doll overalls : a free sewing pattern

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doll overalls free sewing pattern

After all the tiny rag doll want overalls. They usually got here in mr. socks measurement too trigger I am good like that. They’re straightforward and fast to make and you possibly can scale the sample up for bigger dolls. Sew them utterly by hand or some seams might be completed on machine in case you like.

Studying: the way to make doll overalls

doll overalls free sewing pattern

You’ll need :

the template – get the doll overalls template right here and the mr. socks overalls template right here.

gentle weight cotton cloth

a fundamental stitching equipment

and non-compulsory – tiny buttons and little scraps for patches

doll overalls free sewing pattern

1. Pin the strap cloth to single piece of cloth. Pin the overalls sample to a doubled piece with the suitable sides collectively. Pin the liner to a single piece of cloth – you should use a contrasting cloth or the identical because the overalls.

Notice – I am utilizing a print from the French Normal new garden cottons. The prints are all tremendous candy and nice for small dolls.

2. Mark the seam line calmly in pencil on the incorrect facet of the liner piece and each total items. It is also useful to mark the back and front on the general items as indicated on the sample.

3. With the suitable sides of the material collectively sew simply the entrance seam of the overalls as proven in purple above – stopping on the finish of the curve.

4. Clip a pair little notches within the seam allowance on the curve. Watch out to not clip the seam.

5. Press the straight a part of the seam open.

6. Press the highest seam allowance over – incorrect sides collectively – on the liner and overalls.

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7. Place the liner on the overalls with the suitable sides collectively and pin. Sew solely the curved seams as proven above. Clip little notches into the seam allowance.

8. With the incorrect facet of the material going through you fold the legs in in direction of the middle and over one another.

9. Pin them in place – we simply need to maintain them out the best way once we sew the subsequent seam.

10. Carry the perimeters of the liner collectively – proper sides collectively – pin and sew the again seam being cautious to not catch another cloth within the seam.

11. Clip off the highest nook of seam allowance.

12. Take away the pin from beneath and put your finger below the stitched lining.

13. Flip it over to the opposite facet.

14. Flip the overalls over so the suitable facet of the material is going through you.

15. Match the again edges of the overalls and pin with the suitable sides of the material collectively. Sew the again seam as proven in purple, stopping on the finish of the curve. Clip a pair notches on the curved a part of the seam.

Notice: In case you are making overalls for mr. socks depart this seam open the place indicated on the sample to accommodate his tail and hem the opening edge.

16. Take away the pins, flatten it and separate the 2 layers.

17. Every layer is one leg. Carry the perimeters of every leg collectively.

18. Pin the legs collectively.

19. Sew every leg seam – one aa time.

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Primary Pc Data

20. Clip a pair notches on the high of the seams.

21. Flip the liner proper facet out.

22. Flip the overalls proper facet out and press.

23. Fold either side of the strap to the middle and press.

24. Fold the strap in half and whip sew the perimeters collectively.

25. Fold the strap on the heart forming a V and press.

26. Pin the straps into the again – insert simply previous the sting and pin in place.

27. Whip sew the strap in place alongside the surface and lining facet with tiny neat stitches.

28. Attempt the overalls in your doll and pin the straps in place. You need them somewhat unfastened – she places them on ft first and wishes somewhat room to get into them. Whip sew the straps in place and the middle of the bib closed.

29. Hem the legs and add a pair buttons and patches in case you like. You would additionally do some high stitching for additional overallness.

free dolls overall sewing pattern

She is off to feed her hens!

tiny rag doll sewing pattern

Discover the tiny rag doll sample right here.

I hope you make tiny overalls! Please use #annwoodpattern and #misthistlesociety on instagram and you may ship pictures to – information at ann wooden handmade dot com.

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