therapies), you may type of fall into the 1c variety. Your BFF: weekly hair masks.

Finest merchandise for variety 1 straight hair

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TYPE 2: Wavy hair

Wavy hair to have definitive—and various—bends from roots to concepts. That means in case your hair has “simply, like, one or two bizarre bumps” in it, you are almost definitely working with variety 1 straight hair, versus true, variety 2 wavy hair. Kind 2 waves can differ from perfect-looking beachy waves to fluffy, undefined bends and bumps, they normally’re moreover most likely probably the most easy-to-play-with hair types (lucky you!).

Kind 2a

Not like with 1c hair, 2a hair varieties have a flat S-shape pattern that gives them their wave. 2a hair equal to be finer and flatter than any of the alternative variety 2s, and may be merely blown out and straightened. Your BFF: sea-salt sprays to encourage your pure wave.

Kind 2b

2b hair varieties are most well-liked to have barely further outlined S-shape waves—usually with a unbelievable and/or medium thickness—and are a bit further accountable to frizz and poofing, in case your hair is damaged. Your BFF: a wave-enhancing mousse.

Kind 2c

2c hair varieties are considerably regardless of S-shaped waves, nonetheless they will even have various unfastened curls and coarser textures blended in (since they’re correct on the sting of variety 3 curls). 2c waves are meant to frizz merely and unfastened definition fast. Your BFF: a lightweight curl cream.

Finest merchandise for variety 2 wavy hair

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TYPE 3: Curly hair

So as so to be part of the curly-hair membership, your hair has to have exact curls—ie, gadgets that curl spherical themselves like a spring, versus gadgets that merely wave forwards and backwards in a flat S-shape. It is frequent—and sure—to have a mix of curl textures (and even some waves!) in your head directly.

Kind 3a

Not like 2c hair, which has vital waves and a few unfastened curls, 3a hair is usually unfastened curls with just a few waves. 3a curls are sometimes finer, merely blown out, and large reactive to the climate (humidity! Wind! Dryness!). Your BFF: a curl-enhancing mousse.

Kind 3b

3b hair types usually have curls which may be the circumference of your finger or a marker. These curls are springier and tighter than 3a curls, nonetheless they’re moreover further answerable for dryness and frizz. Your BFF: a leave-in conditioner.

Kind 3c

3c curls are noticeably tighter than 3b curls—assume the dimensions of a straw or pencil—and are thickly packed collectively, giving your hair primary amount. They’re moreover most likely probably the most answerable for dryness and breakage of the type 3 curls. Your BFF: a moisturizing hair oil.

Finest merchandise for variety 3 curls

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TYPE 4: Coily hair

Coily hair (moreover referred to all through the interwebs as “kinky-curly” or “zigzag” or typically merely “pure”), can have a mix of textures that modify from a tightly coiled, spring-like pattern (S-shape) to a zigzag pattern that does not actually curl spherical itself (Z-shape). Due to their kinks and angles, scalp oils cannot merely lubricate your hair strands, making variety 4 hair most likely probably the most fragile, dry, and damage-prone of all hair types—BUT moreover most likely probably the most versatile to styling.

Kind 4a

4a hair has the tightest, smallest coils—sometimes blended with some 3c curls—that will merely barely wrap spherical a crochet needle. Your coils can lose definition and moisture fast, which means your BFF for 4a hairstyles? A curl gel for finger-coiling.

Kind 4b

Fairly than curling or coiling spherical itself, 4b (and c!) hair bends in a sharp, zigzag kind that has the circumference of a spring in a ballpoint pen. 4b hair is further accountable to shrinkage and dryness than 4a, so maintain hair moisturizing and outlined with your new BFF, an elongating gel.

Kind 4c

4c hair a Z-shape pattern that’s methodology tighter than 4b hair, and it moreover naturally has fewer cuticle layers than another hair variety (FYI: The cuticle has hydration and protects hair from damage), which means it needs moisture, moisture , and additional moisture. Your BFF for 4c hairstyles: an emollient-rich cream.

Finest merchandise for variety 4 coils

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