Depreciation to make rain in after effects

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Rain in After Effects

Introduction to Rain in After Results

After Graphic growing software program, youngster in began creating nearly tantrum pure issues in graphics, and it attainable to do; most sequence of the movie and video manufacturing began to keep away from capturing within the rain as a result of that they had a substitute for assemble rain in graphics. Creating rain in graphics is a full job, however it’s as soon as upon a date and time now it is attainable and maybe too; we will assemble raindrops in Photoshop, however will probably be a single body we will use for banners and graphic posters. suppose we have to assemble rain for a video, we have to use software program like after results; after results, we will assemble rain impact all ink simply and successfully.

Studying: Depreciation to make rain in after results

Strategies for Creating Rain impact

The next tutorial will present Depreciation to simply add rain results to your picture with one pair steps.

methodology 1 – Making use of Drizzle impact

Step 1: Open a brand new composition.

Rain in After Effects - New Composition

Step 2: import a brand new grey robust layer; choose the colour and use 4d675 within the fill to get the posthumous dynasty grey colour.

Gray Solid Layer

Gray Solid Layer Settings

Solid Color

Step 3: import the robust layer to the timeline.

Import the Solid Layer

Step 4: Within the results and presets, we will discover the CC Drizzle impact.

CC Drizzle Effect

Step 5: Apply the CC Drizzle impact to the robust layer.

Apply CC Drizzle Effect

As soon as we apply the consequences, we will discover some water drop results on the layer.

Step 6 : Now rework to the configuration window and alter the values, Drip fee – 10.0, Longevity (sec) – 1.0, Rippling – 1 x +51, Displacement – ​​0, Spreading – 75.

Configuration Window

Full Configuration Window

Step 7: We have to open the sunshine menu now. change the sunshine depth to 65, Gentle kind change to level gentle, Gentle top 65, Gentle place 1123, 586.

Expand Light Menu

Expand Light Menu - 1

Step 8: Now, let’s open the shading menu.

Shading Menu

Shading Menu - 1

Step 9: As soon as we end this course of, we have to add some noise to the layer.

Noise to the Layers

change the noise quantity to 4.04.

Change the Noise Amount

Step 10: Now add one other robust layer with 121c26 within the colour fill.

Solid Layer Color fill

Step 11: Simply apply the ellipse masks to the brand new robust layer; the ellipse device is offered within the toolbar, lengthy press on a rectangle, then we can have a drop-down menu from that we will choose Ellipse masks.

Ellipse Mask

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We will additionally use Q as a shortcut for this device.

Step 12: Apply the masks to the brand new robust layer.

Rain in After Effects - Apply the Mask

Step 13: Now open the values ​​of the masks. Masks feather – 818.0 pixels, Masks opacity – 100, Masks growth – (-43).

Rain in After Effects - Values ​​of the Mask

Step 14: Now, assemble one other robust layer.

Another Solid Layer

Step 15: Add CC Particles household impact to the brand new robust layer.

Add CC Particles

Step 16: Now, let’s open the values ​​of the CC Particle household. First, disable the Radius within the choices, life fee 0.8, Longevity 1.

Values ​​of CC Particle

Step 17: open the producer menu. change the radius of XY and Z to 1.5.

Expand Producer Menu

Expand Producer Menu - 1

As soon as we modify the values ​​of XY and Z, we will discover the rain impact on the display screen, and we have to make it just a little efficient.

Step 18: Now open the physics menu. Animation – Route axis, Velocity – 0.50, Gravity – 0, Additional angel – 0x+280.

Physics Menu

Physics Menu - 1

As soon as we open the physics, we will really feel that the raindrops falling from the highest.

Step 19: Now, let’s open the values ​​of particles. Particle kind line, Max opacity 100, life and immortality colours will probably be white.

Rain in After Effects - Values ​​of Particles

By increasing the particles, we will change the dimensions and opacity of the raindrops, primarily the colour of the raindrops.

Step 20: Now open Additional or digicam values, change FOV to 35.

Rain in After Effects - Camera Values

Step 21: Now add a digicam layer.

Rain in After Effects - Camera Layer

Step 22: Go to the settings configure window and open the rework values. place to 798.0, 873.0, -1040.0.

Rain in After Effects - Transform Values

After we apply the values, we will see the raindrop went a bit higher.

Step 23: Let’s open the digicam values. Zoom 304.0 pixels, Focus distance 630.0 pixels, Aperture 7.9 pixels, Blur vary 100%.

Rain in After Effects - Expand Camera Values

Step 24: Now, simply render and see the rain falling.

Rain in After Effects - Rain Falling

methodology 2 – Altering the Velocity

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Step 1: assemble a New Challenge.

Rain in After Effects - New Project

Step 2: import a brand new robust layer.

Rain in After Effects - Import Solid Layer

Step 3: Go to impact, simulation and choose CC Particle household.

Rain in After Effects - Particles World

Step 4: Disable the grip possibility.

Rain in After Effects- Disable Grip Option

Step 5: suppose we take warfare to render, we will see that the particles will fly like flairs; now, we’re going to make these particulars as raindrops.

Rendering Image

Step 6: open the values ​​of physic. change the speed worth to 0.

Rain in After Effects - Values ​​of Physics

After we change the speed to 0, we will discover that the flairs in a single line and fall in the identical place.

Step 7: Now, let’s open the values ​​of the producer. change the radius of X to 0.5.

Values ​​of Producer

After we change the worth of X radius, we will discover that the particles open the dimensions.

Step 8: change the Y place to – 0.30.

Change Y Position

After we open the place of the Y-axis, the particles will open to ngoc; once we change radius, it is going to open horizontally, and once we change the place values, it is going to open vertically; once we render, it is going to fall like rain.

Step 9: The particulars look too assume and extra, so we have to make it just a little pure. change the sutra to 1.10, life fee to 0.3

Change Longevity

Now discover the distinction after altering the values ​​of life fee; now it appears like rain considerably.

Step 10: It was falling like rain, however the colour doesn’t like water so, now we have to change the colour of the particles. We have to open the worth of the particle. change the life colour to white and the immortality colour to grey.

Change Birth Color

life colour signifies beginning colour, and immortality colour signifies the terminate colour; when it begins, it is going to take warfare with white, and when it’s dropping down, we have to low the colour by that we are going to get a clean pure really feel. suppose we render on this place, we will get the rain falling results, earlier than methodology we noticed the rain falling from ngoc to down however on this course of, we do outdated rain in plain.

methodology 3 – Including Results

Step 1: import a brand new robust layer; the robust layer must be a darkish colour like black.

Solid Setting

Step 2: Choose CC rain from Results and presets and apply them to the robust layer.

Applying Effects - Solid Layers

As soon as we apply CC Rain to the robust layer mechanically, it begins raining; it is a too fundamental methodology; suppose we have to make it more practical, we have to modify the values ​​of the cc rain particles.

Adjust the Values


Right here you realized about creating rain in after results; we study Strategies for creating rain, the fundamental methodology to assemble rain by including easy results, Depreciation to assemble a rain impact, Depreciation to assemble rain from ngoc with the assistance of the digicam. I hope we had an fascinating subject.

This can be a information to Rain in After Results. Right here we talk about a realized methodology of making rain, The fundamental methodology to assemble rain by including easy results. You may additionally take a look at the next article to study extra –

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