Final Fantasy XIV Sprout’s Guide: How To Get Limit Break, What Each Limit Break Does, And When To Use It

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The right way to restrict break ffxiv

Whereas Remaining Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG, it is nonetheless a Remaining Fantasy sport, and there are only a few Remaining Fantasy titles with out a Restrict Break in some form or type. Within the case of FFXIV, they’ve chosen for a novel system: a shared, party-wide bar that solely seems in multiplayer cases, reminiscent of Dungeons.

It is truly fairly straightforward to overlook Restrict Break in Remaining Fantasy XIV in case you blink, and chances are high in case you’re early into the sport, different gamers will need you to make use of it in shared Duties. Plus, the reason given by FFXIV are fairly convoluted, even within the official Participant Information.

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Do not panic! Restrict Breaks are literally tremendous straightforward to make the most of. There’s some neighborhood consensus on tips on how to use them, too, given their shared nature. We’ll stroll you thru what LBs are, what they do, tips on how to use them.

How To Use FFXIV Restrict Break

FFXIV deviates from different Remaining Fantasy titles in that, in fact, it isn’t a single participant sport. So for this sport, as an alternative of 1 individual controlling Restrict Break for an entire social gathering, it is slightly totally different.

In FFXIV, LB solely exists in group duties: Trials, Dungeons, and Raids. Additional, the entire social gathering shares one restrict break bar. Meaning in case you use it, everybody loses it.

As in different titles, LB positive factors slowly over time. It costs quicker while you do “sure acts of heroism,” as the sport describes. These embrace curing an ally at extraordinarily low well being, beautiful particular enemy assaults, tanking harm, essential assaults and heals, and extra. No person is aware of the complete extent of LB construct actions, nevertheless it does go up in battle, so simply maintain enjoying as you usually do.

Limit Break Final Fantasy XIV Menu

Whenever you wish to use LB, it’s good to be sure to have it tied to a button you possibly can press. Go to the “Character” menu, then “Actions & Traits,” and it’ll be below the “Basic” tab. Simply bear in mind that you may’t simply activate it nilly-willy; there are just a few necessities to fulfill, and you may wish to use it a sure means — all mentioned later.

Additionally be aware: You can’t use Restrict Break 3 (defined later) except you may have a Job Stone geared up, given to you at stage 30.

FFXIV Restrict Break Gauge Bar

Limit Break Gauge Bar Final Fantasy XIV

Upon getting into a dungeon or forming a celebration, your Restrict Break gauge will present up in your designated HUD spot (higher left nook, by default). It’s going to seem like this:

The Restrict Break accessible will rely upon two issues — the kind of responsibility you’ve got entered, and, at instances, the progress you’ve got made. It goes as follows:

  • Dungeon: 1 bar, then 2 for the ultimate “boss”
  • 4-Participant Trial: 2 bars
  • 8-Participant Trial: 3 bars
  • Customary Raid: 3 bars
  • Alliance Raid: 2 bars, then 3 for “bosses”

Whenever you use a LB, it’ll routinely use all accessible bars. Subsequently, LB is titled in tiers after what number of bars you utilize: Restrict Break 1 (LB1), Restrict Break 2 (LB2), and Restrict Break 3 (LB3). The kind of LB varied by position and LB bar, rising in efficiency as you make the most of extra bars. We’ll talk about means and energy later.

In relation to Raids, when there are a number of stop-gapped “phases” or a number of “bosses,” your LB gauge will reset after every section or when a brand new boss is initiated. This isn’t the case, nonetheless, in commonplace Dungeons; your LB bar will carry over.

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The reset can be the case within the Principal Situation Dungeons, The Praetorium and Castrum Meridianum. Subsequently, it’s normal for a long-ranged DPS to provoke a brand new boss in such dungeons through the use of LB.

What Every FFXIV Restrict Break Does

Given the totally different “roles” assigned in FFXIV (and MMORPGs) on the whole, you possibly can think about that you do not need Restrict Break doing the identical factor for everybody. Subsequently, LB has been given a unique means per position, matching the expectations and utility of the roles. Healers heal, Tanks assist mitigate harm, and DPSes have large damage-dealers.

Final Fantasy XIV Limit Break

Whereas the aesthetics of every LB will range in LB3 per your precise job — Astrologer and White Mage, as an illustration, have totally different “assaults,” whereas each are healers — the output stays the identical.

Here is precisely what every position’s LB does by position and bar rely:


  1. Restores 25% of HP and MP of all social gathering members in vary.
  2. Restores 60% of HP and MP of all social gathering members in vary.
  3. Revives all downed gamers in vary, restoring 100% of HP and MP.

