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Fish with Angle is one other monster breeding sport on the apple iphone or ipad. On this information, we are going to go over the varied breeding mixtures that will help you get all of the totally different fish breeds within the sport. Please tell us if we have now missed any of the breeding mixtures. When you have discovered this Fish with Angle breeding information useful, please make sure you try the remainder of our Cellular sport guides!

For the extra uncommon fish breeds, the happier the fish mother and father are, the extra possible that you’ll acquire the uncommon hybrids. So at all times attempt to preserve your fishes joyful within the sport.

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As well as, attempt get as many breeding tanks as you’ll be able to. This is among the greatest option to get extra breeds going on the identical time. That is how one can get all of the Fish with Attitudes breeds within the sport.

Fundamental Fish with Angle Breeds

Under is a listing of the essential fishes that you’ll have to purchase to begin your breeding.

Good Fish Imply Fish Courageous Fish Shy Fish Sensible Fish Artistic Fish

Era 1 Fish with Angle Breeds

Good Fish Era 1 Hybrids Good + Imply = Loopy Good + Courageous = Flirty Good + Shy = Fairly Good + Sensible = Humorous or Grasping Good + Artistic = Clown

Imply Fish Era 1 Hybrids Imply + Good = Loopy Imply + Courageous = Robust Imply + Shy = Insurgent Imply + Sensible = Grasping Imply + Artistic = Paparazzi

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Courageous Fish Era 1 Hybrids Courageous + Good = Flirty Courageous + Imply = Robust Courageous + Shy = Dreamy Courageous + Sensible = Cool Courageous + Artistic = Cheerleader

Shy Fish Era 1 Hybrid Shy + Good = Fairly Shy + Courageous = Dreamy Shy + Imply = Insurgent Shy + Sensible = Nerdy Shy + Artistic = Dancer

Sensible Fish Era 1 Hybrids Sensible + Imply = Grasping Sensible + Good = Humorous or Grasping Sensible + Courageous = Cool Sensible + Shy = Nerdy Sensible + Artistic = Artist

Artistic Fish Era 1 Hybrids Artistic + Imply = Paparazzi Artistic + Good = Clown Artistic + Courageous = Cheerleader Artistic + Shy = Dancer Artistic + Sensible = Artist

Era 2 Fish with Angle Hybrids

We’ve got categorized the technology 2 fishes with a technology 1 hybrid plus a single character fish. A few of these mixtures can artistic a number of outcomes. As well as, they breeds with greater stage tier fish (Era 3+) may also lead to technology 2 fish usually. In the event you do not acquire a sure breeds, simply carry on making an attempt till you may get them.

Loopy (Good + Imply) + Courageous = Journey Loopy (Good + Imply) + Shy = Gossip Loopy (Good + Imply) + Artistic = Film Star Loopy (Good + Imply) + Sensible = Salesman (Additionally Grasping + Rockstar) Humorous (Good) + Sensible) + Artistic = Astronauts (Additionally Wizard + Salesman) Robust (Courageous + Imply) + Shy = Evil Robust (Courageous + Imply) + Sensible = Mad Scientist or Robber (Additionally Journey + Cool) Robust (Courageous + Imply) + Artistic = Pirate (Additionally Wizard + Gossip) Dreamy (Shy + Courageous) + Sensible = Hobo Dreamy (Shy + Grave) + Artistic = Wizard Nerdy (Shy + Sensible) + Artistic = Designer (Additionally Artist + Mannequin) Cool (Courageous + Sensible) + Artistic = Cowboy Fairly (Good + Shy) + Artistic = Mannequin Fairly (Good + Shy) + Sensible = Secret Agent Flirty (Good + Courageous) + Shy = Occasion Flirty (Good + Courageous) + Artistic = Rock Star (Additionally Flirty + Clown) Flirty (Good + Courageous) + Sensible = President (Additionally Grasping + Rock Star and Journey + Cool) Insurgent (Imply + Shy) + Artistic = Ninja (Additionally Wizard + Salesman = Ninja) Grasping (Good + Sensible) + Artistic = Pop stars (Additionally Wizard + Salesman)

Era 3 Hybrid Fish with Attitudes Breeding

The technology 3 fishes are the hybrids of Era 2 fish plus technology 1. In many of the circumstances, you’ll be able to acquire these excessive stage fish by luck. The possibility of getting these is fairly uncommon and never 100%. Merely carry on making an attempt to breed utilizing these mixtures till you acquire the hybrid.

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It’s attention-grabbing that these tiers are usually the fairytale like creatures.

Fairy: Rock Star + Pop Star Vampires: Pirate + Astronaut Werewolf: Mannequin + Astronaut Unicorn: Designer + Mannequin or Pop Star + Mannequin

Era 4 Fish with Angle Breeds

With technology 3 fish hybrids, you’ll be able to create these greater stage fish by breeding.

Angel: Vampire + Werewolf (Nonetheless, Rock Star + Pop Star has small probability of getting angel as properly) Satan: Vampire + Werewolf Ghost: Fairy + Werewolf

Era 5 Breed – The Precious Stone Sequence

By combining the spirit fish from the technology 4 fish breeding, you’ll be able to create these uncommon stone fish.

Ruby: Satan + Ghost Diamond: Angel + Ghost

Era 6 Final Breed

Congratulations, you’ve got reached the top of the sport on the time this information is written. That is the last word fish that’s at present obtainable within the sport. You may get the Fish with Angle Galaxy fish with the next combo.

Galaxy: Diamond + Ruby

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