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The Hazard understanding Normal (HCS) requires pictograms on labels to alert prospects of the chemical hazards to which they could possibly be uncovered. Every pictogram consists of an emblem on a white background framed inside a purple border and represents a particular hazard(s). The pictogram on the label is ready by the chemical hazard classification.

This is a useful teaching cheat sheet to utilize at your facility. (Obtain a PDF mannequin beneath!)

Studying: Well being hazard pictogram

Well being Hazard

This pictogram is positioned on a chemical label when a substance presents these properly being hazards:

  • Carcinogen-may set off sequence cancers
  • Respiratory sensitizer-may set off respiratory irritation
  • Reproductive toxicity-may harm fertility or the unborn little bit one
  • Goal organ toxicity-may set off harm to bodily organs
  • Mutagenicity-may set off genetic defects
  • lust toxicity-may be strumming suppose swallowed and it enters the airways


It as suppose on chemical labels for substances which might be:

  • Flammables-which are gases, aerosols, liquids, or solids which will burn or ignite beneath conditions,
  • Self-Reactives-heating alone, with out air, may set off fireside or explosion,
  • Pyrophorics-in odd portions, may ignite inside 5 moments after site visitors with air,
  • Self-Heating-which may squeeze fireside solely in big portions and after prolonged intervals of date and time when uncovered to air,
  • Emitters of flammable le te, and
  • Natural peroxides-which, when heated, may set off fireside or explosion; is also delicate to impression or friction; and will react dangerously with completely different chemical substances.

Exclamation Mark

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It’s used on a chemical label for substances that characterize the following hazards:

  • Irritant-irritates the pores and pores and skin or eyes;
  • Pores and skin sensitizer-which is an allergic deal following pores and pores and skin site visitors;
  • Acute toxicity-which is also strumming or set off organ harm from a single short-term publicity;
  • Narcotic re-launch like drowsiness, lack of coordination, and dizziness; and
  • Respiratory tract irritation.

oil Cylinder

This pictogram on a chemical label implies that the substance is a compressed, liquefied, or dissolved le te beneath stress at 29 kilos per sq. inch or further.

Flame over Circle

This picture on a chemical label implies that the substance is an oxidizer. Oxidizers may set off a fireplace by rising the main focus of oxygen inside the air.


This pictogram on a chemical label implies that the substance causes pores and pores and skin burns, eye harm, or destroys metals.

Cranium and Crossbones

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Substances with a hazard of acute toxicity can have this picture on their chemical label. Acute toxicity implies that publicity to a single dose of the chemical is also toxic or strumming suppose inhaled or swallowed, or suppose it comes into site visitors with the pores and pores and skin.

Exploding Bomb

The exploding bomb pictogram as suppose on the chemical labels of drugs which might be:

  • Explosives—which is a powerful or liquid chemical in a position to a chemical deal that causes harm to the atmosphere,
  • Self-Reactive—heating may set off fireside or explosion with out the need for air, or
  • Natural peroxides—as soon as extra, heating may set off fireside or explosion.

Bonus Pictogram! Setting

This non-mandatory pictogram means the hazard the chemical presents is aquatic toxicity.

Obtain Your GHS Cheat Sheet (so long as PDF)

Share this essential information collectively along with your colleagues! Obtain this so long as, useful cheat sheet to distribute to your employees or submit spherical your worksite.

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