Word: The LB3 does embrace different gamers in different Alliances/Events the place relevant. Subsequently, as will likely be mentioned later, LB3 is held for healers in Alliance Raids till the boss is almost cleared.


  1. Reduces harm taken by 20% for 10 seconds for all social gathering members in vary.
  2. Reduces harm taken by 40% for 15 seconds for all social gathering members in vary.
  3. Reduces harm taken by 80% for 8 seconds for all social gathering members in vary.

Melee DPS:

  1. Offers an assault with 2400 efficiency to a single goal.
  2. Offers an assault with 5250 efficiency to a single goal.
  3. Offers an assault with 9000 efficiency to a single goal.

Ranged DPS:

  1. Offers an assault with 1650 efficiency, hitting all targets in a 30-yalm straight line.
  2. Offers an assault with 3600 efficiency, hitting all targets in a 30-yalm straight line.
  3. Offers an assault with 6150 efficiency, hitting all targets in a 30-yalm straight line.

Caster DPS:

  1. Offers a ground-targeted area-of-effect assault with 1650 efficiency.
  2. Offers a ground-targeted area-of-effect assault with 3600 efficiency.
  3. Offers a ground-targeted area-of-effect assault with 6150 efficiency.

When To Use FFXIV Restrict Break: Etiquette Per Function

As you possibly can see above, totally different roles’ Restrict Breaks have totally different results and energy. Subsequently, given that is an MMORPG with a shared LB bar, you will probably wish to observe some etiquette so you possibly can take advantage of it.

There is no precise official means that is advisable for gamers to make use of the LB. Nevertheless, the neighborhood has common agreed-upon requirements for such use. There’s usually restricted utility with regard to what every restrict break can truly use, so most gamers reserve it for fellow social gathering members who might have it greater than others.

First Precedence: Healers

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Until you are a Healer, you should not contact the LB till about not more than 15% on a boss stays. That is as a result of the healer LB goes to be the emergency “oh seven hells what’s going on” button.

Final Fantasy XIV Limit Break

As defined earlier than, the healer LB is both a large heal or a mass revive. Subsequently, particularly in Alliance Raids or high-end content material, it is fairly essential that the healer has it accessible as an choice.

Second Precedence: Melee DPS

It is fairly clear that the melee DPS LB does a ton of harm. In a Dungeon boss, normally the LB will shave down not less than 6-8% of the boss’s HP. Subsequently, as soon as your social gathering’s within the clear about whether or not or not it’s going to truly hit, normally at nearly 10%, the melee DPS will get first dibs on popping off that LB.

Third Precedence: Ranged and Caster DPS

Whereas not probably the most potent, Ranged and Caster DPS hit fairly exhausting. If you do not have a Melee DPS, you are within the clear to pop yours, particularly as soon as the boss’s well being dips safely under 10%. Simply be certain that your tank would not transfer the enemy(s) out of the best way!

As a reminder, whereas harm is lesser for non-melee DPS, there may be some distinctive utility because the LB hits all enemies inside a sure space. In case you’re in a non-final boss or closed-off battle with a ton of enemies (see: the ultimate Shadowbringers 5.0 dungeon’s second main battle), positively give your LB some further consideration There aren’t many circumstances the place that is, effectively, the case, so see if you need to use it to cap off the boss. From expertise, popping it at 6% helps with a modern end.

“Uh, Is No person Going To LB?”: Any DPS

With out fail, particularly as you stage, your social gathering goes to overlook Restrict Break… truly… exists. If that is the case, in case you’re any DPS, you possibly can simply pop it when the boss drops under about 8%. Do not be shy!

Nearly By no means: Tanks

To not sound harsh, however there are only a few events the place tanks will be capable to use their LB. Most bosses do not inflict raid-wide harm heavy sufficient to change into a critical subject. Or, healers are normally succesful sufficient of therapeutic up from such damage-dealers (supplied you haven’t any debuffs like vulnerability stacks). Subsequently, sadly, you will not see a lot use of tank LBs.

Nevertheless, there are two exceptions the place it isn’t solely advisable, however necessary. One is the 5.3 Principal Situation Trial, the title of which sounds spoilery so I will keep away from it. The opposite is the twelfth Alexander raid, The Soul of the Creator, an non-compulsory raid after Heavensward. You will know when; the LB gauge will replenish after use.

We hope we have gone by all the things! Nevertheless, in case you nonetheless have any questions, be at liberty to depart a remark under. In case you’re trying to begin up, take a look at our fundamentals information; in case you’ve begun and are just a bit misplaced, we have wrapped up the most important fundamental questions as effectively.

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